I Love Colours! – Prism, Leilani Dress

2014.5.2 Prism Leilani blue green_007

Things had been a bit hectic both in SL and real life and I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to.  I’ve been busy in real life since I have to move out of my house by the beginning of June, and I had to find a house that I could live in temporarily for six months.  Of course, moving will not be fun with 2 dogs and an owl and finding a house that will allow us to stay only for 6 months was not easy either.  But I think I found the perfect house with plenty of room for the dogs and a small garden for them to play in…and of course, a space for my car.

It was quite impossible to find such a place inside the metropolitan Tokyo area with land prices being so high but I found this house in the outskirts of Tokyo.  I have always lived in the residential area of the city and it will be fun to live in the countryside for a change.  I will be far away from the fashion center of Tokyo but I am so going to enjoy this 6 months and now almost look forward to it!  I am sure it will be a nice change for my dogs and Popo the owl too.  Of course, at this point, I am trying to shove the idea of having to move aside and push it way back into the corner of my attention because the moment I think about the process, I tend to get a headache.

2014.5.2 Prism Leilani blue green1_003

Enough about my real life stuff and back to my blog.  I have always loved playing with different colours, both in real life and SL.  Prism, which has a brand caption “adding color to your life” did exactly that again and came up with 6 amazing colours in this lovely cute dress called “Leilani” which is a Hawaiian name that means heavenly lei.

I bought 3 myself simply because I couldn’t decide which one to buy.  Now that I think of it, maybe I should have just gotten the fat pack. 😛  I would so wear this in real life…and with sneakers on bear feet too!  Maybe I was already thinking about my life in the countryside when I styled this. 🙂

The other 5 colours are amazing too and each one if so different.  Here is the store poster that shows the 2 other colours available.


By the way, it’s all about colours and prints in real life fashion too this season.  So don’t miss the summer train and hop on with all the colours you have!

  • Dress:  Prism, Leilani in Blue Green
  • Sneakers:  Redgrave, Sneakers TONY (Sky)
  • Hair:  Analog Dog, Fix (Oatmeal)
  • Earrings:  je suis, Nocturne Earrings*
  • Nails:  Nailed It, French Manicure – Pastels Set (Rose)
  • Eye Shadow:  DF, eyeshadow Springtime (Pastel)
  • Eye Liners:  KOOQLA, Z-eyeliners (Black 03)
  • Lip Colour:  Mock. Charm Pink Lipshine Lipcolor

*”je suis” seems to be closed now but I think it will be back soon.

Do You Like Japanese Brands?

Then here is another one. Demise by Nagaru Kawashima. Nagaru used to make a lot of tattoos and when I met him, he had a much smaller store. On February 13, he just opened his new main store which is now much bigger!

Demise – Belial

When you enter his store, you will see vendor posters of male models so you might think it’s a store for men’s fashion. Demise, however, has vendors where you can buy the outfits for men and also for women and most of his designs are unisex. So it’s a great store for women who love to dress up in cool outfits or for couples who want to dress in the same outfits.

Also, like his new release, Belial, Nagaru arranges his vendors so you can buy the jacket alone or in a set where you get EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING. This Belial set, for example, gives you everything from undershirt layer tattoos to two different shirt colours, jacket, jacket bottom (which makes it look like a long coat which I didn’t wear in the pictures here), a tie (which I am not wearing here either)…..all sorts and you can mix and match them the way you like. Here are some samples of how you can style with this set.

For those that prefer something more simple, you can just buy the jacket and a pair of jeans and a shirt.

The designs from Demise also go very well with jewelry from Rozoregalia which I posted previously. Here, I am using a Vinca necklace from Rozoregalia but an Archelon necklace and earrings go well with this too.

Rozoregalia – Archelon Set

Outfit: Demise, Belial
Necklace: Rozoregalia, Vinca Necklace
Earrings (pierce): Rozoragalia, Vinca Pierce
Hair: Sadistic Hacker, Tamaki 2 (black)
Nails: Body Politik, Midnight Manicure
Boots: Redgrave, Girl’s Biker Reloaded (black/silver)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.