A Cute Summer Casual Look – FTV Military Drama

I love FTV (Frozen Turquoise Valentine)!!!! The range of outfits Valenttina has in her store is astounding….anything from gorgeous gowns to really stylish casual looks! I have to admit, I do tend to have more of the formal outfits but I also enjoy her casual line. They are casual but yet with a touch of difference.

AND…..she has just renewed her store!!! By the way, there is a treasure hunt going on both for men and women so if you haven’t gone down to her new store yet, go now before the hunt ends!

I got this really cute casual set the day I visited her new store. She said she will launch new items soon, so maybe I should have waited but I how could I? So here it is…….Military Drama. What a great name too.

I wanted to give it a bit autumn like look too. Yes, yes, I know it’s still summer but hey, fashionistas are supposed to catch the seasons early, right? And we have to look as if it’s cool outside even if we’re thinking “damn it’s so hot”. So the colour I chose to match was purple. This hair from Bishwear Scandal comes with this cute cap but it’s originally white. So I changed the colour in edit to match it with this above-knee length socks I got at a Japanese store, “sey”. It’s a great pair of socks to wear with boots.

For boots, a dark coloured boots would look way too hot for this season, so I went with these white stompy boots and changed the colour of it’s shoe lace to light blue. It comes with a HUD where you can choose the shoe lace colour from 6 colours. Nice!

The great thing about this outfit is that I think it can be styled to be very dressy too depending on what you match it up with. Maybe I should try that next time just to see how different I can style this. That would be great fun! Oh well, for today, I just didn’t feel like dressing up, so I had my mind set on a casual look even before I wore this. So here it is, the casual version of Military Drama.

Outfit: FTV (Frozen Turquoise Valentine), Military Drama
Above-knee length sock: sey, high sox (purple)
Boots: Shiny Things, Ribbon Boots – white
Hair & cap: Bishwear~Scandal, Chal fat (black)
Nails: Armidi, True Enhance、Painted Nails (Lavender III)

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