New Release From Styles of edo

Mami Jewell, designer of female outfits for Styles of edo, has been releasing a lot of sexy and well made dresses. For this release, she made a series of a cocktail length dress called “Coppelia.” She had always been known for the quality of the textures that she uses and she’s done it again! This time, the dress itself is one the most simplest of forms as you can see in the pictures below. But it was this simple form was so effective to have eyes focus on the smooth and silky texture.

“Coppelia” is a title of a sentimental comic ballet performance with original choreography by the famous Arther Saint-Leon and initially performed in 1870. This name well fits the cute and coquettish look of this sweet dress that Mami made.

The skirt part is rich and flows out naturally from the waist with a slight puffiness and adorned with lovely lace at the bottom. But again, what is note worthy is the texture. I have really never seen better silky texture than what Mami makes.

See is believing. So here are the pics and please take note of the silkiness and the beauty of simplicity.

Styles of edo – Coppelia Black

Styles of edo – Coppelia Blue

Styles of edo – Coppelia Olive

Styles of edo – Coppelia Pink
Styles of edo – Coppelia Red
Styles of edo – Coppelia Turquoise

For Styles of edo, click here.

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