An Asian Fairy – The Dragon Gown From Champagne! Sparkling Couture

2014.2.11 Champagne_Dragon MVW China 2014_007edit2

I guess it was my sheer luck that my computer decided to break down in mid-December when I was just getting ready to return back to Second Life.  I always wonder why some things just have to happen as if it chose the worst timing ever.  😦  And with the year-end/new year holidays, which is really big in my country, coming up, there was no way I could get my PC back before the new year.

So what I’m trying to say is….I missed watching Miss Virtual World last year!

But Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparking Couture sent me the amazing gown he created for Miss China 2014 called DRAGON, which was exactly what I needed having just come back and didn’t have time to go shopping yet.  Thanks to Enzo, I was able to get right back into modeling mode and totally enjoyed styling this fabulous gown.

2014.2.11 Champagne_Dragon MVW China 2014_009

The skin I’m using is the Shui skin from Elysium, which Aleida Rhode made for Asian avatars and it just seemed to be exactly the right skin to use with this gown.  Needless to say, I am very happy with the results too.  🙂

And a friend Japanese creator, Hays Uriza, made the jewelry set I am wearing.  It is a mesh set and comes in gold, silver and copper.  I use this set a lot and I never get tired of it because I just love how it’s simple and yet so impressive and creates a dramatic effect.  Again, just right for a dramatic gown like this Dragon.  I will just add that the necklace can be size adjusted in all 3 dimensions so it is very easy to get a right fit for any size avatar.

Desir ‘Mia Dress’ and Elysium Shiu Skin


I don’t have a photo studio yet so I decided to take a stroll in the beautiful Angel Manor Estate sims and take location shots.

This is a dress that is so elegant and delicate that I almost feel like I am wearing a dress made of feathers.  The vertical lines of this dress give it the simplicity that I like too.

I have mood swings when it comes to fashion and this couple of days, I’ve been extremely attracted to elegant dresses that are simple and don’t come with many parts or components.  The same goes for makeup.  Lately, I am not in the mood to wear lots of strong colours so here, I kept my makeup very simple too.

The skin I am wearing is a new skin from Elysium where creator, Aleida Rhode, made Asian skins for the first time.  It captures the essence of Asian features and I absolutely loved it!  When I started to model, I searched for Asian skin for a very long time but was never able to find one that I liked…until this one!  Congratulations Ale for a great skin launch!


  • Dress:  Desir, Mia Dress in white
  • Earrings:  Tres Beau, Ribbon Pearls (used earrings only)
  • Skin:  Elysium, Shui Skin (here I am wearing milk tone with no brows)
  • Hair:  D!va Hair, “Lili” (Type A, onyx colour)
  • Eye Lashes:  Action Mesh Feathered Lashes*
  • Eye Shadow:  Kokolores, BP Frosted Eyeshadows Silver*
  • Eye Liner:  Kooqla, Z-eyeliner (Black) 03*
  • Lipstick:  Kokolores, BP Pure balms, Lilac bold*
  • Poses:  J’adore

*Cosmetic Fair Winter Edition / January 15th – 30th Only a few days left!

Sascha’s Designs, “Purity” Styled In Two Directions

Sascha's Designs, Purity

Sascha Frangilli, designer and owner of Sascha’s Designs, has just released two gorgeous gowns.  One white, called “Purity” and another black called “Tainted“.  Like most of her gowns, Sascha has included so many outfits parts that allow infinite styling possibilities.  She even includes three different pants layers and five different skirt shapes.  For the price you pay, which is very reasonable to begin with, this is so much value for your money!

Instead of blogging both gowns, I decided to try two totally different styling using the different outfit parts in the Purity set.  So here they are.

For the first look, I used the ‘split pants’ and ‘hip split swirl’ which is a half skirt that attached to the right leg, leaving the left leg bare.  I also tried a slightly fantasy look.  The Exile hairbase that I used here is an excellent hairbase set to have in your inventory as you can get a whole fatpack of different coloured hairbases for free at the Exile store.  You will find the vendor placed right in front where the new released hairs are sold.

And for the second look, I used the ‘full pants layer’, ‘skirt layer’, ‘fluffer skirt’ and ‘big collar’ in the Purity set.  The parts called ‘big collar’ is the elaborate bust hem and shoulder piece that you see in the pic below.

I took another shot just to show another top arrangement that the set allows.  Here I used a ‘stola’ instead of the ‘big collar.’  Actually the possibility is just too many and the blog post will end up way too long if I tried to show all.  But at least this will give you a glimpse of the variety of styling that is possible.

Styling notes:  Look 1

Styling notes:  Look 2

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

A Gorgeous Winter Look from ALB Dream Fashion

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion had released a whole series of new male and female outfits.  The one I am wearing today is just one of the new releases.

ALB Dream Fashion has always been very unique in its designs as well as colours used and AnaLee creates her own world with her amazing creations.  In case you didn’t know, Mimmi Boa wore AnaLee’s off-the-rack gown when she won Miss Virtual World 2009!

ALB CHRIST 2011 show AFTERNOON CHIC F – Diva Tango Special 

It is a set that includes a Diva Winter Jacket, Tango Dress, London Boots, ALB Dream Skin “MC Marlene 27 Smoke III” and ALB Lashes, Jewel Pearl AnaLee,  The Tango Dress is sold separately but if you like it, this set which AnaLee calls ALB CHRIST 2011 show AFTERNOON CHIC F – Diva Tango Special is really worth the buy!

As you can see, the coat itself is a gorgeous winter coat which uses the jacket layer, allowing it to be worn with other outfits.  The skin is a really glam skin and lashes in the set is amazing!  These too, can definitely be used with other outfits.

ALB Dream Skin, MC Marlene 27 Smoke III
  and ALB Lashes, Jewel Pearl AnaLee included in the set

Coat: ALB Dream Fashion, Diva Winter Jacket
Sexy Dress: ALB Dream Fashion, Tango Dress
Boots: ALB Dream Fashion, London Boots
Skin: ALB Dream Skin, MC Marlene 27 Smoke III
Eye Lashes: ALB Dream Fashion, ALB Lashes, Jewel Pearl AnaLee
*The above 5 items are all included in the ALB CHRIST 2011 show AFTERNOON CHIC F – Diva Tango Special Set – NEW
Hair: Vanity Hair, Serenity ALF (Noir)
Nails: Mandala, Nail Palette 2/Long

 Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

New Skin Launch – Fairey Skins

OMG I meant to report about this about a week ago!! I had all pics taken and ready to go when…….I got tied up with a LOT of things I had to do or follow up.

So here is the report a week later. :S

Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs has launched her first skins!! She has two skin lines in store now and one of them is called “Fairey Skin.” Yup….Fairey from my name, Kay Fairey. 😀 This is the first skin I had in my name and I feel so honoured that she named it after me.

Without any positive bias coming from the name, I really liked this skin! I had been looking for skins that don’t have the thick Audrey Hepburn type eye brows. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been noticing a lot of skins with this type of eye brows and being an SL model, I try to stay away from the “majority” look. So finding the right eye brow was important for me. This skin had just that. It comes with brow shapes you can wear to change the height of the brows.

It also has a very natural complexion that doesn’t make you look like a over-photo shopped picture where the skin is unnaturally smooth. I had already used this skin in my previous post about “A Versatile Casual And Party Dress” so you can see what it looks like actually used.

There has been a rush of new skin launches lately but this one is certainly worth checking out!

Mashooka Designs – Fairey Skin Ivory
(Here I am using Fairey Skin – Ivory tone, makeup 3)

Fairey Skin Ivory – Base (natural skin)

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 1

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 2

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 3

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 4

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 5

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 6

Fairey Skin Ivory – makeup 7

All Skins: Mashooka Designs

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A New Skin From "Shapes by Kira"

Oh dear…..I hadn’t blogged for such a long time! Maybe this was the longest since I’ve last logged in to update my blog. It’s not that I was lazy. No, far from it. I had been too busy directing shows which has quickly become one of my major jobs here in SL along with my modeling. I even had some pics taken for my blogs but alas, I simply had no time to write. 😦

I am back now with a new series of skin I just got!

Compared to a year ago, there are now so many great skins you can obtain in SL so it’s not that hard to find nice skins that can make avatars gorgeous. However, I have been looking for a skin that has the kind of brows that I like and this has proved to be more difficult than I had ever imagined. Maybe it had been a trend but many of the great skins I found had very strong and dark eye brows. Other issues I often found was that many skins had too much make up or was too strong in the colours they used.

What struck me the first thing I wore the demos I picked up was that the eye brows were exactly the type of eye brows that I was looking for. Not too dark but dark enough to make a statement. So I quickly teleported back to the store I just came back from, still wearing my demo skin.

The new Eva Skins that Kira Paderborn came up with are an evolution of an earlier skin to which Kira made improvements from feedback she received and it really was great skin that looked not only natural but had some great makeups. I liked the range of lip colours she offered too as I had been finding that some skins tend to have a lot of the pale pink/beige lips and different shades of it but when I wanted to wear more colours on my lips to match outfits, the colours would not be available. The Eva Skins has both pale and strong lips that also come in a variety of colours. Having had some makeup training in RL, I absolutely love makeups and love wearing different coloured makeups depending on what I wear even in RL. So the colour variation offered was a joy to see.

Eva Skin – Fair Natural

These are some of the makeups that were included in the fatpack. I have never been great with photo editing but these pics, I have decided to use without any editing at all. With editing, any skin can look great, right? So including the one above, none of the pics I am using today have been retouched.

Eva Skin – Fair M1

Eva Skin – Fair M4

Eva Skin – Fair M7

Eva Skin – Fair M9

I usually wear pale/fair skin tone but I do wear much darker skin tone also when I’m wearing swimming suits or with certain outfits that go better with darker skin. So I tried the darker skin demos too and loved this one called “Sun Kissed.” It had the similar makeup variety with the fair skins, but I had to refrain from spending too much on a single day but these “Sun Kissed” skins will definitely be my next shopping target once I save up again.

Eva Skin – Sun Kissed M4 (demo)

I might also add that Kira told me she will have a skin that will only be available at your booth in the Skin Fair that has just started or starting any minute as I write this (Sept. 26 – Oct 19). This will be one with smokey eyes and pale lips. Nice! I’m going to have to head to Skin Fair then since this variation will not be available in her store.

Run, run!!

Skin: Shapes by Kira, Eva Skin – Fair
Bathing suit: si*na:museum, si*na:Bikini, Bijou (Black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Mmodel, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

OMG OMG A New Release Called "Kay"!!!

Anubis Hartunian of Anubis Style released a new outfit called “Kay”!!! She says she visualized me when she designed it! OMG, OMG, OMG!!

I just had a hair called “Kay Fairey” released by a hair creator friend, but now an outfit? This is such a great honour for me and I must say I am more than thrilled but also feel that I have to do my best to respond to this honour!

This is a sweet outfit that looks almost like a baby doll style outfit. But it is not just “cutey” sweet. It’s very haute couture too! If you look at the photograph that shows the side view, you will notice that a sculpty prim had been added to give that couture-look collar and both the top part of the outfit and the high waist belt is twisted to add that bit of interest. It comes with a pair of rolled up capri pants that make it look very active and gives it a lively image. But in spite of that, the colour is black/gray, which is a colour scheme that I love! If this was a bright colour, this will be a regular sweet baby doll and it’s this colour scheme, that almost looks contrary to the style, that makes this look “haute couture.”

To add some fun, I thought I would add a colour, but what colour? After some thought, I decided to go with pink as red will make it look too harsh and pink + gray usually gives a fun result while keeping an elegant look. But at the same time, I didn’t want to mess with the great colour she had for the outfit so I decided to add pink with my make up and shoes.

I used a skin from Beauty Avatar called “ISIS” in light skin tone. I wanted a soft look and this skin was perfect for the soft but cool look that I was looking for, although Beauty Avatar does have others that give a harsher and sharper look. I also chose a fun hair and this is what I got.

Anubis Style – Kay

Outfit: Anubis Style, Kay
Sandals: Giusia Creations, Ginevra – Pink Sculpted Heels
Nails: J’s *MainShop, Nails Pink Pack 02
Hair: Magika Hair, Magik (black A)
Skin: Beauty Avatar Couture, ISIS – Light Skin 05

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

A New Hair Called "Kay"!! AND A New Dress Of Course!

Rise Matove of R’s Hair Style, a hair store in Japan, just released a hair style called “Kay Fairey”!! Whoooot! And I seriously love this hair style, not only because it has my name! It’s elegant but not too quiet, and it’s not wild either. It matches with both formal wear as well as casual. In fact, it was quite cute wearing it with jeans too. Of course, it comes in other colours for those who want other colour hair. It uses flexi prims so it has movement. In fact, I wore this hair with my opening dress at the MB-Designs show that I was in last Saturday with Boulevard Agency.

As for the dress, this is a new release from Anubis Style called “Blue Night.” The colour is very chic and also unique. A deep blue that almost looks like a midnight sky or a deep deep ocean. It comes with two styles of gloves, and you can choose between roses made with the same material and colour or metal broches with metal fringes for ornaments. It also has a long and short versions for the skirt part, the long being a somewhat sheer skirt while the short skirt uses solid prims that look triangular shaped. This might be easier to understand if you saw the pictures below.

The skin I am wearing is also a new skin released from Beauty Avatar called “Malica.” As you can see, the body contour as well as the face is very detailed with very nice eye brows. Eye brows are VERY important in skins and when I choose skins, I must say the first thing I see is how the eye brows are drawn. This skin had a very natural and nicely shaped eye brow that I absolutely loved.

The dress comes with studded diamonds along the breast hem. So another necklace will be a bit too much so I only am only wearing some black pearl studded earrings from Styles of edo. I could have worn diamond earrings to match the dress ornament but I didn’t want to make it too blingy with lots of gem. But for those who do like gem stones, diamond earrings will be another option for sure.

R’s Hair Style – “Kay Fairey” & Anubis Style – “Blue Night”

And this is how the outfit looks with a short skirt and metal broche ornaments.

Outfit: Anubis Style, Blue Night (long & short skirts)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, “Kay Fairey” black
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (midnight)
Earrings: Styles of edo, Tahitian Black Pearl Stud Earrings
Skin: Beauty Avatar, MALICA Natural Skin 07

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

Looking For Your Dream Goth Skin?

I don’t wear goth skins are a regular skin but do have some in my inventory, not much. I had tried a LOT though but could never find something that I was completely happy with. Even with goth skin, I wanted something that looked nice and pretty, not just scary and even if I could find something that I thought was fairly nice on the face, it was usually the case that the body part looked quite disappointing, lacking in contour.

However, after a long search, I finally found my dream goth skin!

It was a brand new skin shop that just opened only about 2 weeks ago, InZane Body Art. InZane Rozen, the creator initially launched her Goth Skin series, followed by her Blue Skin series. InZane, like me, had felt that there were very little good goth skins available in the SL market and decided to start from launching goth skins. When I saw pictures of the skin, my first thought was “oh I love this goth make up!” They weren’t too scary but goth enough and more importantly “pretty.” But my biggest “WOW” followed after I tried the demo skins on. The body of her skins was simply fantastic! I was trying her skins together with a vampire friend who regularly wears goth skins as her daily skin, and she was also so excited to finally find a skin that gave her a knee. It was so funny to hear her say “omg, I finally have a knee!! I love my butt!”

InZane Body Art, currently has some eyes as well as skin. According to InZane, she will gradually expand her creation line up to include other forms of body art such as more purple skins and eventually regular skins as well. Seeing her goth skin quality, I must say, I can’t wait to see her regular skins.

InZane Goth Skin – Body

InZane Goth Skin No. 1

InZane Goth Skin No. 2

InZane Goth Skin No. 3

InZane Goth Skin No. 4

InZane Goth Skin No. 5

InZane Goth Skin No. 6

InZane Goth Skin No. 7

InZane Goth Skin No. 8

InZane Goth Skin No. 9

InZane Goth Skin No. 10

InZane Goth Skin No. 11

InZane Goth Skin No. 12

InZane Goth Skin No. 13

InZane Goth Skin No. 14

InZane Goth Skin No. 15

Click here to InZane Skin and go see for yourself!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio.

New Fall/Winter Collection From FTV

So the long awaited fall/winter collection from FTV (Frozen Turquoise Valentine) is finally out! The new collection arrived to the store on Saturday the 11th so better go check them out!
This time, Valenttina Carfagno, designer for FTV, came out with a lot of new and exciting outfits. I love her outfits as they always have a twist that make them look unique and still either very sweet or chic and sophisticated. Out of the many she had come up with, I have Plum Rampage and Breeze Rampage. Plum Rampage is a plum coloured sweet one piece dress with a top that is a big leaf. The prim skirt spreads out from a high waist position making it look like a balloom dress or a long version of a baby doll dress. The key colour is deep plum purple, which is one of my favorite colours and also black. This outfit comes with a long black pair of gloves and also solid black tights to complete the look. It’s just so sweet!

And the second is Breeze Rampage. This outfit comes with silver leggings that balances off the sweet cute look of the black and blue top with woolly arms parts. This top can be useful matching it up with jeans or any other pants or leggings you might have in your inventory so it will be very useful during this season. Here, the colours used are so different from the Plum Rampage I mentioned before. It’s this variety that I love about this brand.

In the photographs below, I matched both outfits with new skins that just came out from Tuli as she opened her new Journey sim. The new skins are quite different from the former Tuli skins which I have always loved and wore when I wanted that cute, girly look. As you can see, the new skins have a more grown up and sophisticated look. Personally, I just love these skins and I can foresee myself using these quite often. And if you haven’t yet, you must visit the new Journey sim. Tuli managed to get great brand name stores to surround her new main store and you can have so much fun strolling around this really sweet fashion district which has trees, flowers, fountations….all the things that we women love. It’s just so soothing and yet the stores are all really nice stores. All you have to do is watch your lindens as for some reason, they tend to disappear when you visit this sim. A link to the surl is provided at the bottom for those who have very little patience and just can’t wait to visit.

FTV – Plum Rampage

FTV – Breeze Rampage

Outfits: FTV, Plum Rampage
Skin: Tuli, sUmi, starry/ light /purple
Short Boots: BAX Boots, Ankle Boots, Black Patent
Earrings: PISA, Gray & White Drop Gray Pearl Dia Leaves Earrings
Hair: Exile, Xstacy (twilight)

Outfit: FTV, Breeze Rampage
Skin: Tuli, Meredith、light、silver shine
Earrings: RYCA, Square Triple Platinum Earrings
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Turquoise)
Hair: Exile, Taylor (twilight)
Nails: bijou, Nail Vitamin (Turquoise)

Take this limo to Tuli’s Journey sim!!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency and Second Look Studio model.