Forever Yours by My Precious

Agnes Finney's My Precious, Forever Yours

Forever yours…what a romantic phrase this is.  And it’s not just a phrase of words.  It is the name of a new gown that was released by Agnes Finney’s My Precious in February which is, of course, the month of romance.

To style this lovely gown, I used a similarly sweet makeup tattoo that is available from Noya Designs that has a version with a beauty mark and I also used a gorgeous jewelry set from Virtual Impressions that use diamonds and rubies, intertwined into a rich and lovely design motif.

Virtual Impressions, Majestic Jewelry in Diamonds & Rubies

Styling note:

  • Gown:  Agnes Finney’s My Precious, Forever Yours
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impressions, Majestic Jewelry in Diamonds & Rubies
  • Makeup: Noya Designs, Pink Lips-Pink ❤ + <3Mole + Blush in the “I Heart You – Valentine Make Ups” pack*
  • Eyeliner: Miamai, XGen Vintage Liner A Black (No Hair)
  • Hair: Pocket Mirror, Brigida Updo (Black)*
  • Pose: Diesel Works Animations

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Unique Designs From Finesmith Jewelry For A Fun Look

The latest release from Finesmith Jewelry is a very avant garde set called “O Collection 03” which combines gems and metal to create a very unique design. Of course, you don’t have to buy all three pieces as a set and you can buy all the pieces separately or use it as a complete set. Here I used all three: necklace, bracelet and earrings but wore only one of the bracelets on one wrist instead of both right and left wrists. The gems are colour change, allowing the set to be used with different coloured outfits.

Finesmith Jewelry – O Collection 03

The jewelry set is really amazing but because of the impact it has, it can clash with a likewise impactful outfit and end up being a bit too much. So I chose to wear something modern and sharp, while not being too “loud”.

The boots I chose are from the latest collection from Paper Couture and although these boots do also have some impact, it is far enough from the jewelry pieces not to interfere too much and I like how it adds some fun to the entire look.

The short pants are from Miamai and it comes with a micro short version, a slightly longer version and also a silver underpants layer panty that I am wearing here. Here I am wearing the slightly longer version so you can tell how micro short the short version is!

The theme was a fun club look that I can wear to go dancing. 🙂

Necklace, bracelet & earrings: Finesmith Jewelry, O Collection 03
Corset: Dreams, Animal Print Corset (cheetah dark black)
Short pants: Miamai, Hotpants 01 (steel)
Boots: Paper Couture, Typhoon Boots (purple)
Hair: Maitreya, Aisha II (ebony)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Mixing and Matching

One of the things we do a lot when we style ourselves is mixing and matching different outfits. Of course you do that when you are wearing casual clothing such as a top from one brand and a bottom from another. But more so than ever, we are seeing cases where we need to pull different parts of an outfit from different brands to create one outfit in order to have something unique.

I don’t usually show these “looks” in my blog because it wouldn’t do much for the designers who, I am sure, prefer to see their outfits intact rather than torn apart.

But today, I got a shot of a “look” that I was very happy about. I am not a professional photographer nor do I claim that Iam good since I suck at photoshop skills which means I need to rely a lot on what I can do in-world to make my pics look somewhat ok.

So I decided to post this one as I was rather happy with the outcome.

This was a “look” I made by mixing a mini dress from VUI called “Marbled Little Diva (pink/blue)” with the skirt part from a Gothic wedding gown by Miamai called “Kay”. What I tried here was to create an elegant gown without losing the soft feel of the mini skirt which is why I avoided long skirts that tend to have straight flexi prims. The skirt from this Miamai gown worked perfectly since the prims are not simple straight prims but rather twisted, forming a soft image. The angle at which it spread out was perfect too so the two skirts didn’t look disconnected.

Outfit: VUI “Marbled Little Diva (pink/blue)” + Miamai “Kay”
Earrings: Alienbear Design, Kielo Earring white
Shoot location: Immersiva

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

From the BOSL "Tribute to Coco Chanel Show"

Last week the Best of SL had its BOSL Fashion Week which had a line up of great shows from August 8 through 16, with one show a day, all on different runway set ups. The finale show was the “Tribute to Coco Chanel” show where many designers joined to contribute outfits designed for this particular show, making this a showcase of various designs by different designers that were inspired by Coco Chanel.

MiamaiEuridice White

I don’t know how many I can cover but I wanted to show some of them here in my blog. In fact, there were so many splendid designs that I’m just so frustrated that I don’t have enough time to blog as much as I really wished as I need to work on the blog in between producing shows.

The first one is “Euridice White” from Miamai. Miamai is a relatively new designer who is quickly becoming one of the top quality designers. monica Outlander, who is the designer for Miamai has an awesome skill with her texture development and she also takes a lot of care in creating the outfit inworld. Her skills are still improving and every outfit she makes achieves a higher level of quality which still surprises me and makes me wonder how far she will go.

The necklace I matched with the outfit is called the Lerian necklace and earrings from R. A. Crystal which is a Japanese store with creator and designer Rama Anatine. Rama provides necklace options with one attached to the spine and the other to the chest, so in cases such as this, where another chest attachment will removesthe shoulder ornament, I love to have this option. Of course, I can reattach the necklace myself but it’s a pain especially if you want to style quickly.

The shoes are from the new shoes line just released from Nardcotix. The store is currently under construction but I am sure once it reopens, you will be able to see the whole line up of Nardcotix shoes.

And here is the video of the whole Chanel Show produced by Lowe Runo and Journey Mclaglen. Enjoy!!

Dress: Miamai, Euridice White (The BOSL Coco Show)
Jewelry: R. A. Crystal, Lerian Necklace & Earrings
Shoes: Nardcotix, Fatima Heels (Black)
Hair: BishWear, Ronna (midnight black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Cute Party Mini Dress From Miamai

Miamai, which I blogged about only a few days ago with a dress that had a slightly grunge, or goth image to it, has just so many styles that I had wanted to show some of the other outfit types that the designer offers.

Today is one of such outfits and this time, it’s a very sweet and yet sexy party dress.

Miamai – Mini Sequin Blue

This is a mini dress with the top part translucent while the skirt part has some delicate glitter on a velvet like material. The silhouette itself is very simple but the ornaments that cover the delicate areas on the top play a big part in making this outfit look very interesting and elegant at the same time. This outfit comes in four colour variations, blue, red, pink and purple, that have different colours for the gillers but the outfit itself is the same colour.

I wore a pair of turquoise coloured snake gloves that were, in fact, a fat pack of coloured gloves offered for free at ALB Dream Fashion. This is not a colour that you will find often and this fat pack is a good item to have in your inventory with the array of colours offered by designer, AnaLee Balut. In the case of this outfit, the addition of gloves gave it a very party dress feel and I loved the combination.

Since the dress itself has very little material volume and I didn’t want to make my feet look heavy, I chose a pair of diamond sandals that is made by Bandit Jewelry but also sold by Jador. For hair, I chose a relatively voluminous hair for the same reason.

I’m all set and all I need now is an invitation to a party. 😀

Mini Dress: Miamai, Mini Sequin Blue
Gloves: ALB Dream Fashion, NINA gloves snake (turkis)
Jewelry: Bandit Jewelry, Akita Sapphire Pearl Bracelet and Earrings
Sandals: JPB Jador Shoes, “Eternity” White Diamonds
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Candy (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A New Couture Brand Maimai

Miamai is a new couture brand with monica Outlander as the designer. Although monica is still new in the couture scene, she has 3D and texture designing skills from RL which makes her a very eligible new designer in SL.

Miamar already has a vast array of items ranging from skins, formal wear, men’s wear, casual wear and lingerie which was further expanded by a new cyber line that she just introduced a few days ago.

Miamai – Catatonia Blue

Here I am wearing Catatonia Blue. A slightly grundge dress that has an interesting combination of soft flexi skirts but with very high quality leather texture for the bodice. The skirt has a very interesting texture with a large slit on the right. This is a dress that is so flexible in its look depending on how it is styled, allowing the wearer to style it dressy, goth or grunge.

I matched it with black pumps with red soles playing on the small amount of red that is in the dress texture and short slightly shaggy hair. I styled it slightly grunge but only enough to still allow me to wear this to nice smart casual occasions.

For jewelry, I am wearing Noel Red from R. A. Crystal, a Japanese jewelry store that had this choker that is elegantly Gothic with a crystal that has a little bit of red in the gem colour.

Outfit: Miamai, Catatonia Blue
Choker: R. A. Crystal, Noel Red
Earrings: R. A. Crystal, Grace Earrings
Pumps: Digit Darkes, Sleek Heel Black
Hair: Sadistic Hacker, Corvus (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.