I Know It’s Fall, But I Still Like White!

I know that fall is in the air and we are all preparing to face the cold winter (or maybe not that cold depending on where you are). But I like white and I still want to wear white. So white I wear.

This is a white one piece short dress from A La Folie. I had once reported about A La Folie outfits in the Best of SL website but never in this blog. A La Folie is a sweet store that looks like a cowboy hut in a western wilderness. You can hear horses and see cactus plants as well as other nature items (which you can buy by the way) and among such lovely environmant you see a hut, that is acutally the store. It’s open in the front with no walls so you can take a good peep inside the store and inside………………….is a different world. Lots of sweet and feminine outfits that makes it hard to choose one or even two. It’s a girl’s paradise.

This outfit is a simple outfit as you can see. It has a skirt that is not super short, but a nice length to look stylish and sweet. A ribbon is tied at the back with lots of lace used in the top and the skirt. This outfit also comes in bright yellow which was also so sweet that it took me a while to decide on white.

pixivor Allen, the designer for A La Folie also has some lovely hats with sculpt flowers that are a must see if you like hats to go with your outfits. The whole store is just a sweet experience for anybody who wants to look girly and yet stylish. It has certainly become a store I regularly check out.

A La Folie – Mousseline Blanche

Outfit: A La Folie, Mousseline Blanche
Necklace, bracelets & earrings: Caithlin Carter Designs, Butterfly Collection (free item)
Shoes: LeeZu Baxter Designs, Klara Stilettos (Champagne silver)
Hair: The Abyss, Oxygen (Smoke)
Nail: J’s, Natural French Pack (Nail f01)
Skin: Minnu, MMS Fair Cold

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Second Look Studio

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