Kouse’s Sanctum New Release: Sandrah

I have ALL the colours of Kouse’s Sanctum to show you again. I just love the feminine touch of Kouse’s gowns! With “Sandrah”, designer and creator, Kouse Singh has both solid colours and also white based gowns with a touch of different colours used which makes the gowns look very delicate and dainty.

For the top, you get a choice of long sleeves and short sleeves and after wearing all the colours, I realized that the solid colours tend to look better with long sleeves as those are more elegant, whereas the white based gowns looks sweeter with short sleeves. But that’s all an individual’s choice. You get both sleeves so try them out yourself!

So here are all the colours. Enjoy!!

Sandrah – Blood

Sandrah – Blue

Sandrah – Forest

Sandrah – Golden

Sandrah – Grape

Sandrah – Lavendar

Sandrah – Pink

Sandrah – Sappire

Sandrah – Silver

It was so cute and sweet that I decided to take a pic as a fae using the pink Sandrah.

Gown: Kouse’s Sanctum, Sandrah (all colours)
Necklace: Kouse’s Sanctum, Prelude Necklace (silver)
Circlet: Kouse’s Sanctum, Prelude Circlet (silver)
Hair: Cake, Faith (black & pink)

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio & Briez Photography model.

New Releases From Kouse’s Sanctrum

Aside from modeling and blogging, another aspect of Second Life that I enjoy immensely is the free time I spend in a medieval fantasy RP sims of Avilion. So naturally I need gowns that I can wear here but they need to be gowns that are not so modern looking. Kouse’s Sanctum is a store that specializes in gowns that can be worn in Avilion, but that means that they are also gorgeous gowns you can wear anywhere as a formal outfit. If you visit her store, I am sure anybody will be overwelmed by the variety of gowns and colour variations that are available!!

For this new release, Kouse has come up with 10 stunning colours in a gown called Briar Rose. Each of the gowns have a solid coloured underskirt overlaid with a sheer textured skirt in the same colour, giving the gown a romantic image which, together with the ruffle on the sleeves, gives the gowns a very charming and sweet look. The prim skirt attaches slightly low on the waist, showing the feminine curves which was a design feature that I loved so much about this dress.

I must add that each gown has a circlet included in the set as shown in the picture below. This circlet is colour changing by clicking on the circlet which allows you to match the jewelry with your choice of gown colour or even wear it with any other outfit you like!

Just look at the array of colours available. It will be very hard to decide on just one colour but with all the 10 that are available, I am sure almost anybody will be able to find one that will fit her taste.

Briar Rose – Azure

Briar Rose – Blood

Briar Rose – Cotton Candy

Briar Rose – Emerald

Briar Rose – Grape

Briar Rose – Lavender

Briar Rose – Midnight

Briar Rose – Moonbeam

Briar Rose – Ocean

Briar Rose – Sky Blue

Gowns: Kouse’s Sanctum (includes colour changing circlet)
Hair: Laqroki, Champagne

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Model Management and Second Look Studio