SoliDea FoliEs "Rouges" for Fan Limited

Mila Tatham’s brand SoliDea FoliEs has an amazing new release called “Rouges” which was sold as the 7th Edition outfit in the Fan Limited Store.

This store has a very unique system where some of the major brands would release outfits/accessories for a 50% discount over regular prices for one item each over a duration of three weeks.  During this period, only 30 of each item will be sold and after that, the items can still be purchased in the respective stores but the prices will go up to regular prices.  If the 30 are sold out before the end of the three week period, the vendors will show “SOLD OUT” signs and you will have to wait till the three weeks are up and go to the main store to purchase them at regular prices.

After this three week period, the next Edition sets will be on sale for another three weeks.

SoliDea FoliEs – Rouges

At the time I purchased this outfit at the Fan Limited Store, there were only 3 left but since I bought one, that means there were only two left after my purchase.  So maybe they are all sold out by now but you can still buy this at the SoliDea FoliEs store, if you really like it.

For me, this was an outfit I just had to buy.  The red used for this outfit was simply so pretty and the design so cute and lovely that I didn’t even think twice!  The hat you see here comes with the outfit and for a hat lover like me, this outfit was simply irresistable!

If you don’t want to miss out on these great bargain, it might be worth subscribing to the subscribe-o-matic by clicking on the poster right behind the sales counter in the Fan Limited Store!

Outfit:  SoliDea FoliEs, Rouges
*The link here is to the main store of SoliDea FoliEs.
Jewelry:  Crystal Line, Alexandra Accessory Set
Shoes:  Adam n Eve Shoes, Paris Plum
Prim Nails:  CCD, Prim Nail Manicure (red)
Lipstick:  dUTCH tOUCH, FeiP Lipsticks No5 Red

And to go to the Fan Limited Store, click HERE.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director, LOOK Elite Models COO, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

The Miss Virtual Gown From LeeZu! – Aimee Gown

I have to admit, it took me some time to get this post up since I got the gown, so this is a new release that was released a few days ago. It was released on January 3 to be more accurate. But I am sure it’s still a lovely gown that is worth a mention.

The Aimee Gown from LeeZu! was originally designed as a gown for Miss UK to wear during the Miss Virtual World final stage that took place on December 19th last year. (wow just saying last year makes it sound like it was a LONG time ago!)

England is known for the lovely gardens that people take a lot of care to maintain throughout the country. You will notice that whether large or small, the gardens are always kept well groomed with lots of sweet flowers. This gown reminds me of just that. Dainty flowers adorn this gown with delicate and subtle colours that match the delicate line of the outfit.

The Aimee gown comes in three difference colour options; champagne, graybrown and black. The skirt is made of a combination of sculpties and flexi prims that allows for a very natural movement and also with a resize script that gives the possibility to resize a single prim as well as the whole skirt.

The gown comes with a matching hat that compliments the gown with more flowers and ruffles creating a very nice balance with the volume of the gown.

The champagne coloured gown is probably the main colour here which is a lovely romantic colour that is not white but more of a very light off-white colour tone giving the whole gown a very warm image. Personally, I also fell in love with graybrown which is a smokey pale brown with flowers in off-white and very pale green. The combination of these three colours is absolutely impressive and chic while boasting a delicate elegance that no other colour can match.

1. LeeZu! – Aimee Gown (champagne)

The jewelry I wore for the champagne gown is from Mandala, where kikunosuke Eel, a Japanese photographer, has his very creative and lovely jewelry creations. The jewelry sets are usually voluptuous, comes in many colour variations and many of them have resize scripts. He also offeres ones with glow or no glow in the same set, which I am sure comes from his experience as an SL photographer.

The jewelry set I am wearing with the graybrown gown is from Gems & Kisses, where Italian jewelry designer Deliziosa Vendetta also creates and sells very unique and creative jewelry but in a totally different style from kikunosuke. Both of these stores have jewelry that have a lot of impact and look very unique while at the same time adding so much to compliment the outfits.

2. LeeZu! – Aimee Gown (graybrown)

Styling card for Look 1
Gown: LeeZu!, Aimee Gown (champagne)
Necklace & Earrings: Mandala, Lotus Necklace and Earrings (bronze)
Shoes: Haysuriza, Eiris Pumps Pointed 100 (classic white)
Hair: LeLutka, Ballerina hair (charcoal)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Cream, Dew

Styling card for Look 2
Gown: LeeZu!, Aimee Gown (graybrown)
Necklace & Earrings: Gems & Kisses, Miracle of Light, Silver Miniset
Shoes: Baiastice, Mikaelle (smoke)
Hair: Maitreya, Aimee (walnut)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Cream, CatsEyes

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Fellini Couture: The SL Dream Brand of Dresses

Joy Fellini has long been known as great photographer and she has, recently, branched out to designing couture outfits under her own brand, Fellini Couture.

The moment you step into her store, you will be submerged into Joy’s world of dreamy outfits. The dreamy colours she uses and the feminine yet strong and distinctive designs are the unique features of her designs and what makes her outfits so intriguing. Her designs also use a lot of sculpt parts that are used effectively to form a part of the outfit rather than simple attachments.

The gown I am wearing here is called Litchi Gown. To me, it looked like it had an oriental touch to the design, which is not from oriental cultures such as Japan or China, but rather something from more subtropical countries such as Thailand.

I congratulate Joy on her beautiful creations that forever will enrich our SL fashion lives.

Here, I matched it with a very pretty pink pendant from Virtual Impressions called the “Pink Abalone Shell and Silver Necklace” by Chrissy Ambrose and used a lovely skin with a very couture looking makeup from Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus.

This will be my last post in 2009. I wish to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very happy new year! Where I live, 2009 will end in exactly half an hour from now…..and as I end this year, I cannot but wish that the new year will bring us all together more strongly, in spite of our national/cultural/personal differences. I wish that we can always remember to embrace forgiveness and patience. If we can’t even achieve this at individual levels, how can there ever be world peace?

Giving thoughts to these matters and wishing you all a very happy new year, I end this year. Thank you for your support throughout 2009!

Fellini Couture – Litchi Gown

Outfit: Fellini Couture, Litchi Gown
Necklace: Virtual Impressions, Pink Abalone Shell and Silver Necklace
Hair: Diversity Hair, Constance (black plum)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Pale Apricot, PiP1

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

How To Have Low ARC And Still Wear Fur

I had a REALLY busy December and hadn’t been able to blog as much I would have wanted to. But now that all the shows, events, commitments are finished and the holiday season Christmas frenzy is over, I am back to blogging again! Yaaay! 😀

This eventful month, however, have made me renew my awareness for keeping our looks low ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) when going to events not just for the show participants but also for our own good as we all want lag to be kept as low as we all can. Of course, there is always the discussion about whether ARC is the sole factor responsible to keep lag low. No, it’s not. There is also the factor of scripts involved but that does not mean, we can go to shows and events with ARCs ranging in the reds. ARC also plays its part so let’s keep our ARC low!

My rule of thumb is under 1,000 ARC if possible. And if I want to be really fashionable and still in the ok range, I would say below 1,500 ARC. I’ll write how to see ARC numbers at the end for those you don’t know how to check but for now, let’s keep the discussion on the subject of how we can wear fur and still have relatively low ARC.

As most fashionistas are aware of, fur is known to be a no-no-item that shoots up your ARC numbers, sometimes in the range of 10,000 and over depending on what you wear. Recently, however, some clever creators are starting to create fur items that look gorgeous, glam and still keep to a low ARC number. So today, I would like to introduce one that does just that!

I have today, two fur bolero jackets that not only look warm and stylish for winter season parties or events, but are also very versatile. It comes in black and white and the design allows you to wear them with casual, semi-casual as well as formal outfits. And what’s even more wonderful is that they are only +1,088 ARC! This means, if you style smart, it is actually possible to keep your ARC numbers below 1,500 in total and still enjoy a look using fur! Now isn’t that a great news?

The fur boleros are from Gabriel, which is a store by a Japanese designer, Takuya Jinn. He is relatively new but has some great outfits that use sculpt prims in very clever ways and this fur bolero is certain one of his clever creations. Here, I have worn the black version with a skirt + down jacket set, replacing the down jacket with the bolero to give it a little less casual look. Then I used the white one to make a more smart casual or city casual look, which ever way you wish to call it. Both of these bolero jackets can easily be used in formal looks by wearing them over a formal gown so here I chose to show two casual looks, one a bit more semi-formal than the other.

The first look is casual and I took the skirt from a set that comes with a down vest with matching texture. The necklace I am wearing here comes included in the fur bolero jacket which is a nice piece to be worn alone too. The earrings I used here are from another Japanese designer, Emi Woller and her store called PISA. She includes a large and a small size in the set, so here I wore the smaller version. Again, without resize scripts, these earrings also contribute to keep lag low while we can choose whether we want to wear these bigger too if we wanted to.

Gabriel – Fur Bolero (black)

Fur Jacket: Gabriel, Fur Bolero (black)
Skit: Gabriel, Check Down Vest Suit (black) *used skirt only
Necklace: *Included in Fur Bolero (black)
Earrings: PISA, Banded Agate Earrings
Boots: Courtisane, Allumeuse Boots (olive)
Hair: Vixen Hair, Camillia (blackmail)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Cream, Eagle

The second look I made is a bit less casual. Some people might call this smart casual or city casual and it’s something I might wear to go to an art exhibition or a nice get together where I don’t want to be over-dressed but still be seen dress nicely. Here, I wore the shirt and underpants layers of a one-piece mini dress from ce cubic effect and used it as a shirt and replaced the necklace that’s part of the fur bolero set to something that looks a bit more formal.

The jewelry pieces you see here are from J and W jewelers which is a relatively new store that my fellow model Wenadrenia Soderstrom has started with her RL and SL hubby, Jens Marksman. This store is quickly gaining popularity with their bold but also elegant designs.

Gabriel – Fur Bolero (white)

Fur Jacket: Gabriel, Fur Bolero (white)
Shirt: ce cubic effect, Wrap Tank Mini Dress (cocoa beige) *used only shirt and underpants layer
Pants: ce cubic effect, Flare Trousers pants (off white)
Jewelry: J and W Jewelers, Michele’s Whisper
Shoes: Baiastice, Querelle (brown)
Hair: Vixen Hair, Myth (bombshell dark)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Cream, Autumn

And lastly, as I promised this is how you can see ARC numbers for those that do not know how. Go to your Advanced menu* on the top bar of your SL viewer and click through Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rending Cost and you will see numbers above avatars. If the numbers are in green, it means the number is low ARC. Mid range will be shown in orange and high range will be shown in red. So turn this info display on when changing to make sure you are within reasonable range before going to events!

*If you do not see an “Advanced” menu next to “Help”, then hit “ctrl + alt + D” and it will show up.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.