New Dress Release from Bliss Couture – ONE

I have two really nice releases from Bliss Couture.

As part one, I am going to introduce the Kelleness Dress which will be released very soon, if not already, which is a really sexy and cute outfit.  I loved this outfit and ended up wearing this for three days straight during which I received more than several IMs from both people I know as well as passers-by who commented on the outfit saying they loved what I was wearing.

The lace gloves in the pics were included in the set.

Bliss Couture – Kelleness Dress (Noir)

I also fell in love with this hair which is a recent release from LeLutka.

Outfit:  Bliss Couture, Kelleness Dress (Noir)
Jewelry:  ByKay, Ynez Set (used bracelet, earrings and ring only)
Shoes:  Pixel Fashion, Oshun Shoes (Black)
Hair:  LeLutka, Inverted Hair (Pitch)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director, LOOK Elite Models COO, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

A Gorgeous Gown Released From Sascha’s Designs

Have you all noticed that what makes an SL outfit look good is the texture? Of course, the build, or rather in the case of outfits, the assembly itself can’t be crappy. That is for sure. But if you had two outfits that were both build well, what makes the different is a good texture.

The new release from Sascha’s Designs, Novice, is one such gown where texture has made a difference. The form itself is simple but with a texture that even the designer herself admits is one of the best she has created.

It comes in seven colour variations; Cognac, Royal Blue, Magenta, Lavender, Seagreen, Gold and Magnificent Red. Here I have worn Royal Blue. Cognac was also a very interesting colour which was a rich brown/red and I had a hard time deciding which I should wear. I think the only reason I am wearing Royal Blue is because it is summer and so hot! If this was autumn, I would have definitely gone to the other, Cognac.

The gown comes with three different skirt shapes, so you can choose from a slender gown to a full ballroom gown. Here I am wearing the one called “S ” skirt which flows out towards the bottom.

I matched this with a very simple hair so that the gown will speak more for itself, and also used this lovely jewelry set from “by Alexandar.” This jewelry store is a place you want to go if you are looking for coloured jewelry. The rich dark blue of the jewelry set added focus to the blue but I could also wear this with a clear diamond set (white jewelry) and in that case, wear a slightly bigger hair.

Outfit: Sascha’s Designs, Novice (royal blue)
Jewelry: by Alexandar, Sylvie Collection Sapphire
Shoes: Haysuriza, EIRIS Pumps Pointed 1000 Classic (blue)
Hair: LeLutka, Ballerina Bun with Pin (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, Top Model for Boulevard Agency etc., Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Lots of Wonderful New Releases From Paper Couture

Paper Couture has released lots of attractive releases which includes outfits, hair and accessories that all have a very “Paper Couture” look. Lots of frills, lots of flowers, sweet designs, soft and simply lovely colours, which are all very attractive for that sophisticated and feminine look.

I had so much fun shopping and decided to show three outfits today instead of writing lots of text as I believe you can get the feel of the collection from lots of pics.

The first one is “Jasmine Vest” a very sweet casual look that consists of a shirt, vest and short pants.

Paper Couture – Jasmine Vest

Outfit: Paper Couture, Jasmine Vest
Short Boots: Courtisane, Hors d’haleine Booties (Champagne)
Necklace & Earrings: Paper Couture, Carnelian Set
Hair and Hair Band: Paper Couture, Forget Me Not Bun (Red)
Skin: Glance Skins, Britney – Zone

The next one is “Beaded Wildflowers.” This is a gorgeous cocktail dress with voluminous puffy sleeves and a very silky slim skirt that looks so elegant and yet luscious.

Paper Couture – Beaded Wildflowers

Outfit: Paper Couture, Beaded Wildflowers
Necklace & Earrings: Paper Couture, Agate Set
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Blush)
Skin: LeLutka Beaute, New York Fair makeup 3b

The last one is “Wrapped Paper Roses”, also from Paper Couture. This a lovely one piece dress with a sculpted belt with two large flowers made with the same texture added as an accent. The dress form is simple but the texture used adds interest and elegance to this set.

I may add that these are only a few of a much larger collection, which are all as attractive as those shown here. It’s certainly worth a shopping trip but make sure you bring lots of lindens with you as I am sure you will need them!

Paper Couture – Wrapped Paper Roses

Outfit: Paper Couture, Wrapped Paper Roses
Necklace: Paper Couture, Fabric Bead Necklace – Florentine
Earrings: Paper Couture, Agate Set (using earrings only)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Blush)
Hair and Hair Band: Paper Couture, Forget Me Not Bun (Brown)
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Nails (Pink with white tips)
Skin: LeLutka Beaute, London Revolution Pale makeup 2b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

New New New At Phoenix Rising!

One of my fav brands, Phoenix Rising just released a LOT of new items! The reason why I am saying a LOT and not giving any numbers is because I am feeling lazy today and I didn’t want to count all the new items. But that’s how many new items have just hit the store.

Phoenix Rising – Natasja’s Seduction

One of the outfits that was released that I absolutely loved was “Natasja’s Seduction.” I must say, the name of the gown was the first thing I noticed. What a sexy name to give to a gown! But after I saw the vendor picture, I knew exactly why. The gown IS sexy.

The top of the gown almost looks like a classy french corset with exquisite black embroidery on colour. The one I got was red but you can choose from red, slate, rust, aqua, purple, pink, ice and gold. Eight colour variations in all. And as with many of her outfits, Ashoka Eales, the designer, has given us variations to the style.

The first pics I have are the prim gown styles where the outfits will be a sexy and coquettish outfit to wear to any formal occasion. If this seems over dressed, you can always wear it with a pencil skirt with black stockings or as a fancy lingerie with stockings, garter and a prim tail that attaches to the back.

Either way, you are also given optional pieces of a necklace called “Key To My Heart” neckace as seen here, and a prim neck collar which reduced the ‘lingerie like look’ if you wore it with the prim gown or pencil skirt. What I liked the most about this prim collar is that it was fully modifiable. In other words, you can not only stretch it or shrink it, you can also resize it in the three directions given in SL represented by the red, green and blue colours. In other words, there is no more fuss about fitting the size to your avatar. I often wish all designers gave us this choice with prim parts as it is so frustrating when you cannot modify prim parts or even if you can, you can only resize it without changing the proportion. In other words, even the resize scripts that are often used with un-modifiable prim parts do not allow us to get a complete fit as it only resizes the whole thing, so this is so much better!

Kudos to Ashoka for giving us this resize permission!

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Natasja’s Seduction (Red)

Necklace: Phoenix Rising, Key To My Heart (incluided with the outfit)

Hair & Hat: Naughty Designs, Show Girl (Black)

Skin: LeLutka, MMS London Revolution Pale, Makeup 7b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Eshi Otawara’s Art Of Clothing

Eshi Otawara has become well known for her ‘art’ which is probably a more appropriate term to call her creations than ‘outfits.’ Her most recent release is one call ‘POPI’ which takes its theme from poppy flowers.

The garment is basically white with poppy flowers forming a design as well as a pattern on the bodice area of the outfit and also a very big hat that comes with the outfit. The hat is a huge poppy flower itself with over-sized hat pins added as accents.

The outfit also comes with a choker that is shown here and also a ring that is a bumble bee which I thought was so cute. So when the avatar moves the hand, it looks like a bumble bee is flying around a field of poppy flowers.

There is really very little you can add to this without distorting its balance. Here I wore a relatively plain pair of white shoes and also a hair that was a tight updo so as not to take away from this lovely hat.

Eshi Otawara – POPI by Eshi Otawara

This was an outfit that I had a lot of fun taking pictures as the outfit itself was almost like a sculpture. So I added a few fun shots I took also.

Outfit: Eshi Otawara, POPI by Eshi Otawara
Shoes: S. Olbers, Kroko “Wedding”
Hair: LeLutka Beaute, Ballerina Bun (Charcoal Black)
Skin: LeLutka Beaute, MMS New York – Fair makeup 7b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model and writer for the Best of SL Magazine and Runway Magazine.

A Brand New Designer On The Grid

“Fashion Nomad” is a new brand by a new designer Aleida Rhode. She opened her store only about three weeks ago and is already churning out new releases very energetically. Aleida had been one of the top models in SL and I had known her through modeling jobs as well as runway projects at Ewing Fashion Agency where we both work as a staff member and model. Through her modeling career, Aleida has seen many fashion brands as well as outfits and I am looking forward to see what she will add to the SL world of fashion.

Here is one of her new releases, Balinya Dress in rose dust. A very subdued soft pink dress that is very elegant and good for any semi-formal party. I matched it with a burgundy coloured pair of shoes and a matching rose hair accessory. I also tried white shoes, as well as similar coloured shoes but the entire image looked “sleepy” when I used soft colours only and it seemed to work best when I added stronger colours at my feel level and at the top as a hair ornament to sharpen up the entire look. I must say, however, pure white also worked too but it was a bit too predictable so I decided to show the stronger coloured match in my pics.

Fashion Nomad – Balinya Dress (rose dust)

Outfit: Fashion Nomad, Balinya Dress (rose dust)
Necklace & earing set: Twinkleberry, Delicato (rosa)
Rose hair ornament: Illusions, Hair Rose (pink)
Shoes: enkythings, Ekota-X (burgundy)
Hair: Amrita, Prim hair、Rea
Skin: MMS Light – Flower (this skin is no longer on sale and Minnu now has a new store under the name of LeLutka)

Although this particular dress I have shown is soft coloured, Aleida also has lots of bright coloured shirts, tank top as well as jackets. Even dresses too. To show one of such examples, I picked this shirt top which is a pretty fuscia coloured top with a see-through lower part of the bodice and puff sleeves.

Here I made a fun spring look using various accessory items. I could have made a sweet look with a pink shirt that has puff sleeves but I tend to like going against the expected so it was more like an experiment which was also a lot of fun.

Top: Fashion Nomad, Soroti Spring Shirt (fuchsia red)
Pants: Devilish Cupcake, Gidget Pedal Pushers Glitch Pants (houndstooth)
Belt: Sole Accessory, Sole Bend Poach Belt with Chain (gray)
Bangle: Sole Accessory, Sole Dot Bangle (pink)
Necklace: Sole Accessory, Sole Dog Tag
Sandals: Courtinsane, Marquise Sandals (pink)
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (pink)
Hair: 69, Envy Me (charcoal)
Skin: MMS Fair – cold (this skin is no longer on sale and Minnu now has a new store under the name of LeLutka)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model and writer for the Best of SL Magazine and Runway Magazine.