Two New Releases From Gizza

Here I have the two most recent releases from Gizza.  The first one is called “Wild Attack“.  This is complete outfit set that includes everything from outfits, scarf, shoes, jewelry and even a turban that will replace hair.  Of course, you can use your own items instead of the items in this set to style this but this is a great set when you are feeling lazy or when you don’t have much time looking for items.

Gizza – Wild Attack
The next one is a completely different style of outfit and it’s called “!O“.  At first sight, this outfit looks like a mermaid gown but it is actually a body suit with stockings with exaggerated ruffles around the hem of both legs as well as collar.
Very creative and elegant!
I matched this with earrings and a bracelet from the Milano Collection by Morantique.  The quality of the chunky jewelry Mo Miasma creates using 3D textures that she creates are amazing and seriously worth a peep in the store.
Gizza – !O

Styling list for the first outfit.
Everything you see in this picture is from Gizza, Wild Attack.
Styling list for the second outfit.
Outfit:  Gizza, !O
Hair & Hat:  Boudoir, Sugarplum Coiffure (black)
Jewelry:  Morantique, Milano Collection (only used earrings and bracelet)
Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive Director, LOOK Elite Models COO, Fashion Editor for the Best of SL Magazine, Producer and Host for “SLTV Fashion Style – The Runway” which is a bi-weekly live fashion program by Second Life TV in SL Japan.

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