Fabulous Summer Fashion & Skin!!

It’s summer. A great season to show off some colours, colours and colours!

That’s how I was feeling and was so excited when I found this outfit in Freda Fine Fashion, a store that was like a colour palette with fabulous dresses that had such awesome colours. And I am one of those that just don’t think throwing colours is good. Colours have to be used in good combination and this is what was so great about this store. Of course, there are many outfits with conventional colours too at Freda Fine Fashion, but if you want to be different and stand out in a crowd, a combination of bright colours that is done in a tasteful yet daring style is the answer.

A day or two after I found this outfit, I came a cross an absolutely great skin store that just opened a few months ago, Lion Skins. I friend of mine had told me back in April or May that her friend was opening a skin store so I did know about a new store that was just going to open. But in all honesty, there are so many skin stores that I didn’t really think too much about it.

When I received a notice that this store was going to be having a runway show, the name rang a bell. I was also intrigued to see how a skin brand would do a runway show too. So I decided to go and see for myself.


It came almost as a shock to see the arrays of colours used amongst more normal, or should I say more “every day use” type skins. It is true that such daring and bold colours for make-up will be harder to use as they need to be matched with the right colour outfits. But if you do find a match, BINGO!! You can achieve such a stunning look for a special occasion or a runway show. Oh let me add that any of her more “every day use” skins are great too! But I must say, I got over excited over her colour lines. 😛

Congratulations Lion on your great and stunning skin line! I am sure you will do great!!

So….without further due, let me show you this great match I found with a outfit from Freda Fine Fashion and skin from Lion Skins.

Outfit: Freda Fine Fashion, mod.066、Circle Dress (yellow)
Skin: Lion Skins, fair 38
Sandals: Stiletto Moody, Mary Jane Sandal (yellow)
Bangle: RYCA, Texture Change Bangle Gold
Earrings: RYCA, freebie
Hair: Cake, Lil Diva (black)
Nails: [AI]:Shop, [AI]:Nails、One Color Glitter (yellow)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairy, Premiere Modeling Management

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