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Thank you for visiting my blog! I am Kay Fairey, an SL fashion addict, a blogger and a BLVD Agency CEO & model, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director & Instructor, Agency Director of Dione Fashion Agency in SL Japan, Fashion Editor & Senior Writer for the Best of SL Magazine. Producer and Host for a live stream fashion program with SLTV, "The Runway", and a model represented by Asymetrique, BeStyle District Agency, BLVD Agency, Dione Fashion Agency, D'ior Fashion Agency, Elegancia, Evangelista, Farouche Tres Modeling Agency, International Model Agency, LOOK Elite Models, MAD Agency, Maritima Inc., Opium Evolution, Passion - The Fashion Agency (in alphabetical order).

Casual In Style – Vero Modero, Mei Set

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_005

I like casual looks because they are more comfy in real life and fun to style.  When I came back to SL a month ago, I deleted all the outfit folders I had and I suddenly realized I needed more casual sets that I could quickly change into.

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_004

This was an outfit that was newly released that I found in Vero Modero.  It’s called “Mei Set” and comes in different colour variations but I decided to get the grey set because for some reason, I had already set my mind to wear a coloured hair and I was looking for an outfit that will go with it and still look nice.

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_010

This outfit was exactly what I wanted.  It’s casual, stylish, a little sexy (but not too much) and allows some really fun styling.  Again, I tried not to make it look too girly and cute so I used muted pale purple as the accent colour.

With the coloured wig, I think this look is good for casual parties too.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  🙂

  • Outfit:  Vero Modero, Mei Set (grey)
  • Hair:  LeLutka, Scarlet Hair (L010)
  • Boots:  Maitreya, Mesh Radical Boots (Suede Coal)
  • Clutch Bag:  Baboom Couture, Mesh Clutch Bag, Karo (color change)
  • Necklace:  epoque, Shard Necklace (Chrome)
  • Earrings:  epoque, Shard Earrings (Chrome)
  • Eye Shadow:  KoKoLoReS, BP – Smokey Glitter Eyeshadows (Red)
  • Lip Colour:  Kokolores, BP – Pure Balms – Bold & Sheer (Lilac Bold)
  • Nails:  Nailed It, Fashion Duo Set (Sweet)

A “Heartbreak” I Love!

2014.2.18 Tres Bear Heartbreak_005

Nobody likes a heartbreak, but this is one “Heartbreak” that I knowwwww most women will welcome with open arms!

Tres Beau by designer Kimmera Madison released “Heartbreak” on Valentine’s Day.  But you can see that this is not a gown that is so Valentine-ish that it can only be worn on February 14th.  It looks amazing on any other day of the year!

It comes in three colours; red, fuscia and off-white but I chose this fuscia one because it is not easy to find a nice ‘pink’ gown.  I think fuscia is a colour that can look very stylish but since it’s a strong colour, if you go in the wrong direction, you can end up looking either too childish, too girly or ‘a bit too much’.  If you look closely, the pink used in this gown is not a flat one tone of pink.  It’s actually a mix of different tones and that’s what gives this gown a deeper and sophisticated look.

2014.2.18 Tres Bear Heartbreak_001e

I used a multi-pale coloured jewelry set by Kunglers Extra just to break the pink a bit while adding some accent to the otherwise total fuscia look.  I also wanted to avoid the look being too girly so I chose to go with a smokey makeup with a slight tint of pink for the eyes and a very pale pink for the lips.

Overall, I’m very happy with the result and I think I was able to make the exact look that I was going after.  Now I’m happy and I can go back to sipping my favorite coffee!

  • Gown:  Tres Beau, “Heartache” Fushia
  • Jewelry Set:  Kunglers Extra, Walhalla – Silver
  • Hair:  D!va Hair, “Lili” (Type B) – Onyx
  • Nails:  Nailed It, French Manicure – Brights Set (summer)
  • Eye Shadow:  mock, Finn Indifference Eye Shadow (eyes only)
  • Lip Colour:  Kokolores, BP – Pure balms – Rose Sheer

An Asian Fairy – The Dragon Gown From Champagne! Sparkling Couture

2014.2.11 Champagne_Dragon MVW China 2014_007edit2

I guess it was my sheer luck that my computer decided to break down in mid-December when I was just getting ready to return back to Second Life.  I always wonder why some things just have to happen as if it chose the worst timing ever.  😦  And with the year-end/new year holidays, which is really big in my country, coming up, there was no way I could get my PC back before the new year.

So what I’m trying to say is….I missed watching Miss Virtual World last year!

But Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparking Couture sent me the amazing gown he created for Miss China 2014 called DRAGON, which was exactly what I needed having just come back and didn’t have time to go shopping yet.  Thanks to Enzo, I was able to get right back into modeling mode and totally enjoyed styling this fabulous gown.

2014.2.11 Champagne_Dragon MVW China 2014_009

The skin I’m using is the Shui skin from Elysium, which Aleida Rhode made for Asian avatars and it just seemed to be exactly the right skin to use with this gown.  Needless to say, I am very happy with the results too.  🙂

And a friend Japanese creator, Hays Uriza, made the jewelry set I am wearing.  It is a mesh set and comes in gold, silver and copper.  I use this set a lot and I never get tired of it because I just love how it’s simple and yet so impressive and creates a dramatic effect.  Again, just right for a dramatic gown like this Dragon.  I will just add that the necklace can be size adjusted in all 3 dimensions so it is very easy to get a right fit for any size avatar.

Cool Leather Jackets From VoguE – Part 2

2014.2.1 VoguE Tame Print Leather Jacket (white) 1_003edit

This is part 2 of my cool leather jacket posts.  This leather jacket is also from VoguE but a lot more casual and yet still very fashionable.  I would so wear this in real life!  You can match it with jeans, other pants, or even with a pencil skirt.  Again, it comes in many colour variation so if you like the style, it’s worth checking out the other colours in the store.

2014.2.1 VoguE Tame Print Leather Jacket (white) 1_002edit

Today, I wanted to make a more casual style but something that is good enough to be worn when I’m meeting some people on business.  I matched a leather mini skirt and loose boots from Maitreya but also wore thigh high socks from LaVie because it’s still a bit cold.

I also found this patent red tote bag from Belgravia.  I almost bought a very similar bag in exactly the same colour from Bruno Magli in real life last summer but for some reason, I didn’t.  I regret it now so I bought this in Second Life!  (Damn…why didn’t I buy it in real life…sob)

  • Leather Jacket:  VoguE, Tame Print Leather Jacket (MESH) (White)
  • Leather Skirt:  Maitreya, Mini Skirt, Vivid Leather (Seashell)
  • Socks:  LaVie, Thigh Highs (Dark Gray)
  • Boots:  Maitreya, Mesh Radical Boots (Suede Red)
  • Tote Bag:  Belgravia*, Totem Bag (Patent Tango)
  • Hair:  Vanity Hair, Emo (Black)
  • Eye Shadow:  Kokolores, Bold Duo Eyeshadows (Purple Aqua)
  • Eye Liner:  KOOQLA, Z-eyeliners (Black) 01
  • Lip Colour:  Kokolores, BP-Soft Lip Tints (Copper)

*only sold on Marketplace

Cool Leather Jackets From VoguE – Part 1

2014.1.30 VoguE Witney Print Leather Winter Jacket_004edit

I have two great leather jackets to show from VoguE.  These are not the newest releases but they are both certainly recent releases and being a leather jacket fan in real life, I couldn’t resist styling these.

2014.1.30 VoguE Witney Print Leather Winter Jacket_001

This post is part 1 of 2 jacket posts.  It is a snake leather jacket that is definitely a fashion item that can be worn to dress up in high fashion.  The leather baggy pants  that I’m wearing with this jacket is sold as a separate item so you can match it up with these pants or with any other pants that you might already have.  Other colours are available for both jacket and pants.

Part 2 will be a more casual leather jacket that I also absolutely loved.  Stay tuned!

  • Leather jacket:  VoguE, Witney Print Leather Winter Jacket (Mesh), D1
  • Leather pants:  VoguE, Riley Leather Baggy Pants (Mesh), Black
  • Boots:  Baiastice, Ellen ankle boots, Suede Black
  • Earring: Maxi Gossamer, Earrings – St Tropez Hammered Disks (resized)
  • Hair:  Vanity Hair, No Substitute Love, Blacks
  • Eye Shadow:  Kokolores, BP – Smokey Glitter Eyeshadows, green
  • Lip color:  Kokolores, BP – Pure Metallic Lips, Golden
  • Nails:  Nailed It, Animal Print, Snake

Desir ‘Mia Dress’ and Elysium Shiu Skin


I don’t have a photo studio yet so I decided to take a stroll in the beautiful Angel Manor Estate sims and take location shots.

This is a dress that is so elegant and delicate that I almost feel like I am wearing a dress made of feathers.  The vertical lines of this dress give it the simplicity that I like too.

I have mood swings when it comes to fashion and this couple of days, I’ve been extremely attracted to elegant dresses that are simple and don’t come with many parts or components.  The same goes for makeup.  Lately, I am not in the mood to wear lots of strong colours so here, I kept my makeup very simple too.

The skin I am wearing is a new skin from Elysium where creator, Aleida Rhode, made Asian skins for the first time.  It captures the essence of Asian features and I absolutely loved it!  When I started to model, I searched for Asian skin for a very long time but was never able to find one that I liked…until this one!  Congratulations Ale for a great skin launch!


  • Dress:  Desir, Mia Dress in white
  • Earrings:  Tres Beau, Ribbon Pearls (used earrings only)
  • Skin:  Elysium, Shui Skin (here I am wearing milk tone with no brows)
  • Hair:  D!va Hair, “Lili” (Type A, onyx colour)
  • Eye Lashes:  Action Mesh Feathered Lashes*
  • Eye Shadow:  Kokolores, BP Frosted Eyeshadows Silver*
  • Eye Liner:  Kooqla, Z-eyeliner (Black) 03*
  • Lipstick:  Kokolores, BP Pure balms, Lilac bold*
  • Poses:  J’adore

*Cosmetic Fair Winter Edition / January 15th – 30th Only a few days left!

Kay Fairey is Back!

2014.1.24 Self portrait_edit

I hadn’t been able to contact and apologize to all my friends who deserve an apology so I decided to post my apology to all those I had caused an inconvenience and to all those dear friends who worried about me while I was gone.  I never intended being gone for so long but my real life had undergone some major changes and I ended up unable to log in for longer than I expected.

I am really so sorry!

But I’m back!

I will need a bit more time to get settled.  Thanks to the free Linden Home I had, I can change clothes without having to hide behind bushes like I used to do when I was a newbie.  And I cannot find enough words to thank my dear friends who have offered me places to live, their wonderful creations and any help I might need to get back on track.

I have come back ready to face many complaints for “disappearing” so abruptly and I am aware that I deserve complaints.  But so far, I have heard nothing but warm welcome backs with open arms…and for that, I am ever so grateful that I am blessed with such wonderful, amazing and patient friends.  I am not going to mention any names but you all know who you are!

I only had one designer threaten me by saying “if you do it again, I will boom your phone!  I still have your phone number!” while she sent me her creations saying “you shouldn’t be outdated!”.  Again, you know who you are.  😛

THANK YOU ALL!!  And again, I am so sorry!

I don’t know where my SL adventure will take me this time, but for now, I will be helping Reign Congrejo, the new owner of the Best of SL, which I still consider my home.  I will not assume any head roles in any division of BOSL as Reign already has a wonderful team of managers in place.  I will stay in the background and help out where I can.  Reign is a business woman in real life who knows how to run a business.  It hasn’t been long since I came back but I am already very confident that she will manage to pull off this business that my dear friend and ex-boss, Frolic Mills, have given birth and nurtured.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend a big and special thank you to Frolic Mills for picking me up when I was still a newbie model with no model agency to support me.  I grew up with BOSL and had an amazing experience full of adventures and fun with you.  I would not be here if it wasn’t for Frolic and BOSL.

I will start blogging again once I have a home I can rez my photo studio again and I look forward to seeing what Second Life might have in store for me.  Last but not least, I thank all my dear readers for following my blog!  I will be back here also very soon. 🙂

  • Click HERE for a limo to the show.
  • Click HERE to go to the store.

The last SFW 2012 show today from 1pm SLT!  Kunglers by Ava Kungler & Barbara Kungler.

We willl present the new & chic clothes, jewelry and shoes by Kunglers.  Sponsored by Deesses Skins & Loovus Dzevavor Hair.  We hope to see you there!

1. Tyra Eirsen
2. Falbala Fairey
3. Calima Dufaux
4. Fuzz Lennie
5. Kay Fairey
6. helen Zhora

Host: Chamonix Boudreaux
Script writer: Chamonix Boudreaux
DJ: Bishof

Don’t forget to come to the after-party too!  Click HERE for a limo.

Couture Sweetness – Prism Design

Prism Design – Monica Tiered Dress by Journey

A new mesh mini dress from Prism Design features a sweet combination of polka dots and tiered ruffles that forms the entire dress.  Many colour variations are available.  I really love this dress as it’s casual but one that can be styled to be very fashionable.

I matched this with a clutch bag from MOLiCHiNO and footwear from Cliche.  The clutch bag is also available in many colours and each colour comes with a solid colour version and one that is two-coloured combined with white.

Cliche is a relatively new brand that is available on marketplace.  But as you can see, designer and creator, Atila Blackmountain, has some great designs that is definitely worth checking out!

Styling note:

  • Dress: Prism Design, Monica Tiered Dress by Journey (Teal and Yellow)
  • Jewelry: HANDverk, Octopussy Jewelry Set (Soothing Saffron)
  • Bag: MOLiCHiNO, *MESH* Delirium Clutch (Yellow)
  • Hair: LeLutka, SALOME hair (Burnt)
  • Eye Shadow: m.o.c.k. Cosmetics, Butter Pecan 2 (Eye shadow only)
  • Lipstick: LeLutka, Jaffa Lipstick Pearl
  • Nails: CCD, Prim Nails + Ring – Famous (Turquoise)
  • Shoes: Cliche, Culprit (Yellow)*
    *Cliche footwear is available in SLmarketplace.

Hope For Emilia Exclusive – Elmont Fashions

Introducing yet another lovely exclusive item you can get in the Hope For Emilia charity fashion event, today, I am introducing a really nice summer dress exclusively made for Hope For Emilia by Aubry Brinner of Elmont Fashions.

The concept of today’s look is a relaxed casual weekend day strolling the streets of Aoyama, a high fashion area in Tokyo.  The dress, hair and bag used here are all mesh items but the bag comes with a mesh and non-mesh version as well as one with and without poses.  Here I am using the mesh bag without any bag-holding pose.  The jewelry set of a pair of earrings and a ring is also an exclusive item released for 100% donation by House of Alexander.

I wanted a very simple style mainly using monotone colours and I’m quite happy with the outcome. 🙂

Styling notes:

*The SURL links of the exclusive items will take you directly to the stores on the event site.  For the main stores of Elmont Fashions and House of Alexander, please click below.