About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Kay Fairey, an SL fashion addict, a blogger and a fun-loving female in real life.  This blog is where I share about the wonderful fashion related creations I have come across in the virtual world of Second Life and where I have fun expressing myself in the form of styling.  This blogsite is a neutral space and free of any political or competitive relationships as I wish to be able to express myself freely.  For more details about my policy as a blogger, please refer to my “policy” page.

In Second Life, this is what I do: BLVD Agency CEO & model, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director & Instructor, Agency Director of Dione Fashion Agency in SL Japan, Fashion Editor & Senior Writer for the Best of SL Magazine. Producer and Host for a live stream fashion program with SLTV, “The Runway”, and a model represented by Asymetrique, BeStyle District Agency, BLVD Agency, Dione Fashion Agency, D’ior Fashion Agency, Elegancia, Evangelista, Farouche Tres Modeling Agency, International Model Agency, LOOK Elite Models, MAD Agency, Maritima Inc., Opium Evolution, Passion – The Fashion Agency (in alphabetical order).

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