A Fun Spring Look From WigWamBam

WigWamBam is a store I make sure I visit once in a while to check out new items. This is what I hate about not having enough group slots. I have no slots left to join fav store groups so I either join subscribe-o-matics where I can or make sure I visit to check out myself. WigWamBam is one such store.

And I found this new release. The Paris Sweater Dress.

It’s a charming and fun mini dress with Eiffel Tower printed on the front and as you can see, the colour is tricolour too. I love gorgeous and extravagant gowns but on the other hand, I absolutely love these simple casual dresses and this one really made me smile.

So I decided to play with the colours in the dress, especially red, and matched red shoes, red sunglasses and a big red bag which is another colour variation of the olive bag I showed a few days ago.

The sunglasses I am wearing is colour changing and I can change the colour of the frame and lens by simply clicking on it. The red shoes is from Kookie. I fell in love with this cute wedge form and the price was so reasonable! I thought the round shape of these shoes would match the cute look of the mini dress.

Matching red jewelry would be too much. So I matched simple gold hoops from Chloe and also a colour changing bangle from Bax Coen Accesories.

Mini dress: WigWamBam, Paris Mini Dress
Bag: +plus*, Glam Tote Bag (red)
Sunglasses: ottico, Numero 75
Earrings: Chloe, Golden Hoop Earrings
Bangles: Bax Coen Accessories, Bax Bracelets (Denim Charm)
Shoes: Kookie, Kat Platforms (red)
Hair: Amrita, Prim Hair [Ea]

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

New Releases For Your Spring Wardrobe

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So today, I am introducing some lovely new releases that are not only reasonably priced but also great adds to anybody’s spring wardrobe.

The first one is a tight mini dress from Prism Haute Couture Clothing called “Musique Bandage Dress by Journey.” Journey McLaglen, the designer for this brand did such a wonderful job with the colour selection of this mini dress. The form itself is very simple, which allows the lovely colours used to be emphasized and I seriously have no words to praise her for her taste in colours. In spite of the numbers of colours she has used, no one colour stands out and they all blend beautifully into this spring creation. Kudos to the designer also for the great work she has done to match the seams and prim parts. Again, inspite of using so many colours and in horizontal lines, the sides and the lines in the prim part match beautifully and I admire the patience she had to get this right to this high quality level.

The next new release is a preview of the “Glam Tote Bag” from +plus*. Helena Compton had always been one of my favorite designers of accessories ever since I started blogging and she will be coming up with a miriad of colours with a new bag for those people who want that ‘spice’ added to their fashion to make a difference.

Here, I am holding the olive coloured bag but as always, the quality of her bags and accessories are worth checking out if you haven’t yet. Being a graphic designer in RL, Helena’s creations are always a great addition that I rely heavily on for my own styling needs and I am happy to introduce this new tote bag she will be releasing very soon.

And last but not least, another of my all time favorites in brands, Petal Meg. The colours in Fuscia Jewell’s new release “Hydrangea Tied Lariat” was perfect to add as a piece of jewelry to this spring look. I love to use her flower petal jewelry when I want some colours and also when I don’t want to use ‘heavy’ items such as gems or metal pieces and today’s fashion was exactly that.

Fuscia actually uses flower petals covered in resin to create these lovely and sweet creations in real life and she sells the same jewelry in SL as well as RL. I also have some of her real creations in RL and it is not just such a lovely jewelry to own, it is such joy to think that I own the same items as my avatar in SL!! If you are interested, you can buy her RL items in her Petal Meg Website which is where I got mine too. She will ship them to all areas of the globe so this is another thing worth checking out for your RL spring wardrobe as well.

Mini Dress: Prism Haute Couture Clothing, Musique Bandage Dress by Journey

Necklace: Petal Meg Jewellery, Hydrangea Tied Lariat Necklace

Bag: +plus*, Glam Tote Bag (olive)

Nails: Flirts, Metal Girl Collection, Burgundy Dance

Boots: Alpestyle, Funky Boots

Hair: BishWear, Empress (black)

Skin: Minnu, MMS Pale Flower (this skin is no longer available)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

New Coat Collection from Styles of edo

Styles of edo, that has been launching a lot of new items lately has now come up with two new coat collection to prepare us for the winter season. Vivace, a short coat with a pants set and also Andante, a long version with short pants and stockings have been released together with Tahitian Black Pearls and also a creamy coloured pearl jewelry from Styles of edo. Here I will show Vivace and Andante.

Vivace is a short coat that comes in 5 colours; black, brown, pink, blue and green. All coats have these colours weaved with black so none of them are bright coloured. Here I am wearing pink and as you can see, pink is really not pink pink, but more of a subdued colour that is “pinkish.” It has fluffy fur surrounding the neck and sleeve ends for a classy and elegant look. Here, I have worn it with the pants set that comes with the coat. A patterned shirt and a dark gray pants that matches the coat but these can be changed to any outfit you have that can be worn underneath.

I wore this set with a hat and also with a clutch bag that I got from one of my favorite stores that sells great accessories as well as shapes and skins, “+plus*.” Helena Compton of “+plus*” has many attractive bags as well as other items that you can choose from to match with your outfits and I must say, I must have bought out her whole store! I have to look for items I don’t have yet as I love her items so much. If you haven’t yet, you must go down and see for yourself. By the way, it seems like she has moved her store so if you have been there but haven’t visited for a while, try to tp from the link below and make a new LM so you have her new store location.

I wore this set with the Tahitian Black Pearl necklace. Tahitian pearls are known to be at the highest of quality in black pearls and the colour is very distinctive, being of a somewhat greenish black when it shines. edo Tone, was very particular in getting this colour reproduced in SL when he had Chrissy Ambrose of Virtual Impressions make the jewelry for him. And you can see that the efforts paid off as the pearls are not just plain black but generates a lovely greenish shine that must had been hard to achieve in SL.

Styles of edo – Vivace (pink)

Coat and pants set: Styles of edo, Vivace (pink)
Necklace: Styles of edo, Short Single Strand Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace
Earrings: Styles of edo, Short Single Strand Tahitian Black Pearl Studded Earrings
Short Boots: Biddle Boots, Pirate Ankle Boots Black
Hat: Hat Heaven, Red and Black Regal Feathered Hat
Clutch Bag: +plus*, Big Clutch in Croco Leather
Hair: Sirena, Josephine (Black – Midnight)
Skin: Tuli, Meredith (light) nicely nude

The next one is the long version, Andante. Here I wore the black version but the sets come in the same 5 colours as Vivace, black, brown, pink, blue and green. But here, instead of the shirt that came with it, I wore the new top released from Baiastice as the shirt that came with the set was the same as the one that came in the Vivace set. I matched it up with the new bag that was also released from Baiastice and another one of the Black Pearls Collection necklace but this time in double strand to match with more volume that I have with the longer coat. Again, this coat can be worn with other outfits you have that can be worn underneath so long as it is not a jacket layer and it does not take up the prim parts attachment places that the coat needs.

Styles of edo – Andante (black)

Long coat & short pants set: Styles of edo, Andante (black)
Top inside the coat: Baiastice, Top (red)
Bag: Baiastice, Twiggy bag, Whitness resize
Necklace: Styles of edo, Double Strand Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Short Boots: Bax Coen Designs, Ankle Boots Black Patent
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Fingernails, Dark Red (White tips)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio