Elegant Pink – Did You Think Pink Was Girly?

OK I admit. I love pink although I don’t necessarily love “girly” fashion. I think pink is a colour that can be used not only as a sweet, cute, girly colour but as an elegant “add-on” colour. It is a magic colour that can be added to many, but my favorite has always been gray and pink. I think this combination is clean, elegant and classy.

However, sometimes this “gray” doesn’t necessarily have to be flat gray.

Here, I tried adding a twist to my favorite colour combination by using a dress that was not really gray but black and white and I think you will all agree with me that it still works as a great “add-on” colour.

The dress I used here is from Atelier La Bubu, which was having a discount sale and I got this sweet outfit for a discounted price of 160L. Atelier La Bubu is a small but attractive store with well made outfits that speaks quality. For example, this dress may not be a unique shape but the skirt has been carefully tailored so that the back side is slightly more long and poofy whereas the front is made to be more flat. As a result, you get a very nice shape of the skirt which is something you don’t get with dresses made with skirts that are made the same 360 degrees.

I added pink by using a fur shrug that Bliss Couture has released, socks and a hot pink shoulder bag which was an important element to this look. Just imagine, if this bag had been a similar soft pink, the whole look will look very blurred and weak in impression. However, by adding this hot pink as a focus or spice, the entire look became much sharper.

I must add that this shrug has been nothing but great for me. While many jackets or coats are longer, this bolero type short length has been more than valuable as I can add it to pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, even long gowns without worrying about what I will wear under it. More importantly, it works with most outfits. 🙂

The pink socks I used here was one that came in a pack of eight colours. What is great about this set is that with eight lovely coloured socks, all you have to pay is 50L! It comes from a Japanese store called PicoPure Charmmy that actually sells a lot of lolita/anime type outfits. I am sure it will make those you like lolita type dresses drool but even if you are not particularly a lolita fashion fan, this set of socks is without doubt, worth investing 50L.

The part I was most indecisive when styling was shoes. I had to try various shades of pink, gray in all types of footwear such as pumps, long boots and ankle boots. But I wasn’t happy with any of the combination until I pulled out this pair of mid-length boots that had a colour that fell in-between pink and gray called Powder Pink. This seemed to work best without stealing focus from the hot pink purse that I used as my focus for this particular look.

To complete this fun but elegant look, I used a new hair released by 69 which is a long (but not too long) natural looking hair with soft waves.

Outfit: Atelier La Bubu, Londonize Memore Dress
Shrug: Bliss Couture, OPhelia Mink Shrug (pink)
Purse: Pulchritude, Hot Pink Snakeskin Purse
Long Socks: PicoPure Charmmy, #2005 Socks (light pink)
Boots: Maitreya, Dune (powder pink)
Hair: 69, Glow 10 (offblack)
Skin: Sawode, Glamour Pale Skin (makeup 6)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Supermodel, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.