A New Designer, A New Store: Maria Bonita

I visited a new store, “Maria Bonita” that was just opened by a designer called Mell Coage. I must say, I enjoyed the visit immensely! She had a lot of outfits for a new store….almost too much to look at and all sold at very reasonable prices! All outfits were in the 100 – 130L range which meant, I could buy lots and not worry too much about my Lindens. And shop I did.

Although a lot of her clothes were casual, she also had some that were fit to be worn to a party. A lot of colours, a lot of fun and a lot of styles.

Here, I am showing two outfits I got. One is an outfit called “Dance Bling Outfit.” As the name suggests, this is a fun short pants set that comes with a simple black tank top. It was simple enough to allow me to have fun with other items I matched it up with. I chose a metallic tights that I picked up at G.L.A.M as a freebie offered in the store that was modifiable so we could colour it to whatever colour we wished. This is great to match, as I often find that the tights or stockings that I have, don’t match because of the slight difference in colour tone. I also played with a fun hair from Cocoluv. This hair comes with a colour changing turban that will also make it easier to match up.

Then I wore a pair of black boots that has hot pink shoe sole. So although it looks plain black, the pink underneath shows as I dance or walk.

And this is the fun look I got. All ready to go out dancing!!

Maria Bonita – Dance Bling Outfit

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dance Bling Outfit
Tights: G.L.A.M., Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (solid yellow) *freebie
Necklace: RYCA, Cross Gold Necklace
Earrings: RYCA, Circle Five #2 Gold
Bangles: RYCA, Texture Change Bangle Gold
Boots: Fussy, Hot Pink Stilettos
Hair: Cocoluv, Missy (black)
Nails: Persona, Polished nails (gold)
Skin: Minnu, Fair (cat)

The next one is one of the outfits Mell has that will be great for a party to which you might want to wear something not as formal as a ballroom gown but something fun and stylish. It’s called “Dress Pompom Black” and as the name suggests, has a pompom-like skirt with a top that has a sheer part both in the front and back in different shapes. It’s an outfit that is both sexy and sweet.

The stockings I wore here were a pair of stockings that was given out at the Styles of edo for free. It has a line at the back which are a kind of stockings I like a lot. Sometimes those lace or fishnet stockings are fancy but a bit too much and I tend to prefer these simple ones to match with outfits.

If you haven’t yet, try making a visit to Maria Bonita. I am sure you will have as much fun as I did.

Maria Bonita – Dress Pompom Black

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dress Pompom Black
Stockings: Styles of edo, stockings (black) *freebie
Bracelet: Alienbear Design, Pearl Teardrop Pearl Bracelet (white)
Shoes: Morpheus Dream, Crimson
Hair: Goldie Locks, River (black)
Nails: Candy Nail, #016 Birth Stone “Diamond Elegance”
Skin: QS (Quelita Soon) Skin, Milk、Disco 001

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio

It’s Getting Cold And I Need A Coat!

It was getting very cold here, at least where I am located and I wanted a coat. So I went off coat shopping. There were so many different kinds of coats but this time I got myself one that will make me look like a Hollywood actress. LOL Oh well, It’s free to dream anything in SL right? I might as well dream BIG!

This is a coat from ALB Dream Fashion. It came in two colours but I picked the one in grass green. The folder had a short version and and a long version and I could choose whether I wanted fur with them or not. Believe it or not, the one I am wearing here is the SHORT version. The long version is much longer! I tried it but I think I prefer the shorter version as this is, in my opinion, long enough!

So the scene I had in my mind was…a Hollywood actress going shopping. So….I would wear jeans inside. Not a fancy dress. I kinda like wearing casual clothes under a dramatic coat but don’t ask me why. So this is the look I made. Casual plus a dramatic coat with fur! Hmmm….now I need a fancy man in a white sports car to come pick me up. 😛 Any volunteers?

Coat: ALB Dream Fashion, ALB DIVA coat by AnaLee Balut
Jeans: Jador Fashion, Heart Denim
Top (Tank Top): plus, Snake Top Green
Boots: Maitreya, Dune (brown)
Hair: Hair Styles by Tamy McCoy, Posh II (midnight)
Skin: Aden, Gen. 3 Skins、Light – cateye

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio

"sey" Rider Jacket…….Again!

I posted about “sey’s” new rider jacket on October 30 and I have already wrote that there were 8 colour variations to this jacket. Well, I ended up getting the silver one also and thought I might show it without a hood this time. The set comes with pieces that allow you to wear it with and without a hood and even if you chose to have a hood, you can still choose whether you want boa around the hood or a simple hood with no boa. This is great for mixing and matching as boa does sometimes get in the way and I have regretted many times in the past that a jacket didn’t have boa.

So here, I wore it without any hood and kept it very simple. I like taking a hard image item and matching them to create a sweet look so this time I matched it up with pink items to make a more girlie look. As with all of risey Arai’s outfits that he creates, the details and texture of the jacket is great as you can also see from the half length jeans that I also got in his store. This pair of jeans will be a fun item to make funky looks or playful looks.

Jacket: sey, 313 Riders Jacket (silver)
Jeans: sey, *wa2en* Half Denim (blue)
Shoes: Akeyo Shoes, Chucks Low Top
Leg warmers: ce cubic effect, Leg Warmer (pink)
Earrings: ottico, numero77 Orecchino
Hair: Exile, City Chic (black)
Skin: Tuli, Emily [pale] ~ halfpint, candy

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio

A Cool Jacket From "sey"

It’s getting cold in many parts of the world (at least where I am) and I wanted a new jacket to wear when I go ride my bike or even to wear in town.

risey Arai, designer for “sey” has just released a cool unisex rider’s casual jacket! It has a hood with boa or without boa, and the hood can be replaced with a high collar all together and you can also choose whether you want the emblem in the right front of your jacket or one without the logo.

The jacket comes in 8 really cool colour combinations, some a lot bolder like black/red with white border lines as well as delicate and sensuous colours like blue/purple with blue-ish fuchsia border lines. I must say, I ended up wanting at least three!

So all those who like outdoors, grab your jacket and enjoy the cool weather!

Jacket: sey, 313 Riders Jacket (black)
Jeans: The Drawmachine, Sexy Ass Jeans (light-blue)
Boots: The Drawmachine, Ladies Biker Boots Classic
Hair: BishWear, Chal (black)
Skin: Tuli, Meredith (light) nicely nude

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Modeling Agency, Second Look Studio

Cool Tank Tops From Symptom

One day I came across this store called Symptom. On my first visit, I landed on a point where I saw no stores around. I first thought it hadn’t rezzed yet so I waited there….and waited…and waited and there was still no store! But then I noticed a big hole with a sign board aboe it that said “SYMPTOM” so I decided to fall into it. There it was, a store that looked more like an obscure underground base.

Intrigued by this unique store design, I walked around inside the store and found lots of really cool tank tops, T-shirts and various other items that designer Xan Pixel created for his store.

Rock City is a brand new tank top that he just launched with a very interesting texture. Red is the only colour variation sold but that’s because you can edit and change the colour to whatever colour you want. I matched it up with a pair of torn jeans and also an interesting belt I found in Izumiya, a Japanese store where most of the items are either free or super cheap like L$5.

As for the store itself, I liked the store design so much that I decided to do a photo shoot inside his store too.

Symptom – Rock City

Tank Top: Symptom, Rock City
Jeans: Crazy,Pinker outfit (wore intly the bottom jeans part)
Belt: Izumiya, Hip-Bag (black)
Boots: Maitreya & M*A*ii*K*I, Dune (red)
Necklace: Swallowtail, Jupiter Necklace (green)
Bracelet: Swallowtail, Volume Bracelet (green)
Earrings: Swallowtail, Natural Stone Earring (turquoise)
Hair: Naughty, Scarf Hair (black pearl)
Nails: bijou, Nail deepDream (rouge)

I also wanted to show “Torn”, another tank top but as the name suggests, this one is torn to reveal quite a lot. I loved this tank top however, as you can wear different colours undershirts to create different images and the undershirt will show through “Torn” which is worn as a shirt laayer.
This time, I wore a black tank top from “plus”, which is one of my fav stores so that will will look black and white. Again the tank top is tintable so I can change the colour to whatever colour that I like.

Symptom – Torn

Tank Top (shirt layer): Sympton, Torn
Tank Top (undershirt layer): plus, Psychedelic Top (black)
Hair: Discord, Hisaki (black)
Boots: Maitreya & M*A*ii*K*I, Dunce (black)
Necklase: Yukirei, Dagger Which Protects Shield Necklace

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio and Briez Photography

A Cute Summer Casual Look – FTV Military Drama

I love FTV (Frozen Turquoise Valentine)!!!! The range of outfits Valenttina has in her store is astounding….anything from gorgeous gowns to really stylish casual looks! I have to admit, I do tend to have more of the formal outfits but I also enjoy her casual line. They are casual but yet with a touch of difference.

AND…..she has just renewed her store!!! By the way, there is a treasure hunt going on both for men and women so if you haven’t gone down to her new store yet, go now before the hunt ends!

I got this really cute casual set the day I visited her new store. She said she will launch new items soon, so maybe I should have waited but I how could I? So here it is…….Military Drama. What a great name too.

I wanted to give it a bit autumn like look too. Yes, yes, I know it’s still summer but hey, fashionistas are supposed to catch the seasons early, right? And we have to look as if it’s cool outside even if we’re thinking “damn it’s so hot”. So the colour I chose to match was purple. This hair from Bishwear Scandal comes with this cute cap but it’s originally white. So I changed the colour in edit to match it with this above-knee length socks I got at a Japanese store, “sey”. It’s a great pair of socks to wear with boots.

For boots, a dark coloured boots would look way too hot for this season, so I went with these white stompy boots and changed the colour of it’s shoe lace to light blue. It comes with a HUD where you can choose the shoe lace colour from 6 colours. Nice!

The great thing about this outfit is that I think it can be styled to be very dressy too depending on what you match it up with. Maybe I should try that next time just to see how different I can style this. That would be great fun! Oh well, for today, I just didn’t feel like dressing up, so I had my mind set on a casual look even before I wore this. So here it is, the casual version of Military Drama.

Outfit: FTV (Frozen Turquoise Valentine), Military Drama
Above-knee length sock: sey, high sox (purple)
Boots: Shiny Things, Ribbon Boots – white
Hair & cap: Bishwear~Scandal, Chal fat (black)
Nails: Armidi, True Enhance、Painted Nails (Lavender III)