Chambre du Chocolat : Samurai In The Storm

(Quoted from the Press Release)

Eshi Otawara, the renown artist whose works have been exhibited both in RL and in SL, announces her latest wearable fashion: Samurai-in-the-Storm. This will be the last limited release dress to be created under the “Chambre du Chocolat” label. Future releases will become know as the Eshi Otawara collection. This metaversal beyond haute couture dress was one of her early prim pieces of clothing creations, but was never before released, being saved for just the right timing. The dress was inspired from one of her RL paintings, which she made as her response to the destruction of hurricane Rita in 2005. From her experiences comes the courage to inspire and adorn, to delight the senses and surprise the eye; from tragedy arises beauty. All of these things come together in the designs by Eshi Otawara.

The Samurai-in-the-Storm is a rendering of a samurai spirit, and envelops the wearer in both the strength of armour (represented by the top portion of the dress) and the power of nature, as seen in the waves rising from the lower part of the dress. Raindrops caught in the wind encircle the wearer, showing the fortitude of the samurai to overcome obstacles no matter the nature of them. There is both power and softness in the dress; more a fantastical wearable art piece than what is typically seen in SL as a dress with billowy prims floating all around. This dress exudes strength from vulnerability, and will be unmistakeable to the wearer as an Eshi Otawara Original.


It is with great pleasure that I present the “Samurai In The Storm” by Eshi Otawara.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency & Second Look Studio

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