Blogger Policy (updated as of March 13, 2014)

Welcome and thank you very much for visiting my blog!  This is a page where I will clarify my policy as a blogger.


This blog is all about things I love.  It is my personal outlet of expression and my joy as I am passionate about my blog.  Therefore if there is anything I like, I will buy it myself.  I do appreciate review copies and I do end up blogging from items I have been given.  However, I cannot guarantee that I can blog everything I receive.  If you do not see me blogging an item you sent this is most likely simply because…

  1. I have other duties I need to fulfill in SL as well as RL and I cannot followup on everything sent.  I also reserve the right to post only items that fall within my taste as well as style.
  2. New item releases may happen when I am extremely busy and I may not even have the time to check items out.
  3. I may have a back log of items I wish to blog or pictures I have already taken waiting only to be posted as a blog post.
  4. I focus on “quality” of blog posts than “quantity”.  So I do not like to be rushed into making more posts.  I wish I could, but I take a lot of time to style and to take as good pics as I possibly can within my limits.  So I cannot make a lot of posts simply because a lot of new items have been released or time my posts to suit what a designer might prefer.

I also love to shop and enjoy my retail therapy so I will never ask for review copies.  Therefore, if you wish to send me review samples, please understand that this will be voluntary and that it is by no means a request from me.

If I do blog your item, I will inform you and send you a link to the post for your review.  If you notice any wrong information that I have unintentionally posted, I would appreciate it if you can let me know so that I can correct it at the earliest possible timing.


This blog maintains a neutral positioning as regards to different brands or organizations in Second Life and will not be biased or affected by difference in opinions or competitive relationships held by these people.

Unless a brand has been “officially” judged by Linden Lab to have copied another brand and necessary steps have been taken by Linden Lab to remove items, I will continue to blog items if I see anything I like.  This is based on the general understanding in my country and in most countries I am sure, that nobody is guilty unless the accused person has been proved to be guilty.  In other words, no brand is guilty of copying only because another brand is complaining.

If I do not stick to this rule, I will create a situation where an accuser will get his or her way only because the person was loud in his/her complaints.  In my opinion, this is not a fair or justifiable situation and I refuse to get involved.


I do not accept any advertising or sponsorship because I want to keep this a neutral blog that is not affected by duties bloggers otherwise will have to fulfill.  The only exception will be charity events, where I might join as a blogger to help with publicity efforts.


This blog is a personal blog managed by Kay Fairey. For questions about this blog, please contact me in-world by notecard or by sending me an email at

As a blogger, I do not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions, or any other form of compensation but I may accept a simple posting request from a friend.

I can offer my opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics.  In such cases, I will always try my best to give my honest opinion, findings, beliefs, or experience on such topics or products.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my opinion and any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Thank you for your interest in my blog and for your understanding!  I hope you will visit my blog again. 🙂

Kay Fairey

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