A Cool Leather Suit From Japan

I love leathers in RL and when I saw found tiny vendor pics with this leather jacket and pants, which I had to zoom right into in order to see what it was like, I jumped with excitement. Even with the small sized pics, I could see that these were really cool and I just had to buy them. Well being from Japanese stores where prices in general tend to be much lower than other parts of SL, I wasn’t too worried about the price. They were conveniently sold separately so anybody who doesn’t want a whole suit but wants a cool leather jacket can just purchase the jacket without the pants. Or if you want a cool leather pants, you can buy it without the jacket.

The white pattern on black leather in this set was absolutely something I could die for. I might be a bit shy to wear this in RL but hey, this is SL! I might as well enjoy this awesome design. The leather texture was really realistic too and the jacket had shirrings on the side so that the jacket would have a nice fit while still being comfortable to move in.

For boots, I wore these flat biker boots from Drawmachine. I know many people will wear heels but in my mind, a pair of leather pants that are made as stylish pants can be worn with heels but if they look like biker type pants, flat boots look a lot more cool. Of course in RL, leathers make a lot more sense in terms of safety when riding bikes. Jeans can rip to pieces in just a fall, let alone an accident and when you do wear leathers for bikes, you would be choosing flat boots. So I feel it’s also a lot more realistic and makes a lot more sense, aside from the aesthetic reason.

Cold winter should be ending soon and I can’t wait for spring when bike rides will be at it’s best!

Leather jacket: W&T, Leather Jacket _002 (White)
Leather pants: W&T, Leather Pants _006-1
Boots: Drawmachine, Ladies Biker Boots Classic
Nails: Love Soul, Nail Dark Color French – A (black)
Hair: Art Lago, Shima Long Hair
Skin: Belleza, Brooke fair 11

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Runway Magazine, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.