Inspired by the Academy Awards – Orage Creations, Royal Blue

Orage Creations, Royal - Blue photographed inside the BOSL Country Club.

The long awaited Academy Awards have been announced!  And in the current cinema environment where high-tech graphic technology such as CG, VFX and 3D are becoming the norm, a french silent film depicting a relationship of an older silent film star and a rising young actress, The Artist, has won The Best Picture Award!  The film also won awards for best director, best actor, best original score and costume design.  Wow, I’ll have to see this film!

Watching news of the Academy Award inspired me to create a Red Carpet look and a new gown that was released by Orage Creations with its Italian designer, Elettra Gausman, was the perfect gown I was looking for!

Orage Creations, Royal - Blue photographed inside the BOSL Country Club.

The deep midnight blue, which is one of my favorite colours, gave this gown an elegance that had no match but with added glam brought on by the over-sized ruffle decor that gave spice to an otherwise simple and classic design.

I matched this with a new set of jewelry just released this past weekend by Virtual Impressions, Majestic Jewelry in Diamonds on Platinum.  The rich floral motif of this jewelry set was more than what I was looking for to complete my Red Carpet look.

Virtual Impressions, Majestic Jewelry in Diamonds on Platinum

Now all I need is a handsome man to escort me down the aisle.  Any volunteers?

Styling Note:

  • Gown: Orage Creations, Royal – Blue NEW
  • Jewelry: Virtual Impressions, Majestic Jewelry in Diamonds on Platinum NEW
  • Hair: Boudoir, Daphne hair
  • Prim Nails: CCD, Prim Nails + Ring – Royalty (Ruby)
  • Makeup: Noya Designs, Glitter & Glam 23 Party Make Upsシリーズの中の
    Cyan Glitter Palette + Dark Red Lips*

*Noya Designs makeup tattoos are now only available on SLmarketplace.

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Focusing On A Favorite Jewelry Piece…

I love jewelry that add colour which is probably why I tend to prefer jewelry pieces that are not just diamonds. If I need something white, I tend to like pearls more than diamonds because it’s less invasive, less “loud”, more elegant. BUT there are also times when I want the look to focus on an interesting piece of jewelry.

This was exactly one of those days.

ByKay – Kalya Blue Set

The necklace and earring set from ByKay by Kayleigh McMillan was absolutely lovely. It comes in 3 different colours, blue, green and olive plus a group only colour of red & orange but I instantly fell in love with the one called “Kalya – blue set“. The turquoise blue was so pretty, I was inspired to style something that would focus on the necklace and came up with something very simple but stylish.

The sunglasses I am wearing is one of my favorite sunglasses because it looks so real and has a very nice shape. It comes with a HUD that allows you to change the frame colour to three different colours and each frame colour has a set of different coloured lenses that you can choose from. It’s surprising that this pair of sunglasses was made by a shoes brand creator, Hays Uriza of Haysuriza.

The high waist of this pants set helps make this look elegant and the black and white tube top has just enough details to not interfere with the necklace. Unfortunately, I just found out today that the store where I got this pants set had just closed. The designer of this outfit, Janie Marlowe, says in her profile that she will open another store with a new brand and a new set up, so I am already looking forward to her future store.

Jewelry: ByKay, Kalya blue set
Pants & tube top set: Mischief Fashions, For Her Pleasure*
Hair band: glow Studio, Midnight Crow Crown (black)
Sunglasses: Haysuriza, Glasses Michelle with HUD
Hair: Pocket Mirror, Ethel Updo (onyx)
Shoes: Maitreya, Slinky Stiletto (black)

*Mischief Fashions regrettably has just closed its doors but the designer says she will be launching a new brand.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

New Releases! Anubis Style and JCNY latest!

JCNY has released a VERY unique and modern necklace and earrings set called “Angels on High.” I was positively shocked when I saw this necklace!! It’s certainly one of the most unique, modern and creative necklace I have ever seen! The necklace is more like a choker that fits your neck with long sticks of gems extending out radially from the center ring. What makes this so unique is that the left half, when seen from the front, face downwards while the right half ascends out from the ring, almost forming a cage like look on the right side of your neck.

This is hard to explain in words, so best look at the pics below.

But in all honesty, I had been looking for formal and yet modern looking jewelry for a long time, but there were very few available. Most formal jewelry take on a more classic look or even if they are somewhat modern, it was only the way the gems were arranged and NOT the basic shape of the piece. This necklace, in that sense, is SO creative and modern and resembles none that I have seen. I am absolutely loving this and wearing this with a lot of my formal outfits now.

The set come with matching earrings and also for both necklace and earrings the set comes with a glow version and a non-glow version so you can choose whether you want a glow or not. As for me, I have always been wearing the glow version as the glow is not as tacky as a bling and what better idea than to show it off!!

The outfit I matched today is a another new release. This time from Anubis Style called “Tiger.” As you can see, this is also a very modern and creative outfit too! It looks like a gown with a long skirt but in fact, the bottom part are two prims with ruffles that attach to both legs! So strictly speaking, the outfit is more a pants outfit than a gown. As the name suggests, it has a strong and impactful image which made it hard to match with conventional formal jewelry.

This was a perfect outfit to wear JCNY’s “Angel on High”!

Last but not least, I also found these lovely ankle boots that fit outfits with brown/orange based colours, “Victoria Shoes” from Dirty Lynx. The amazing thing is, although this store had footwear too, it was not a shoes store. And yet the quality of the ankle boots was simply amazing! Again, this was perfect for a skirt-like pants as the one you would see here since people will be able to tell that this is a pair of pants rather than a gown if I start moving.

I am absolutely loving this look as I tend to like looks that have an impact that co-exist with elegance. I am so happy!! Can you tell?

JCNY – Angels on High (jewelry)

Anubis Style, “Tiger” with JCNY, “Angel on High”

Dirty Lynx – Victoria Shoes

Outfit: Anubis Style, Tiger
Necklace & Earrings: JCNY, “Angels on High” ICONOCLAST Necklace Set
Ankle boots: Dirty Lynx, Victoria Shoes
Hair: EXXESS Designs, Doggy (black)
Skin: QS (Quelita Soon), Milk tone, Dark 002

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio