I Love Hats!

I am sure everybody has textures they like. Some like leopard skin texture (well, I guess a LOT do) and some like zebra, polka dots or simple stripes. In my case, it’s peacock feather. I don’t know why, but I am always fascinated by peacock feather.

So I had this gown from Vanity Affairs for as long as I remember. It’s always been my favorite no matter how many times I wear it!

And today, I came across a wonderful hat shop which I am ashamed to admit, I had never visited before. And I am an avid hat fan!! I am pretty sure I own a lot of, if not most of, the couture hats that exist in SL, and yet I hadn’t visited this one.

It’s called Hatpins and the hats Reghan Straaf designs and creates have such awesome detail that I fell in love the moment I saw her store. Her hats are designed to match more antique style or Victorian style gowns but simply because I probably wear “regular” gowns and dresses more frequently, I decided that I wanted to use her hats with these “non-Victorian” outfits too.

This charming hat is called Lady Isabelle and comes in many colour variations but what is the same with all the colour variation is that they all have three peacock feathers attached to the back of the hat.

So here it is…another exciting way to wear this gown that I have worn in so many different ways.

Reghan has three stores but here, I will embed the surl for her main store where she has all her hats on display. This is a must store to check out for all those fashionistas who like hats!

And of course, the skin used is my fav skin when I want to play with colours, Lion Skins. I just love the colours of eye shadow available!

Gown: Vanity Affairs, Peacock Gown
Hat: Hatpins, Lady Isabelle (Sage and Turquoise)
Shoes: Maitreya and M*A*ii*K*I, Mishima Dawn (Leathers Green)
Earrings: Kouse’s Sanctum, Prelude – Earrings (Gold – colour changing – Emerald)
Skin: Lion Skins, Fair #54
Hair: Magika Hair, Dolly (Black)

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