Looking For Your Dream Goth Skin?

I don’t wear goth skins are a regular skin but do have some in my inventory, not much. I had tried a LOT though but could never find something that I was completely happy with. Even with goth skin, I wanted something that looked nice and pretty, not just scary and even if I could find something that I thought was fairly nice on the face, it was usually the case that the body part looked quite disappointing, lacking in contour.

However, after a long search, I finally found my dream goth skin!

It was a brand new skin shop that just opened only about 2 weeks ago, InZane Body Art. InZane Rozen, the creator initially launched her Goth Skin series, followed by her Blue Skin series. InZane, like me, had felt that there were very little good goth skins available in the SL market and decided to start from launching goth skins. When I saw pictures of the skin, my first thought was “oh I love this goth make up!” They weren’t too scary but goth enough and more importantly “pretty.” But my biggest “WOW” followed after I tried the demo skins on. The body of her skins was simply fantastic! I was trying her skins together with a vampire friend who regularly wears goth skins as her daily skin, and she was also so excited to finally find a skin that gave her a knee. It was so funny to hear her say “omg, I finally have a knee!! I love my butt!”

InZane Body Art, currently has some eyes as well as skin. According to InZane, she will gradually expand her creation line up to include other forms of body art such as more purple skins and eventually regular skins as well. Seeing her goth skin quality, I must say, I can’t wait to see her regular skins.

InZane Goth Skin – Body

InZane Goth Skin No. 1

InZane Goth Skin No. 2

InZane Goth Skin No. 3

InZane Goth Skin No. 4

InZane Goth Skin No. 5

InZane Goth Skin No. 6

InZane Goth Skin No. 7

InZane Goth Skin No. 8

InZane Goth Skin No. 9

InZane Goth Skin No. 10

InZane Goth Skin No. 11

InZane Goth Skin No. 12

InZane Goth Skin No. 13

InZane Goth Skin No. 14

InZane Goth Skin No. 15

Click here to InZane Skin and go see for yourself!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio.

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