Beach Resort Party

OK I admit, I want to go to a beach resort like Hawaii, Bali..where ever! Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans now and I know that it’ll soon be too late to plan anything and summer will be over……

Oh well….at least I’ll pretend I went to a beach resort.

So here is a look for a romantic night by the pool side in a beach resort hotel. I might order some tropical drink and listen to the waves with somebody I love dearly. It was a dress I found at Shouted Couture which was probably not designed for beaches. But look how it can be worn is such a situation.

The whole outfit is sheer lace! I almost felt bare without the prim lace skirt but once you attach the skirt, it turns into a lovely and charming party outfit. And the prim skirt sways beautifully as you dance.

I matched it up with some tropical looking jewelry and a pair of casual sandals that are were not flip flops to give it a bit more dressy feel to it than plain flip flops. Put on some darker toned skin than what I usually wear and I’m all set to go to the poolside.

All I need now is a plane ticket, a hotel reservation and a vacation……*sigh*

Dress: Shouted Couture, Zaphyra Red Pack 20 Luglio
Necklace: plus, Africa Necklace Bronze
Bangle: RYCA, Texture Change Bangle Gold
Earrings: RYCA, freebie (gold)
Sandals: HUB, Venus Sandals、Cherrie
Hair: Here Comes Trouble, Lillan (black)
Skin: Redgrave, Pale Skin、Lyla – smoky 2
Nails: Persona, Nail Gloves and Nail Socks (red)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management

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