Getting Ready For Christmas! – Fellini Couture

When I saw the photograph of this new release for Christmas from Fellini Couture on November 24th, I just had to get it! Teddy bears!! So I teleported right away to grab Joy Fellini’s new Christmas gown that was simply called Christmas Gown.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming very difficult for me to style, takes photographs and post a blog all on the same day but I still love to blog whenever I see something I really like. So it’s already 6 days past from the release day but here it is!

Fellini Couture – Christmas Gown

This was the cutest and most glamorous Christmas outfit I had ever seen. It comes with this elaborate head piece with lots of Christmas tree ornaments hanging from it and as you can see in the photographs, it has teddy bears holding presents, more Christmas ornaments and ribbons attached to the skirt part. The teddy bears all wear Christmas caps and they are simply adorable!

Here I wore a different skin than my usual skin from Lionskins. It’s one of the skins from the NOVA skin series and I loved how it gives me a very innocent look without looking too childish.

The hair I am wearing is also a new release from Tukinowaguma called Satomi that has a these sharp cut bangs and side hair giving it a very Japanese look. It comes with flower ornaments in several different colours but here I wore it without the flowers. This hair can be a great hair to wear with relatively casual kimonos too (in other words, kimonos that are not Oiran kimonos or any of those elaborate ones).

Yay! I’m all ready for Christmas! All I need are lots of prezzies coming my way. 😛

Gown: Fellini Couture, Christmas Gown
Jewelry: Alienbear Design, Silvester White Set
Nails: Candy Nail, #P034 Hime White
Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style, Satomi without the flower ornament (ebony)
Skin: Lionskins, NOVA Fair 5

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Holiday Limited Edition Dress From Chantkare

It’s that time of the year when many boutiques release “Christmas dresses” and none other than Chantkare did the same. BUT….it’s not a design that screams out Christmas and I can wear it any other time without feeling like the I’m wearing something totally out of season. That’s what happens with most of the so called “Christmas” or “Holiday” dresses. You can ONLY wear it during that time of the year and once Christmas is over, it goes deeeeeeeeep inside my inventory, never to come out again. This one from Chantkare, however, is a dress I wouldn’t mind wearing in January or any time for that matter, and yet it looks Christmassy if you wore it now!

The top has a one shoulder design with a texture that uses red and green. Chritmassy….yes. But the colours are relatively subdued almost reminding me of country style British fabric for furniture or curtains. I like this a lot. It’s elegant for one thing but the red lace layer that shows from underneath adds the fun and makes it a bit sexy too.

The skirt is a lacy prim skirt but there is one bit on the left that uses a different kind of lace, like flower petals, in brighter red. This adds a nice accent to the skirt and I’m loving it! What’s more nice is that unlike many limited edition dresses, this outfit is sold for only 275L. I really think this is great value for the lindens you spend.

The skin I am wearing is a Suzana skin from Lion Skins. With all the colours they have for make ups, you can often find one that matches outfits. By the way, the link I have below is for Lion Skin’s new store location.

Chantkare – Holiday Limited Edition Dress

Outfit: Chantkare, Holiday Limited Edition Dress
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Badseed)
Necklace: Styles of edo, Cream Akoya Pearls、Triple Strand Necklace
Earrings: Styles of edo, Cream Akoya Pearls、Studded Earrings
Hair: R’s Hair Style, “Kay” (black)
Skin: Lion Skins, Suzana fair #50

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

Fun, Fun, Fun at ALB Dream Fashion!

I tp’d to ALB Dream Fashion as I heard that AnaLee had put out an advent calendar. Ooooh those happy and sweet memories! As a child, I used to LOVE advent calendars. Not that you get anything from them but by opening the windows every day, I would count the days till Christmas and the act of opening the small windows itself was so fun!

But this time, you not only get to open the windows everyday, you receive gifts! She said she has all sorts of items in each window, jewelry, outfits, even skins! Now how fun is that!! And AnaLee always puts out great freebies every month! None of them are freebie quality. The monthly free gifts are usually a complete outfit set that can include even skins and different sets of jewelries. Even if they are not for free, I love her dynamic and So even without seeing what I get, I know this must be good. Well it started from December 1 so if you haven’t gone yet, you’ve already missed some days. So hurry down before you miss any more!

And when you get there, don’t forget to click around. She has also scattered various free gifts as well as very low priced items in her store. It’s almost like a treasure hunt, only that the gifts are not hidden. They are out there, but just may not look like gifts.

AND have some more fun while you are there. There is a skating rink outside the store, where you can get male and female skate shoes for free. There is also a lovely and charming snow covered garden where you can take a ride on a merry-go-round, buy gorgeous cushions and rugs you see placed here and there (and they are nice too! If only I had more prims…..sighs) or even enjoy a snowball fight! I was alone when I went there and when I saw a snowman that had a message that said I could get a snowball to throw and a collider for free, I thought to myself “damn! It’s no fun snowball fighting on my own. 😦 ” But when I took the snowball and collider anyway, there was a notecard that came with them that said I could even buy the snowball giver for free!! Yay! This means, I can rez this anywhere I like and let my friends take the snowball and collider also! And the collider that comes with it will make you fall if you get hit. Now THAT’s some FUN! And I don’t even have to tp my friends here for them to get the snowballs! By the way, the snowman holding the giver was free too. This will be a great set up for a Christmas party!

So I came back home with a huge smile on my face. I not only got a lot of great items for free, I had so much fun and even enjoyed a nostalgic and sweet time remembering my childhood days. Seriously, this advent calendar is something you really don’t want to miss.

Have fun!!

The HUGE advent calendar placed on the right wall outside the entrance to the store.

Click here for a limo to ALB Dream Fashion.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.