New From Bliss Couture – Gayla Top

Bliss Couture, Gayla Ruffled Top & High Waist Lace Pants

Bliss Couture‘s new release is a lovely top called Gayla which is a ruffled top.  Worn together with the High Waist Lace Pants, it looks like an all-lace body suit with very exaggerated ruffles.  The colour variation is pretty impressive too, so

Here I am wearing the white version which can be accessorized by using so many colours as the point colour but here I used hot pink.  If I use red, I am sure it will look more grown up, sexy and elegant but I wanted to create a more fun look for spring.

Styling Note:

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Lots of Limited Christmas Edition Items at Bliss Couture!

If you are looking for that special dress or look for all your Christmas party needs during this month, Bliss Couture is a place you just cannot pass!

Designer of Bliss Couture, Amutey DeCuir, has released literally “tons” of special limited Christmas items in her store!  You will find short cocktail dresses as well as long formal gowns all designed specially for Christmas.  And not only that, she has also released a lot of special Christmas hats!  These hats will be a lovely add to any Christmas look that will be different from the usual Santa hats.

There were just so many to list so here, I am going to show one cocktail dress and one formal gown each.  But there are many more choices in the store so check them out now!

For each dress, I matched it with new releases from ByKay, where creator, Kayleigh McMillan has released 3 gorgeous sets of jewelry that will be perfect to style your Christmas party dresses.

Bliss Couture – Gatejita Dress (2011 Christmas Edition)
ByKay – Angel Set

The next Christmas outfit is a formal from Bliss Couture….or should I say, one of the formals.  The jewelry set I matched from ByKay is a very sweet set with pink pearls.

Bliss Couture – Petunia Gown (2011 Christmas Edition)
ByKay – Ann Set

Styling List 1:
Outfit: Bliss Couture, Gatejita Dress (2011 Christmas Edition)*
Hair: Bliss Hair, Yesenia Hair (Chianti)
Hat: Bliss Couture, Holiday Edition Hats – Beatriz Hat
Jewelry: ByKay, Angel Set
Shoes: G Field, Bow Strap Shoes “Kate” (Red)

Styling List 2:
Outfit: Bliss Couture, Petunia Gown (2011 Christmas Edition)*
Hair: Bliss Hair, Taylor Hair (Caviar)
Hat: Bliss Couture, Holiday Edition Hats – Blessing Hat
Jewelry: ByKay, Ann Set
Prim Nails: Candy Nail, #P036 Rosy red

*The Christmas Limited Edition outfits are tentatively sold in the Discount outlet of Bliss Couture (until Amutey puts them up in her main store!  lol)

Posted by Kay Fairey, CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Kunglers "Ellis" – Elegance & Glam In Brown

Who would have thought that brown could be so glam!

Ellis” in chocolate by Kunglers Couture was honestly a surprise for me as I always liked brown as one of the colours that could make a very elegant look. The chocolate gown from Kunglers Couture was not only elegant but oh so glamorous as the top layer of the imperial skirt had the right amount of glitter with a hue of blue. The neckline of this gown is decorated with big ruffles that remind me of the ancient gowns, giving this otherwise simple gown a nice balance in terms of top and bottom volume.

Kunglers Couture – Ellis in Chocolate

What I liked most about this gown is the beautiful silhouette it created especially when viewed from the side and back which is why I just had to add one extra pic of the entire gown just so that I could show what I meant.

I just love this silhouette!

The jewelry I am wearing with this gown is from R.A. Crystal, where my very good friend, Rama Anatine, creates some of the most creative jewelry in Second Life. This set is called “Julie Set” in amber and gold which comes with a resizeable necklace, a pair of matching earrings and a hair comb. It is quite rare to see jewelry sets that include a hair comb and I think this set is perfect for those who are looking for something a little different from the usual sets that we see often in Second Life consisting of a necklace, earrings and bracelet.

R.A. Crystal, “Julie Set” in Amber & Gold
and Candy Nail, #P045 Swallowtail in Gold

The gold prim nails are from Candy Nail, another Japanese store that I like very much. Nail art is quite popular in real life Japan and tend to have lots of elaborate decoration just as you see in this one that I am wearing. In real life, people either buy fake nails that they can glue on to their real nails or actually have very long nails on which they get the decoration painted on. I happen to have very long nails in real life and LOVE nail art myself. 🙂

Outfit: Kunglers Couture, Ellis (chocolate)
Necklace, earrings, hair comb: R.A.Crystal, Julie Set (amber & gold)
Prim nails: Candy Nail, #P045 Swallowtail (gold)
Hair: Bliss Hair, Monica (caviar)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Uptown Girl Fashion – C&W Designs

On October 23, I posted about a cute dress created by Boston Westland of Atelier La Bubu. Boston, in fact, had another brand called C&W Design that he runs together with his friend. I must say it was a little confusing as you can purchase the same outfits in both stores but I liked his designs so much that I decided to blog about another lovely creation by Boston.

C&W Design – Andrea Dress

Although the design itself is completely different from the Londonize Memore Dress I posted about on the 23rd, what remains the same is his uptown, elegant image without making it a formal wear or a party wear. I love styling day wear clothes as there is so much you can play with and Boston’s outfits give me that fun as they are elegant but not overly styled leaving me very little areas to play with.

For this Andrea Dress, the lovely blue of the dress was something I wanted to play on and I was lucky to find a perfect hat for this! The Lizette hat in blue matched this dress so well that it looked as if it was part of the design! It wasn’t just the colour too. The design of the hat matched the elegant uptown impression the Andrea Dress had so perfectly that I was smiling the whole day.

The ruffles around the neck opening for this dress was not prim parts but it was actually drawn on the dress. This allowed me to add a white rose to play up on the clean blue and white coordination of this look. This rose is a head ornament I found in Illusions that came in all sorts of colours. So what I did was, made a copy of the white rose, attached it to my chest and adjusted the position in edit so that it will sit in the center of the ruffle almost like a broche. Since it was modifiable, I also turned full bright on to make it look more white.

To add a bit more fun, I also decided to hold a purse from Baiastice. I think I am now very happy with this uptown girl look that is pretty, fun and elegant. 🙂

Outfit: C&W Design, Andrea Dress
Hat: Elegance Hat, Lisette (blue)
Rose: Illusions, Hair Rose (white)
Earrings: Twinkleberry, Fiore n7 (white/used only earrings)
Purse: Baiastice, Funny Bows bag
Sandals: B&G, Amanda (bronco)
Nails: Candy Nail, #000 Basic Smoky Tone (smokey pink)
Skin: Sawode, Glamour Pale Skin madeup 5

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Supermodel, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.