Went To MAD Agency’s “Hunger Games” Party!

The Capitol fashion by Kay Fairey

On Saturday, April 28, MAD Agency, where I am registered as a model had a party based on a “Hunger Games” theme.  “Hunger Games” is a film based on Susan Collins’ novel published in 2008 with the same title and it has become known for the couture fashion that is worn by the people in the futuristic nation where the story is staged called The Capitol.

There was a styling contest and unfortunately I didn’t win.  But it was a lot of fun styling for this and that was the most important thing. 🙂

So this was my version of The Capitol fashion using a mix n match of different outfits.

I am not going to paste a link of the place where I got these outfits….as it will be featured by the Best of SL Magazine, May issue which will be published in 2 more days on May 1.  If you are interested to find out where I got them, please read my article in this issue.  Hahaha, that was some shameless self-promotion. 😛  But on a more serious note, I did not want to spoil the fun.

Styling notes:

  • Outfit:  Please check out the Best of SL Magazine, May 2012 Issue for the store name.
  • Hat:  Bliss Couture, Beatrice Hat (Birds of Paradise)
  • Shoes:  Nardcotix, Mana Miranda Wedges (Olive)