Fellini Couture: The SL Dream Brand of Dresses

Joy Fellini has long been known as great photographer and she has, recently, branched out to designing couture outfits under her own brand, Fellini Couture.

The moment you step into her store, you will be submerged into Joy’s world of dreamy outfits. The dreamy colours she uses and the feminine yet strong and distinctive designs are the unique features of her designs and what makes her outfits so intriguing. Her designs also use a lot of sculpt parts that are used effectively to form a part of the outfit rather than simple attachments.

The gown I am wearing here is called Litchi Gown. To me, it looked like it had an oriental touch to the design, which is not from oriental cultures such as Japan or China, but rather something from more subtropical countries such as Thailand.

I congratulate Joy on her beautiful creations that forever will enrich our SL fashion lives.

Here, I matched it with a very pretty pink pendant from Virtual Impressions called the “Pink Abalone Shell and Silver Necklace” by Chrissy Ambrose and used a lovely skin with a very couture looking makeup from Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus.

This will be my last post in 2009. I wish to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very happy new year! Where I live, 2009 will end in exactly half an hour from now…..and as I end this year, I cannot but wish that the new year will bring us all together more strongly, in spite of our national/cultural/personal differences. I wish that we can always remember to embrace forgiveness and patience. If we can’t even achieve this at individual levels, how can there ever be world peace?

Giving thoughts to these matters and wishing you all a very happy new year, I end this year. Thank you for your support throughout 2009!

Fellini Couture – Litchi Gown

Outfit: Fellini Couture, Litchi Gown
Necklace: Virtual Impressions, Pink Abalone Shell and Silver Necklace
Hair: Diversity Hair, Constance (black plum)
Skin: Dutch Touch, JoLie Pale Apricot, PiP1

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

ALB Dream Fashion – DIOR Impression Cloud

The other day I posted about AnaLee Balut‘s DIOR Impression Flower Set, which was a lovely pink gown in the Runway magazine blog. Today, I have one from the same series but this time, it’s a set called DIOR Impression Cloud. A dainty white gown with a touch of smokey lilac and a hem that’s not as long as a full gown makes this a somewhat nostalgic piece. As I said in my previous post, gowns in this series by AnaLee are all inspired by the great designs of DIOR but each one is different and that’s what makes it so interesting.

It was such a tough decision to choose which one I wanted with so many lovely gowns to choose from and I had the toughest time. After lingering around for so long, I finally decided to get two, which was the Flower gown and this Cloud. I liked the nostalgic feel this dress had while still good for any party.

The Chi Chi Pumps in cream colour from Maiiki Maitreya were a perfect match with its off white colour and smokey lilac trimmings. It was almost as if these shoes were made for this dress.

I also wore some sweet flower jewelry also from ALB Dream Fashion since I didn’t think gorgeous gems will suit this dress and I wanted to play up on its dainty image.

ALB Dream Fashion – DIOR Impression Cloud Set

Outfit: ALB Dream Fashion, DIOR Impression Cloud Set
Jewelry: ALB Dream Fashion, ALB BOUQUET jewellery set
Shoes: Maiiki Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps (Cream)
Nails: The Body Politik, Complete Manicures and Pedicures (Lilac manicure)
Hair: Diversity Hair, Constance (Black)
Skin: MinnuMMS New York Fair makeup 3b
*Minnu is currently closed as the sim undergoes renovation. It is scheduled to be re-opened at LeLutka on March 15.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Runway Magazine, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.