MVW Gown From Elan Now In 8 Colours!

Alatiel Malies‘ new brand Elan made the Miss Virtual World evening gown for Miss Thailand in the Miss Virtual World Grand Finals that was held on December 17th last year.  Since then, the MVW gown that Miss Thailand, DiamondGem Destiny, wore has been released in the store with an additional 7 new colours!  That’s 8 colours in all!

This gown, made by Alatiel for Elan, is a very feminine style with very soft lovely colours and now it is available in black, blue, red, cream pastel green, pastel light blue, pastel pink, white and rose. Here, I wore the rose colour of the DiamondGem MVW Gown with a jewelry set from a la folie, which now has a jewelry section in the store.

Elan – DiamondGem MVW Gown in Rose

Outfit: Elan, DiamondGem MVW Gown (Rose) – NEW
Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet: a la folie, Parure BRELOQUE OR
Hair: Dura, Boys & Girls 23 (Black) – NEW

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Do You Like Dreamy Dresses?

If you do, pixivor Allen of a la folie has recently released a beautiful dress called “Precieuse.” pixivor usually designs very feminine and dainty outfits, a lot using flowers and also with solid colours. From that perspective, this outfit is a rare release by pixivor that is not a solid colour outfit.

a la folie – Precieuse

However, the gold lace that covers the entire outfit is gorgeous and luxurious and the delicate green used for the dress reminds me of a flower theme.

The outfit comes with a short skirt and a long skirt and can be worn in three different styles depending on which skirt you use as shown in the pictures. It also comes with all the jewelry worn here as well as the shoes I am wearing. The shoes that is part of this set is a blessing since it’s not always easy to find matching shoes with delicate colours like the one used with this outfit.

If you want to feel like a princess in a fairytale, this could be your answer!

Outfit: a la folie, Precieuse (all jewelry and shoes included)

Hair (worn with the short dress): 69, Myumy Hair Selection (black)
Hair (worn with the long gown): Labieja, Paulette (noir)
*Labieja hair is sold inside the Modern Gypsy store as well as inside Chantkare.
Nails: Flirts, Metal Girl Collection

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A New Release From "a la folie": Ballerine

One of my favorite stores, a la folie, has just released a new dress called “Ballerine.” As the name suggests, it is shaped like a ballerina costume with a wide fluffy skirt and a top that has a low cut with tiny cute sleeves on the arms. As with all of her designs, designer pixivor Allen uses lots of flowers to create this dress including a sculpt flower on the left side of the waist. But that is not all. The skirt has a soft and delicate lace layer that flows out of the skirt with movement and adds that gentle touch.

The outfit came with a pair of elegant off white pumps but I wanted something more vibrant to match the beauty of the flowers and after some thought decided to go with orange as a spice to the look.

So I chose a skin that gave me makeup with orange eye shadows and an orange tone in the lips, but because of the orange in the face, I refrained from using too much colour for jewelry. Because the face makeup is strong, jewelry should be simple, delicate and non-intrusive while adding that final touch to the wide opened shoulders.

Shoes is an item that is always difficult to find the exact colour I have in mind but these pair I wore from Haysuriza were the exact reddish orange that I was looking for. These Sayuri pumps from this brand has an amazing colour variation of 30 colours which you can buy individually or in 3 sets of 10 colours each as fat packs. With the release of Sayuri, Haysuriza became one of the shoe stores that I will go look for specific colours along with enkythings. Usually if I visit these two stores, I can find more of less the exact colour that I am looking for. I just hope that the designer and creator for Haysuriza, Hays Uriza, will come up with the same colour variation for sandals soon.

I should also mention that Sayuri can change the heels and also part of the ribbon to gold or silver for all of its 30 colours and you can also opt to hide the ribbon if you prefer simple pumps, simply by clicking both shoes. Here I changed the heels to gold.

After I shot all the pictures I needed for this blog post, I realized that the dress might also look nice with a hat. So I tried on my fav brand of couture hats, Couture Chapeau which I introduced in the July 20th program of “Fabulous Fashion” with Angie Mornington on SLCN TV as a guest stylist. The hat added fun and elegance to the entire look and I was very happy with the result.

Outfit: a la folie, Ballerine
Necklace and Earrings: The Golden Flower, Elegance
Shoes: Haysuriza, Pumps Sayuri (red)
Nails: J’s, Nail Vivid Pack (orange)
Hair: Little Heaven, Hair 53 Ingrid00 (marron)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple BOLLYWOOD Makeup Line “Kalpona-Kari”

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model, Top Model of Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Sweet Flower Dress: New Release From "a la folie"

“A la folie” had always been one of my favorite brands. It’s a store I turn to when ever I want a pretty dress and feel girly. pixivor Allen, designer of “a la folie,” has just released a lovely dress called ‘Rose Tull.’ She has three colour variations in her store nad they all have both prim and printed flowers….and lots of them. The gown itself is a very feminine design too as all of her other outfits. Being a RL artist who loves to paint flowers a lot, pixivor definitely knows how to create great looking prim flowers as well as draw flowers very well.

a la folie – Rose Tull

The tiny sleeves that sit on the upper arms, the bare shoulders, belts and necklaces that are made of flower stems, the soft tulle used for the skirt, the silky top all help to make this gown a very sweet and lovely outfit. ‘Rose Tull’ comes with the necklace, earrings and bracelet as well as the belt you see in the pics. But that’s not all. It also comes with shoes to match the dress which is not purple but pale yellow. In fact, I was a bit surprised as I was expecting to see a similar coloured pair of shoes as the dress but once you wore the yellow shoes, it matched with the overall flowery image of the gown.

I matched it with a hair from Adored Clothing and Hair, which is a store that sells both outfits and hair as the name suggests. This one I am wearing is a very loose up do that has flowers in the back of the up do. You select the colour of the flower you with to wear and then click on the hair to change the hair colour.

As you can see from the pic above, I think pixivor makes one of the best flowers in SL which can only come from her love of flowers in RL.

Outfit: a la folie, Rose Tull (includes belt, necklace, bracelet, earrings and shoes)
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Fingernails (pink)
Hair: Adored Clothing and Hair, Cara Color Changing Hair (coal)
Skin: LeLutka Beaute, MMS Moscow Light makeup 3

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Mediterranean Look With A La Folie

A La Folie just came out with these lovely new releases called “Bolero.” It is a top that is short but puffy and a skirt that has a very pretty line falling down from the waist. The key is that these two are being sold separately and both come in so many different colours. You can either use the same colours like I did here with the white top and white skirt, or you can style it with different colours. In fact, I got a red skirt too so I can make a white and red look.

With the white top and skirt, I made a look with a Mediterranean image, matching it up with accessories from Chloe, a new store that was launched with the Nuit Blanche show and a set of bangles from Bax Coen accessories. The necklace and earrings you see here are Chloe’s latest releases. These can be changed into more than 150 colours for both the primary gem and secondary gem which makes these pieces almost like custom made jewelry. The bangles can be changed into different shades of red too. I love it when I can do this. It makes styling so much easier. Of course, I had to change my skin too as my usual skin is too pale and I wanted a nice slightly tanned look, but not too dark.

The hair I have is also a new release. Angelina from R’s Hair Style that came out only a few days ago. The creator, Rise Matova, said she envisioned Angelina Jolie when she created this hair, thus the name Angelina. It matched this Mediterranean look but could be used with formal gowns too.

The sandals I am wearing was released from A La Folie together with “Bolero.” The brown sandals complete this Mediterranean look.

A La Folie – “Bolero” top and skirt

Top: A La Folie, “BOLERO” blanc pull
Skirt: A La Folie, “BOLERO” blanc jupe
Necklace and earrings: Chloe, 1879 Necklace and Earrings
Bracelets: Bax Boots, Bax Flower Bracelet Reds
Sandals: A La Folie, Sandales Brown
Nails: [AI]:Nails, One Color Glitter (dark red)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Angelina (black)
Skin: Minnu, MMS light – Gray (this skin is no longer on sale)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

Cute Japanese Fashion

Outfits made by Japanese designers tend to be very cute and sweet. This is one of those sweet dresses I found in “anuenue (pronounced anu-eh-nu-eh).” This dress from “anuenue” has sweet fluffy sleeves and the skirt is also a bit fluffy with gives it the sweet look it has. I was wondering if I should get the pink one or the green one but after I thought I can make a pink and green look with this, I decided to go with the green and add pink as my second colour using other items.

So instead of styling it up with green, I decided to add pink as the second colour and used a lovely hat from “A La Folie” with pink roses, a necklace with pink flowers from “Twinkleberry”, also a Japanese store, pink tights from “Gbberish” which have designs printed on it and a flat pink shoes also from “Gbberish.”

The tights came in a set of three different coloured tights all with this flower pattern and I was so excited when I found this as there are many lace stockings in SL, tights with a pattern are hard to find. It was the same with shoes. You can find a lot of high heeled shoes but very few flat ones especially if you want something that has a nice shape.

anuenue – Key Dress (Green)

Outfit: anuenue, Key Dress (green)
Hat: A La Folie, Chapeau Paille et Roses
Tights: Gbberish, Amelie Tights Set (Dandelion Blue)
Necklace: Twinkleberry, Fiore III
Shoes: Gbberish, Princess Pumps (Rose Garden)
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Fingernails (Pink with white tips)
Hair: Cake, Bitten (Black)
Skin: Minnu, MMS、London、Fair makeup 8b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

I Know It’s Fall, But I Still Like White!

I know that fall is in the air and we are all preparing to face the cold winter (or maybe not that cold depending on where you are). But I like white and I still want to wear white. So white I wear.

This is a white one piece short dress from A La Folie. I had once reported about A La Folie outfits in the Best of SL website but never in this blog. A La Folie is a sweet store that looks like a cowboy hut in a western wilderness. You can hear horses and see cactus plants as well as other nature items (which you can buy by the way) and among such lovely environmant you see a hut, that is acutally the store. It’s open in the front with no walls so you can take a good peep inside the store and inside………………….is a different world. Lots of sweet and feminine outfits that makes it hard to choose one or even two. It’s a girl’s paradise.

This outfit is a simple outfit as you can see. It has a skirt that is not super short, but a nice length to look stylish and sweet. A ribbon is tied at the back with lots of lace used in the top and the skirt. This outfit also comes in bright yellow which was also so sweet that it took me a while to decide on white.

pixivor Allen, the designer for A La Folie also has some lovely hats with sculpt flowers that are a must see if you like hats to go with your outfits. The whole store is just a sweet experience for anybody who wants to look girly and yet stylish. It has certainly become a store I regularly check out.

A La Folie – Mousseline Blanche

Outfit: A La Folie, Mousseline Blanche
Necklace, bracelets & earrings: Caithlin Carter Designs, Butterfly Collection (free item)
Shoes: LeeZu Baxter Designs, Klara Stilettos (Champagne silver)
Hair: The Abyss, Oxygen (Smoke)
Nail: J’s, Natural French Pack (Nail f01)
Skin: Minnu, MMS Fair Cold

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Second Look Studio