New New New At Phoenix Rising!

One of my fav brands, Phoenix Rising just released a LOT of new items! The reason why I am saying a LOT and not giving any numbers is because I am feeling lazy today and I didn’t want to count all the new items. But that’s how many new items have just hit the store.

Phoenix Rising – Natasja’s Seduction

One of the outfits that was released that I absolutely loved was “Natasja’s Seduction.” I must say, the name of the gown was the first thing I noticed. What a sexy name to give to a gown! But after I saw the vendor picture, I knew exactly why. The gown IS sexy.

The top of the gown almost looks like a classy french corset with exquisite black embroidery on colour. The one I got was red but you can choose from red, slate, rust, aqua, purple, pink, ice and gold. Eight colour variations in all. And as with many of her outfits, Ashoka Eales, the designer, has given us variations to the style.

The first pics I have are the prim gown styles where the outfits will be a sexy and coquettish outfit to wear to any formal occasion. If this seems over dressed, you can always wear it with a pencil skirt with black stockings or as a fancy lingerie with stockings, garter and a prim tail that attaches to the back.

Either way, you are also given optional pieces of a necklace called “Key To My Heart” neckace as seen here, and a prim neck collar which reduced the ‘lingerie like look’ if you wore it with the prim gown or pencil skirt. What I liked the most about this prim collar is that it was fully modifiable. In other words, you can not only stretch it or shrink it, you can also resize it in the three directions given in SL represented by the red, green and blue colours. In other words, there is no more fuss about fitting the size to your avatar. I often wish all designers gave us this choice with prim parts as it is so frustrating when you cannot modify prim parts or even if you can, you can only resize it without changing the proportion. In other words, even the resize scripts that are often used with un-modifiable prim parts do not allow us to get a complete fit as it only resizes the whole thing, so this is so much better!

Kudos to Ashoka for giving us this resize permission!

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Natasja’s Seduction (Red)

Necklace: Phoenix Rising, Key To My Heart (incluided with the outfit)

Hair & Hat: Naughty Designs, Show Girl (Black)

Skin: LeLutka, MMS London Revolution Pale, Makeup 7b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.