Vero Modero Made An Outfit For Popo!

2014.4.27 VM Popo Set_006

Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero, added an outfit with Popo on it in her new release called “SS Top Sets” that comes with jeans leggings.  There are 5 variations…ones with a panther, 2 variations with cats, a zebra and finally one with Popo!  So this set is called “Owl Popo”.  😀

2014.4.27 VM Popo Set_001

I really wish I had this set in real life!  I would so wear this!

I brought Popo to the screen and was showing him but he started to poke my screen with his beak >.<  How disrespecting of him!  He needs to learn manners.

2014.4.27 VM Popo Set_004

And Kim Rongyu, my SL friend and model, gave me this in-world Popo!  He will  hunt, fly off and come back and he can even go searching for little insects he can eat.  🙂  His movements are so real so the creator must have really studied the movements of these birds.  She has other birds too and I liked this owl so much that I went to her store later and bought a falcon also!  But the falcon was a bit too big to sit on my shoulder so this little owl is just the right size for this.  🙂  Thank you, Kim!  ❤

  • Outfit Set:  Vero Modero, SS Top Sets (Owl Popo)
  • Necklace:  Mandala, Unisex Taiga Necklace Set
  • Owl:  Saw-Whet Owl Pair Crate*
  • Hair:  Analog Dog, Scene (Nutmeg)
  • Boots:  Maitreya, Mesh Radical Boots (Suede Cream)
  • Nails:  Nailed It, Raw Nostalgia Set (New Orleans Rosy Brown)
  • Lip Color:  Mock, Opal Lipcolor (Contessa)

*Only available on Marketplace so this link will take you to the Marketplace store.

Blessings In My Life – Vero Modero, So Serious Dress

2014.3.9 VERO MODERO_Eagle_001

About a month ago, I was blessed to have a 5 months old baby owl come into my life which, I must admit, threw my life into another animal frenzy…but surely a very happy one for that matter.

I have always had an admiration for raptors, or birds of prey, ever since I had a falcon follow me flying right close to me one day when I was riding my motorcycle alone in the mountains of Japan.  I turned my head while riding and my eyes met his.  Of course there was no words, but I was 100% sure we had a silent ‘connection’ at that moment. He flew along me for quite some distance and when he finally parted to go his way, he looked at me once more as if to say goodbye.  It was truly a magical moment I will never forget and ever since that day, I have developed this special admiration and love towards these amazing creatures.

OK, my owl, Popo, is not EXACTLY a falcon.  He is only about 20 cm tall (a little over half a feet) and he is hardly as fierce-looking as a falcon.  I must say, he is more comical and he makes me laugh just looking at him because of his big round eyes that make him look as if he is always surprised.  And more than anything he is a blessing.  When I take him to the park for a stroll, he makes everybody happy.  I think he has that special power. 🙂

2014.3.9 VERO MODERO_Eagle_002

So when I saw a notice in my group about a new release from Vero Modero that had an eagle printed on the entire dress, I simply dropped everything I was doing and 20 seconds later, I was already in the store, ready to surrender my wallet to this amazing outfit.

2014.3.9 VERO MODERO_Eagle_003

The bag I have here was another timely blessing!  Right after I styled this with a black shoulder bag, my great friend Kimmera Madison, owner and creator of Tres Beau, sent this bag to me as a gift.  She made this one-of-a-kind Pikachu bag for me and as you can see, it even comes with a label that says “Kay”!  Thank you, Kimmera, for this cute bag!  I just love it! ❤

I thank all the wonderful blessings I have the pleasure of encountering in my life.  🙂


Popo (Northern White-faced Owl)

Casual In Style – Vero Modero, Mei Set

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_005

I like casual looks because they are more comfy in real life and fun to style.  When I came back to SL a month ago, I deleted all the outfit folders I had and I suddenly realized I needed more casual sets that I could quickly change into.

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_004

This was an outfit that was newly released that I found in Vero Modero.  It’s called “Mei Set” and comes in different colour variations but I decided to get the grey set because for some reason, I had already set my mind to wear a coloured hair and I was looking for an outfit that will go with it and still look nice.

2014.2.20 Vero Modero_Mei Set_010

This outfit was exactly what I wanted.  It’s casual, stylish, a little sexy (but not too much) and allows some really fun styling.  Again, I tried not to make it look too girly and cute so I used muted pale purple as the accent colour.

With the coloured wig, I think this look is good for casual parties too.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  🙂

  • Outfit:  Vero Modero, Mei Set (grey)
  • Hair:  LeLutka, Scarlet Hair (L010)
  • Boots:  Maitreya, Mesh Radical Boots (Suede Coal)
  • Clutch Bag:  Baboom Couture, Mesh Clutch Bag, Karo (color change)
  • Necklace:  epoque, Shard Necklace (Chrome)
  • Earrings:  epoque, Shard Earrings (Chrome)
  • Eye Shadow:  KoKoLoReS, BP – Smokey Glitter Eyeshadows (Red)
  • Lip Colour:  Kokolores, BP – Pure Balms – Bold & Sheer (Lilac Bold)
  • Nails:  Nailed It, Fashion Duo Set (Sweet)

Hope For Emilia Exclusive – Vero Modero’s Swimming Suit

Hope For Emila is still on until August 8 and today, I am introducing a very sexy and glamorous swimming suit that is exclusively sold in the Vero Modero booth at the event site.

Styling note:

  • Swimming Suit: Vero Modero, Emilia Swim Suit – Exclusive item*
  • Hair: Sixty Nine, Eaters Coma Hair 02 (Noir)
  • Nails: Candy Nail, #P056 Army Khaki Lady’s
  • Eye Shadow: L.Fauna Skins, Smokey Cat-Shadow (Golden/Green)
  • Lipstick: BOOM, Pale Pucker (Orange)
  • Sandals: DeLa, Wedge Sandal “Monique” (Salmon pink)
  • Poses: Del May Poses

*The SURL link here takes you directly to the Vero Modero booth at the event site.  Please click here to go to the main store.


OGlam Presents Vero Modero’s Snowglobe Show – 2.17.12 @ 3pmSLT

OGlam Snowglobe Show for Vero Modero

Experience the magic as we wave goodbye to the winter as OGlam takes you on a magical adventure inside a snowglobe city where a wonderous event takes place. Be a part of this winter wonderland as Vero Modero presents their latest trend setter collection

Join us on Friday, February 17th 2012 at 3pm SLT as citizens of the winter city show an all new collection from Bouquet Babii and her brand VERO MODERO.

Be sure to wrap up warm in your best Vero Modero looks, as the designer shall be giving L$1,000 to the best dressed!

Click HERE for the SURL to go watch this show.

OG Models for The Snowglobe:
Aphrodite Brianna
Ewan Crumb
Kay Fairey
Liam Netizen
Ngozi Faith
RicoRacer Flux
Secrets Bailey
Veronica Krasner

OG Voice Host/ Music & Chat Host :
Editorial Clarity & Angelik Lavecchia

OG Show Concept:
RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:
Boe Cortes & Vixie Rayna

OG Set Builder:
Tyler Ethaniel

OG Runway Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt
OGlam Management:
RicoRacer Flux, Executive Director, OGlam Inc –
Editorial Clarity, Chief Producing Officer, OGlam Inc-
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc

From Vero Modero’s Winter Collection – Mistwalker White Gown

Vero Modero, Mistwalker White Gown

Vero Modero has a line of new winter collection items in the store, many of them white or red and lovely to wear for a formal occasion during this winter.

Out of many I decided to wear a gown called the Mistwalker White Gown which is a gorgeous silky gown with a pale animal print top, giving it a silvery look to the over all colour.  Mind you, there is a red one too for those who like to have more colour!

Vero Modero, Mistwalker White Gown

The gown also has feathers attached at the back and together with the large standing collar and shoulder cuffs, it adds a lot of character to this slender gown.  As the name suggests, there was this somewhat mysterious feel to this design which inspired me to make a non-realistic look and this is what I got.

Vero Modero, Mistwalker White Gown

For makeup, I used three different tattoo layers that were all from different creators but worked great together to make this mysterious look.  I tried to avoid making it look too gothic or cyber as that will go against what I wanted to do with this outfit.

La Malvada Mujer makeup, lipwax from Boom Clothing & eyeliner from a.e.meth

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.))

An Amazing Circus Collection from Vero Modero!

Vero Modero recently released the “Circus Collection” which is an incredible collection that is not only unique but extremely fashionable.  I was very impressed with how designer Bouquet Babii took the theme of circus and created high fashion designs that can satisfy the taste buds of SL fashionistas.

The collection is quite extensive with many splendid designs but here I am going to show three out of the collection.

The first is a gown called Eda Gown Circus.  It comes with the hat and gloves you see here and I fell in love with this stylish hat and short gloves that really add to this lovely gown.  Circus horses are running in a circle atop this lovely hat!  How cute!  There is also a black version available with the same design.

Vero Modero – Eda Gown Circus

The next is “Vero Modero ‘Circus Collection’ – Alii Full Red Female“.  This is probably the most circus-like outfit of all the collection having its inspiration from outfits of clowns.  But Bouquet managed to turn this into a high fashion creation with an amazing sense of style.  This comes in three colour versions, red, red/white and white.  I added a mask and a pair of Harlequin Boots from Illusions.

Vero Modero ‘Circus Collection’ – Alii Full Red Female

And the last is “Vero Modero ‘Circus Collection’ – Helter Set Orange“.  This is a more casual mini dress but so fun to wear!  The one I am wearing here is the orange version but there is also a red version to choose from.

You can see a lot more in this amazing collection so if you would like to see more, please visit the store and see for yourself what Bouquet has to offer.

Congratulations Bouquet on an amazing collection!

Vero Modero ‘Circus Collection’ – Helter Set Orange

Vero Modero ‘Circus Collection’ Styling List
1. Eda Gown Circus
Outfit: Vero Modero, Eda Gown Circus (hat and gloves included)
Hair: ViLada Women’s Clothing, Sabrina Bun (coal)
Earrings: Styles of edo, Akoya Cream Pearl Stud Earrings
Prim Nails: CCD, Prim Nail Manicure (red)
Poses: Delmay Poses

2. Alii Full Red Female
Outfit: Vero Modero, Alii Full Red Female (cocktail hat included)
Mask: Illusions, Civetta Venetzia Mask
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Roine (Ebony)
Earrings: Kouse’s Sanctrum, Prelude Earrings (gold)
Prim Nails: CCD, Prim Nails + Ring – Famous (red)
Boots: Illusions, Harlequin Lady’s Boots
Poses: agapee Poses

3. Helter Set Orange
Outfit: Vero Modero, Helter Set Orange
Earrings: je suis, Mysterious Earrings
Shoes: Baiastice, Lotus Pumps – Azure Snow Dots (blue)
Prim Nails: CCD, Prim Nails + Ring – Famous (blue)
Poses: Di’s Opera Poses

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

A New Release from VERO MODERO – Cover Dress

VERO MODERO has just released a new dress called the Cover Dress in two colour versions; black and cream.

VERO MODERO – Cover Dress Black

Here, I wore the black version and loved it!  The lovely cocktail hat I am wearing is part of the set and I reattached it to the right side of my head but the default position is on the left.  So depending on your hairstyle, you can rearrange it any way you like.

The red pumps I am wearing is also a very recent release from VERO MODERO which I really loved the deep red colour.

The hair I am using here is a recent release from Exile.  I am loving how it flows and how it looks very natural.  I think it’s the warmer climate but I am very attracted to natural flowing hair recently and this is the second one I post about after my post on 69 Hair.  I think these are perfect hair for the summer season!

Outfit:  VERO MODERO, Cover Dress Black
Shoes:  VERO MODERO, Pump Redd
Earrings:  Donna Flora, DOLORES gold set (used only the earrings)
Hair:  Exile, Asa (Raven)
Nails:  CCD, Long Nails + Ring – Elegance – Bordeaux

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director, LOOK Elite Models COO, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.