A New Group Dedicated To Assist New Starter Models Is Launched!

February 29, 2012

Announcement:  Launch of a new group for promising starter models, “A Star Is Born!”

Kay Fairey announces today that she is launching a non-profit group that is dedicated to providing promising starter models with actual runway show experience to initiate their career start.

This group will be led by Kay Fairey and will admit a maximum of 20 new graduate students from any model academy in Second Life to provide real on-the-job runway show experiences which the members can list in their resume when applying for agency castings.  Kay stresses that the group is neither an academy nor an agency and will not be affiliated with any particular model academy.  All members will be asked to leave after they have three show experiences including shows by other groups in order to open their spots to newer graduates.  This activity will continue while Kay is able to provide this service.

Shows will be organized and run by Kay at runways that will be rented with the support of BLVD Agency under BOSL Organization, where Kay is currently CEO.  Blackbarbie Bravin and Wicca Merlin, who support this concept, have joined the group as Officers.

There will be a minimum payment made to all models which will be less than the market average for professional models but Kay stresses that she wants future top models to be accustomed to the idea of paid modeling jobs as she is also an avid promoter of paid shows.

Models spend a lot of money to style the given outfits so that they look good.  I think it is only fair that models get some payment even if they will usually spend more than they earn.  Free shows with no payments made to models are taking advantage of the money models pay out of their pockets to make the outfit and the agency look good and this is not fair to them.

The way new graduate students are invited to this group may change in the future but for now only those who have been recommended by various modeling academies will be invited to the group to make sure the promising future top models get priority in taking advantage of this system.

A separate letter will be sent out soon to modeling academy Owners and Directors.

A special thanks goes to Mr. Frolic Mills of BOSL Organization for supporting this concept and allowing this group to use his runways as show venues.

This is the link to SL Enquirer’s Interview about the “A Star Is Born!” group

For more information, contact Kay Fairey inworld or by email at kayskisses@gmail.com.


About Kay Fairey:

Kay started modeling in March of 2008 and has been teaching modeling initially at Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy and later with Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy where she is still teaching as an instructor.

Kay is currently CEO and model for BLVD Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director and Instructor, Agency Director for Dione Fashion Agency, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

Kay is also represented by BeStyle District Agency, D’ior Modeling Agency, Elegancia, Farouche Tres Modeling Agency, International Modeling Agency, LOOK Elite Models, MAD Agency, Opium Evolution, Passion – The Fashion Agency (in alphabetical order).

Blogs etc:
Kay Fairey – Fashion Forward

Industry Tips by Kay Fairey

Kay Faireyのモデル日記 (Japanese)


To All Models: A Model Casting Call!

Breiz Creative Concept, where I belong as one of the Breiz Muse models is calling a model cast. All those interested, read up and join the casting!


Breiz Creative Concepts is looking for a large number of male and female models for a Trade Show on 27th September – Noon to Midnight SL time – to celebrate the release of the first CAPTURED book.

Runway experience is an advantage, as there will be a number of shows over a 12 hour period, however if you have no Runway experience we are also looking for Promotion Models to man the Designers’ booths.

We are holding an open casting call on Saturday 20th September at 3pm, SLURL below. Please come prepared with a notecard containing your name, your Runway experience, and your availability on 27th September between Noon and Midnight. You will also need to have prepared, a quick change folder with an outfit of your choice, as you will be assessed on your runway walk and ability to quick change.

IMPORTANT please note: This model call is NOT part of the current castings for the January edition of CAPTURED and also tp point to the casting venue will NOT BE AVAILABLE until the time of the casting audition.

Models used in the Runway shows will be able to keep their clothes as payment. Promotion Models will receive a gift from the Designers they represent. You will NOT be paid in cash.

You will be asked to join a group for the Trade Show, and have voice enabled so that you can listen even if you cannot talk.

Any questions before Saturday, please ask Gemini Galatea, Imogen Miklos, Kay Fairey, Laya Felisimo, Chalice Carling, Keno Beardmore or Ella Quinsette, preferably by Notecard as IMs get capped.

CASTING AUDITION WILL TAKE PLACE HERE (tp only available for the casting audition)