Vintage Beauty

Vintage designs have its own place in fashion. They used to be the leading the trends of the times be it the 20’s, 30’s or 50’s but now, since they fall out of the “current trend” they have become “timeless.” In other words, they have won their own place in fashion.

I have a love for timeless fashion. Especially when it comes to elegance, the haute couture fashion in the old days had a touch of elegance that, in my mind, no other fashion can even try to compete.

So naturally, I have a huge inventory of vintage fashion and wear them from time to time. Sonatta Morales is one of the stores I love dearly and it’s one of the stores I pay regular visits to whenever I have a craving for retail therapy. In other words, even when I am not on a mission to find particular items for a certain styling project I have, I would just drop by to satisfy my craving.

Today I wore “Arabesque”, a lovely delicate outfit using lots of lace. Hats are also a must item for vintage fashion and the outfit sets that have hats included also serve as my source of hat collection. I often use only the hats to match with other outfits when I want that vintage feel to the look.

The jewelry I wore here is the “Cupid Set” from R.A.Crystal, a Japanese jewelry store with Rama Anatime as the creator. What I like about Rama’s collection is that she always includes two sets of the same necklace with one attaching to the spine and another attaching to the chest. I often have to reattach necklaces if they interfere with other outfit parts but it saves a lot of time with her sets because I can just select the one that doesn’t interfere. It’s a little thought that goes a long way.

Sonatta Morales – Arabesque with Cupid Set from R.A.Crystal

Outfit: Sonatta Morales, Arabesque
Stockings: ALB Dream Fashion, Cuban Classic Stockings (black)
Jewelry: R.A.Crystal, Cupid Set
Purse: Baiastice, Precious Black Hand Bag
Hair: Lamb, Ghost (ink)
Shoes: Baiastice, Crystal (jade)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Classic Designs From The Golden Ages

A model friend of mine gave me a lead to an awesome store called “Sonatta Morales Atelier de Couture.” I have to admit, I had not known this store and I feel almost ashamed that I hadn’t as it was full of classic designs from the 1930’s to 1960’s. The days of Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly….the Golden Ages of Hollywood.

Sonatta Moreles, the designer behind all the stunning designs says her designs were influenced by her childhood when cinema was very important and she had watched all the movies with these elegant actresses who were not only elegant but had a flare of sexiness and glam.

Instead of my usual blog style where I pick up one outfit and show details, I decided to show three outfits to show the kind of outfits I am talking about. She also has lovely gowns so I will take them up gradually in my usual style.

The first one is called “Tulip.” I am sure the name comes from the tulip petal like prim piece that is attached to the waist, giving this outfit an interesting spin to an otherwise very simple black dress. It is accompanied by a matching hat, gloves and matching pair of shoes using the same texture. The elegance of this simple piece is almost beyond my ability to explain.

Sonatta Morales – Tulip

The next outfit is called “Bentley.” It also comes with matching hat, gloves and shoes using the same texture and has a jacket you can take off to reveal a sleeveless top with a bow tied at the neck and the back of this top is bare.

There was two versions of the same hat in the set. One with a classic looking hair and also one without hair. I am sure many of you have had the experience of having to find the right hair to wear with a hat, or having to edit hair prim by prim to hide all the prim pieces that stick out of the hat. With this, you won’t have to worry about any of that and still wear your favorite hair if you had one that matches.

Sonatta Morales – Bentley

The last outfit is called “Opium.” It is a sleek black dress with fur around the neck, covering the shoulders. This outfit comes with a small and elegant hat with net covering the entire face with bright orange butterflies attached as effective ornaments. This set comes with a hat including the net, a pair of black stockings with a tiny butterfly on one ankle, gloves and all the butterfly attachments to complete the look.

In case you want classic looking hair styeles this shop also has some hair that perfectly matches the styles of these times. In the next picture, I am wearing one of those hair that I found in her store. The outfit does not come with shoes but with this outfit, matching shoes will not be a problem as you can simply wear nice black pumps to complete the classic look.

Sonatta Morales – Opium

Click here for a limo to Sonatta Morales Atelier de Couture.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model and writer for the Best of SL Magazine and Runway Magazine.