A Magician Of Colours: Ginevra Lancaster

One day, I was walking through a shopping mall when I crossed a sim border that the shopping mall was build on top of. My avatar started to slide and couldn’t stop. All I could do was wait until my avatar decided to stop and when it finally did, I was standing inside an unfamiliar store.

It was a store called “ginevra lancaster” which, even with my extensive shopping trips, had not come across yet. As things started to rez, I gave out a cry of excitement.


I have to admit, I do like black and chic colours but at the same time, I have a passion over pretty colours. Italian designer, Ginevra Lancaster, had a magical way of using colours that simply made her creations look so divine. Of course, I fell in love, at first sight. 😛

I ended up buying three of her outfits, and even with these three, I had a very hard time choosing what I will spend my precious lindens on. Her designs were all very attractive…..not complicated designs but somehow always had a twist. I am cursing myself now for not having the time to show all of her creations as her store was a fresh excitement to me.

Her outfits come with matching shoes which is also a blessing since it always becomes a problem to find shoes that match well whenever I have outfits with unusual colours. Some outfits even come with jewelry. So this should make the lives of all colour lovers in SL, very happy and merry.

ginevra lancaster – Mae (with a long skirt)

ginevra lancaster – Mae (with a short skirt)
Outfit: ginevra lancaster, Mae
Necklace & Earrings: MC Designs, Becca Silver Sapphire Set
Shoes: included in the “Mae” set
Hair (with the long skirt): Vanity Hair, Mignon (noir)
Hair (with the short skirt): R’s Hair Style, Kay (Special black)

ginevra lancaster – Maud

Outfit: ginevra lancaster, Maud
Choker: included in the “Maud” set
Shoes: included in the “Maud” set

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, Top Model for Boulevard Agency etc., Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Lovely Purple Gown From My Precious

My Precious, where Agnes Finney is the owner and designer, has always been in my mind as a store that had a lot of pink and red. But the store is apparently changing! She now has her own sim that houses a huge store as well as an event space and a separate area for bridal needs. The moment you step in, you can see so many other colours besides the red and the pinks that she had always been known for.

I found this purple gown there which was one of such gowns.

My Precious – Vera Amethyst

It is an elegant silky gown with lace texture around the hem of a ballroom skirt as well as gloves and comes with a ribbon tied at the back. The top is a halter type top which leaves the back all bare.

Maybe it’s coming from my childhood days when I dreamt of being a princess as I watched videos of Snow White and Cinderella, but a ribbon at the back is something that makes me smile for no particular reason. For me, it was something that ALL princess gowns had to have in my fantasies.

Since the colour of the gown is quite strong, I didn’t want to use gems or colours for jewelry so I matched some pearl jewelry I had from a Japanese store called PISA. It is a jewelry store that specializes in classic Italian jewelry designs and the prim work by its creator, Emi Woller, is absolutely amazing. The jewelry I got here are great to add that bit of classic elegance to any outfit so I thought it would be perfect to use them with this gown. Now I can enjoy the lovely impact this purple has and also add some classic elegance to balance it out.

The hair is one I have used before. “Kay ver2” from R’s Hair Style, which goes really well with big ballroom gowns especially.

Outfit: My Precious, Vera Amethyst
Necklace: Jewelry Shop PISA, Drop Pearl NC 2ren
Earrings: Jewelry Shop PISA, Drop Pearl Earrings
Bracelet: Jewelry Shop PISA, Pearl Diamond Lace Bracelet
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Kay ver2 (black)
Skin: *This is a discontinued skin from Minnu

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Lovely Butterfly Dress From House of Beningborough

A relatively new designer, Bliss Beningborough for “the House of Beningborough”, has lovely gowns as well as day dresses that will catch the eye of many in SL. She already has several stores and her stores are all full of vibrant colours.

This gown called “Flutterby” comes in several colours such as bright blue, yellow, white. It is a lovely gown with a big butterfly that forms the front of the bodice with a very big ruffled skirt and a hair accessory included in the set with matching colours.

I matched it with a flower accessory called “Sakura (cherry blossom in Japanese)” from “si*na Jewelry” which is a relatively small Japanese jewelry store that has some really nice items. This one caught my eye because of it’s unique design using only dainty sakura flowers and leaves to create a charming necklace and earrings set.

Butterfly and flowers. What can be a better match in March when spring is just around the corner!

The hair I am using is “Kay ver2” from R’s Hair Style where my good friend Rise Matova made hair based on my image (blush, blush). It’s a lovely hair to be worn with formal gowns that is a clean updo and yet have some movement without looking messy.

the House of Beningborough – Flutterby (red)

Outfit: House of Beningborough, Flutterby (red)
Necklace & earrings: si*na Jewelry, Sakura Necklace and Earrings
Shoes: Haysuriza, Eiris Pumps Pointed100 Classic (red)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Kay ver2 (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model and writer for the Best of SL Magazine and Runway Magazine.

A New Release From Azul

Mami Jewell of “azul” has just released a new gown called Mia. It is an elegant gown that has a very wide black ribbon that composes the bodice of the gown and tied in a very big and soft ribbon at the front. The colours are arranged into what seems like a graduation with the colour becoming darker at the skirt but more vibrant at the top, creating an interesting look to an otherwise very simple design. The skirt is soft and voluminous while it is cropped short at the front revealing the legs. I found this gown to be great for dancing as you can still be in a formal gown while your legs will be revealed as if you were wearing a short cocktail dress.

I matched this gown with a very unusual coloured hair. I tried my usual black, but with a navy coloured dress, I wanted a bit more colour to the entire look. This is a colour called “pink brown” and it is a colour that is only available if you purchased a fat pack of the Kay ver2 hair at R’s Hair Style. Usually pink hair will be too childish or only good for fantasy looks but this one, because of the shade of brown in the pink, was good for any style with a touch of difference.

Choice of shoes will be important with this gown so I couldn’t just slap on a pair of “same coloured pumps” that you can’t even see anyway. I chose Stiletto Moody’s Bare series sandals to emphasize the bare legs in this look.

azul – Mia (blue)

Outfit: azul, Mia (blue)
Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry, Athena Pearls in White
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Bare Audrey (midnight)
Nail: Towa, Prim Nail (blue heart)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Kay ver2 (pink brown)
Skin: Minnu, MMS Fair – Care
*Minnu is closed until the renewal opening scheduled on March 15 when it will be re-opened as “LeLutka.”

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Runway Magazine, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

A New Hair! "Kay ver2" Is Released!

R’ Hair Style, by hair creator Rise Matova, has released a new updo called “Kay ver.2.” It’s a slighter bigger and more elegant hair style compared to the first version of “Kay” hair that’s great for elegant gowns. A special colour, pink brown, can be obtained by buying the fat pack.

Thank you Rise!!!

Click here to R’s Hair Style.

A Mediterranean Look With A La Folie

A La Folie just came out with these lovely new releases called “Bolero.” It is a top that is short but puffy and a skirt that has a very pretty line falling down from the waist. The key is that these two are being sold separately and both come in so many different colours. You can either use the same colours like I did here with the white top and white skirt, or you can style it with different colours. In fact, I got a red skirt too so I can make a white and red look.

With the white top and skirt, I made a look with a Mediterranean image, matching it up with accessories from Chloe, a new store that was launched with the Nuit Blanche show and a set of bangles from Bax Coen accessories. The necklace and earrings you see here are Chloe’s latest releases. These can be changed into more than 150 colours for both the primary gem and secondary gem which makes these pieces almost like custom made jewelry. The bangles can be changed into different shades of red too. I love it when I can do this. It makes styling so much easier. Of course, I had to change my skin too as my usual skin is too pale and I wanted a nice slightly tanned look, but not too dark.

The hair I have is also a new release. Angelina from R’s Hair Style that came out only a few days ago. The creator, Rise Matova, said she envisioned Angelina Jolie when she created this hair, thus the name Angelina. It matched this Mediterranean look but could be used with formal gowns too.

The sandals I am wearing was released from A La Folie together with “Bolero.” The brown sandals complete this Mediterranean look.

A La Folie – “Bolero” top and skirt

Top: A La Folie, “BOLERO” blanc pull
Skirt: A La Folie, “BOLERO” blanc jupe
Necklace and earrings: Chloe, 1879 Necklace and Earrings
Bracelets: Bax Boots, Bax Flower Bracelet Reds
Sandals: A La Folie, Sandales Brown
Nails: [AI]:Nails, One Color Glitter (dark red)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Angelina (black)
Skin: Minnu, MMS light – Gray (this skin is no longer on sale)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

Latex Fashion: Elixir

Elixir is a latex store. So initially I had an image of catsuits, kinky outfits….the usually stuff when you hear “latex.” But……how I was wrong! Elixir designer, Khorus Magne, designer and owner of Elixir Fashion said when she thought of starting an outfit store, she couldn’t find any good and fashionable latex outfits and SL, so she decided to make her own. The result was a line of very fashionable latex outfits that are sold in parts and components. In other words, you can buy different pieces to combine and make your own style. She also has some set items in her store which you can buy and wear without having to worry over what to match them with what, if that is what you prefer.

All parts come in so many different colours and recently, she added a leopard texture as well. Here, I have worn a leopard/black top with a black shorts called “cheek shorts.” I am also showing a black raincoat which will look great with non-latex outfits too like jeans. Although the one I have here is solid colour in black, she also has many fun colours as well as sheer coloured ones.

The boots I wore here are also from Elixir. I use this pair quite often in fact, matching them with all sorts of outfits. I love the soft texture and shape as well as the simplicity of it.

This hair is worth a mention too. It’s from that small store that I like in a Japan sim and, as with others in this store that have hats or hair bands, the hair band is texture changing. And all you have to do is click on it. I also think the style is cool too.

Raincoat: Elixir, Latex Solid Raincoat (Black)
Top: Elixir, Latex Crop Jacket (Leopard)
Shorts: Elixir, Latex Cheek Shorts (Black)
Boots: Elixir, Outpost Boots
Socks: Biddle Boots, Sculptie ADD-ON-knit tights overknee (black)
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Nails (dark red)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Kaori ver2 (black)
Skin: Beaty Avatar Couture, ENEA (Light Skin 04)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

From Beauty Avatar’s New Collection

Recently I was in a show for Beauty Avatar where we showed the new collection that are now in the store. I have to say, I did not wear the outfit I am going to post about today. But looking at the other models, I fell in love with this one. So ignoring what I wore myself, I went out to get the same outfit that was worn by another model. It’s not too “wintery” I have to admit. But it was so sweet and stylish that I made myself a good excuse. “It’s not REALLY cold in SL, so who cares?” This was funny as I usually think even if it’s not cold, it’s good to have seasonality in SL. So I would wear a coat or winter fashion. But when I actually want something that is contradictory to my belief, I make convenient excuses. 😛 Oh well, don’t we all?

So here it is. “Mawen 05” by aida Ewing of Beauty Avatar.

It comes in different colours but this red one was so intriguing maybe because I love red myself. It has that active, positive look. It goes well with active looking boots, which I feel might go better than a very feminine looking pair of shoes to emphasize that active look. I think this will go great with any long or short hair rather than a mid range length. I use short hair a lot, so this time, I tried it with long hair. This one is from R’s Style. A very small Japanese store that is not yet known in the non-Japanese sector of SL, but certainly worth checking out. After all, don’t we all want hair that not many people know about? The turban that wraps the hair is texture changing by simply clicking on it. So you can easily match it with the outfits you are wearing. They also come in various sizes. So you won’t have to struggle to stretch or shrink the hair by editing it yourself (you can tell, I hate editing).

The skin I used here is a skin I had been waiting for! InZane Body Art skins. I blogged about this new skin store when InZane only had goth skins. I fell in love immediately at how she was able to bring contour to goth skins. It’s not easy to draw contour with white skin. Since then, I had been waiting for her to launch her regular skins. If they looked that great in goth skins, they must be gorgeous with regular skins. And gorgeous they were! She now has a range from pale to chocolate tone skins. Something for everybody. As imagined, she had great contour for the body and great faces. I particularly like her eye brows and eyes. InZane skins have now become one of my favorite skins for sure.

And last but not least, these boots are a new release from Elixir. Elixir is a latex store but with a lot of style and fashion sense. But even if you’re not a latex fan, these boots are worth checking out. There is also a red pair of boots that was launched at the same time. I decided to use the black one as too much red will lose the impact and I wanted a bit more black. I just love the soft and loose look of these boots! I must show the cool latex items they have too. So much I want to show and so little time!

Oh and one more thing. The necklace and earrings are from the Lovable Hearts set from Vincenca Rosca Jewellery, which I already blogged about. But these are the red ones that is in the same set. In my previous blog post, I showed the pink sets. Yes, you get both for one price!

Phew. I had been a bit busy this past week but I had so much to show today!

Outfit: Beauty Avatar, Mawen 05
Boots: Elixir, Outpost Boots
Necklace and earrings: Vincenca Rosca Jewellery, Lovable Hearts
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Moto2 (black)
Skin: InZane Body Art, Creme Skin – Makeup 4

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

A New Hair Called "Kay"!! AND A New Dress Of Course!

Rise Matove of R’s Hair Style, a hair store in Japan, just released a hair style called “Kay Fairey”!! Whoooot! And I seriously love this hair style, not only because it has my name! It’s elegant but not too quiet, and it’s not wild either. It matches with both formal wear as well as casual. In fact, it was quite cute wearing it with jeans too. Of course, it comes in other colours for those who want other colour hair. It uses flexi prims so it has movement. In fact, I wore this hair with my opening dress at the MB-Designs show that I was in last Saturday with Boulevard Agency.

As for the dress, this is a new release from Anubis Style called “Blue Night.” The colour is very chic and also unique. A deep blue that almost looks like a midnight sky or a deep deep ocean. It comes with two styles of gloves, and you can choose between roses made with the same material and colour or metal broches with metal fringes for ornaments. It also has a long and short versions for the skirt part, the long being a somewhat sheer skirt while the short skirt uses solid prims that look triangular shaped. This might be easier to understand if you saw the pictures below.

The skin I am wearing is also a new skin released from Beauty Avatar called “Malica.” As you can see, the body contour as well as the face is very detailed with very nice eye brows. Eye brows are VERY important in skins and when I choose skins, I must say the first thing I see is how the eye brows are drawn. This skin had a very natural and nicely shaped eye brow that I absolutely loved.

The dress comes with studded diamonds along the breast hem. So another necklace will be a bit too much so I only am only wearing some black pearl studded earrings from Styles of edo. I could have worn diamond earrings to match the dress ornament but I didn’t want to make it too blingy with lots of gem. But for those who do like gem stones, diamond earrings will be another option for sure.

R’s Hair Style – “Kay Fairey” & Anubis Style – “Blue Night”

And this is how the outfit looks with a short skirt and metal broche ornaments.

Outfit: Anubis Style, Blue Night (long & short skirts)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, “Kay Fairey” black
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (midnight)
Earrings: Styles of edo, Tahitian Black Pearl Stud Earrings
Skin: Beauty Avatar, MALICA Natural Skin 07

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.