Yes, it’s Discord again!!! Whoooot!

Yup it’s me and Discord again. One of my fav Japanese stores when I don’t feel like wearing formal gowns. The outfits here are avanguard, a bit grunge, unique and what’s best, so reasonable!

This red outfit, RETSU-ZEN, for example is being sold for ONLY 99L! And look at the fine details! I also love how the prim parts move as I walk. RETSU-ZEN comes in 6 colours. Note how the “obi (the ribbon part)” and the bottom prim parts add such movement to the outfit. The rear view is quite striking too.

I am wearing this with Discord’s newly released SOKU-RI sandals. Discord outfits have so much impact that a regular pair of sandals or shoes will be hard to match. But these sandals match perfectly and it comes with a colour changing feature where you can click on each shoe to change the colour into a total of 8 colours. So if you have one pair, you can match it up with any of Discord’s outfits in the store. I also love the small details like the tiny charm of a chain that is added just for fun. This awesome sandal is a whopping 120L! Not bad at all!

The necklace and earrings I am wearing are from RYCA. I needed something in silver colour, as the outfit has a bit of silver around the chest area, and something with enough volume so it won’t get buried under the dynamic impact RETSU-ZEN has.

Outfit: Discord, RETSU-ZEN red
Sandal: Discord, SOKU-RI (colour changing, 8 colours)
Necklace: RYCA, Crown Platinum
Earrings: RYCA, freebies (both gold and silver earrings come in this set)
Hair: Discord, prim hair KISARAGI black

Video of our July 5th Fashion Show is up!

A video of a show by our model agency, Premiere Modeling Management, is completed! Enjoy!

“Passion for Fashion” Summer Collection by Japanese designers featuring…….

azul (now Styles of edo)- Mami Jewell
ce cubic effect – Mirai Jun
Discord – Orange Meili
ottico – Youki Rau
Hays Uriza – Haysuriza foorwear

Models (in order of appearance);
Kay Fairey
Salvo Waydelich
Westwind Ackland
Vixie Rayna
Milana Henley
Nino heartsdale
Alexia Vultee
Yoanna Aluveaux
Danica Slade
Lesley Oceanlane
Wyntir jewell
Miyabi Kirax

And poor Clarabelle couldn’t be in the show as she was on vacation. Wait….poor Clarabelle??? She was the one having fun while we were working!