I have two shows coming up!

May 1 (Saturday) from 2pm SLT, I will be directing a show I produced for edo Tone’s Narkissos Fashion Village. Here, 7 brands all with gorgeous gowns and outfits will be showing thier newest releases and the most amazing thing is that Angel Dessous, formerly known as a high quality lingerie store will be showing four wedding gowns!

Styles of edo presents
Narkissos Fashion Show
on the Styles of edo runway
May 1 (Sat), 2pm SLT


Following the Narkissos Fashion Show, I will be directing another show I am producing with Boulevard Agency.

May 6 (Thursday) from 2pm SLT, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion will celebrate its 1st Anniversay with a show on the Boulevard Agency Runway! This will also be a spectacular show with lots of glam and hot hot male males wearing extremely little material over their sexy bodies. lol

Boulevard Agency presents
Champagne! Sparkling Fashion 1st Anniversary Show
on the Boulevard Agency Runway
May 6 (Thur), 2pm SLT

By the way, I made both invitation graphics myself. Whoot, I’m getting a better hang of this graphic program and I’m so thoroughly enjoying it! 😀

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Big New Releases at Styles of edo! Pearls and Gowns

This weekend, Styles of edo has decided to release a new gown called Swanilda, which is a long gown version of Coppelia and also their very first pearl jewelry, the Akoya Pearl Series. I will post about the Swanilda release in a separate post.

If you know anything about pearls, you should be excited! The Akoya Pearls were natural pearls (non-cultured) that existed in the early 1900’s that are no longer produced or available except as antique pearl jewelry. A real Akoya Pearl triple strand can cost something like US$50,000 or more and are true luxuries which you will be lucky enough if you found a good one on sale. Well, this is Second Life! Make your jewelry dream come true!

edo has launched 4 necklace types, single strand, long single strand, double strand and triple strand together with 2 types of earrings, studded pearl earrings and drop type earrings. Note the creamy pinkish colour of the pearls. Pink pearls are the most expensive pearls you can get as it is not easy to match up the colours of pearls to make a whole necklace or any piece of jewelry with pink coloured pearls. The pearl jewelry that just came out from Styles of edo are all pinkish and creamy that comes from aging.

The backside of the necklaces are also made to first class quality with a detailed necklace buckle as you can see from a picture I have taken below.

You might be wondering if edo Tone is now making jewelry. Well, not really. The idea and concept of these pearl jewelry came from edo Tone while the actual creation was done by the Chrissy Ambrose, designer and creator of jewelry who owns Virtual Impressions. This explains the quality of the pieces. So let me show you what these two have come up with as a collaborative work.

Styles of edoAkoya Pearl Single Strand

Styles of edoAkoya Pearl Single Strand (long)

Styles of edoAkoya Pearl Double Strand

Styles of edoAkoya Pearl Triple Strand

The back side of the pearl necklaces (the one shown here is a triple strand)

To go to Styles of edo, click here.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio