A Napoleon Dress Worth A Buy!

Kuri Style is one of my favorite Japanese stores. It has lots and lots and LOTS of cute, pretty outfits that are lovely in colours and very sweet in designs. I can spend hours (and lots of Lindens) in her store because every time I go there, it becomes a harsh battle within myself not to click on too many vendors.

BUT…..this was certainly a must buy!

The store currently has some items marked down to TWO Lindens. Yes only L$2! You can’t choose the colour, however, since only one of the colours available will be marked down. But what can you complain with this price?

This was one of such marked down mini dresses that I bought. This olive coloured dress (although the creator calls this brown) was one of the three colour variations that also included red and blue. But this one was the best in my personal opinion so I would have bought this colour even if it wasn’t marked down.

The design is rather classic and has rich gold embroidery that decorates a nice tailored design. It also comes with the lace inner shirt and the gray tights with a paisley print that I am wearing here. I loved the texture of this tights and I think this can also be a useful item that can be styled with many other outfits.

I know Clothing Fair has just started and many of you might be spending more than you should. LOL But all the more, a L$2 outfit that looks great will be something that can satisfy your retail craving without hurting your wallet.

Of course, that is, IF you can resist not buying all the other stuff. *grins*

Kuri Style – No.225 Napoleon Jacket (brown)

Outfit: Kuri Style, No.225 Napoleon Jacket (brown)
Earrings: Gems and Kisses, Gems In The Night, Gold Earrings
Nails: Flirts, Metal Girl Collection, Solid Gold
Hair: Sadistic Hacker, Tamaki 2 (black)
Boots: Courtisane, Allumeuse Boots (olive)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.