Looking For A Party Dress?

This is the fun time of the year when we have lots of parties coming up till the end of the year and also a time when we have to watch our weights! (Yikes!) Some parties will be formal so you might be looking for a gorgeous gown and some will be less formal. But no matter what the dress code is, it’s nice to be dressed to impress.

As most of you know, SL has LOTs of gowns and we can find lovely gowns quite easily. But what about cocktail dresses or dresses that will make you look fab when dancing?

Samahi Couture is a store you might want to check out. It has so many styles that you’ll have a hard time choosing what you want to buy and so much variety in both bright, striking colours as well as chic colours like black and gray.

What’s stunning is the array of glitter dresses you can find. Samahi Couture is not all about glitter but it’s certainly a store you want to check out for that party glitter! Here I am introducing two outfits I liked. Yes, you guessed right! I couldn’t make up my mind and ended up getting two myself! 😛

The first one is called Ka’tching Dress. It’s a lovely pink glitter dress that comes with an asymmetrical cocktail length skirt as well as a full ballroom gown skirt so you can pick the skirt depending on how you want to style it. I am sure gown skirt will make you stand out with all its glitter in a formal scene but I particularly liked the shorter skirt. I think this will look lovely with dance movements which is a must for fun parties.

Samahi Couture – Ka’tching Dress

The second dress is a chic and yet gorgeous mini dress called Silver Snake Dress. It is basically a white and transparent mini dress with snake like patterns made with silver glitter. This dress is very stylish, sexy and can be styled in so many ways. I love dresses that give me flexibility to style. 😀

Samahi Couture – Silver Snake Dress

Here, I styled it with a blue jewelry set from By Alexander. The solid bright blue of these jewelry pieces were perfect to make a sleek, fashionable look while being also playful and sexy.

1. Ka’tching Dress
Outfit: Samahi Couture, Ka’tching Dress
Necklace: RYCA, Cross Gold Necklace
Earrings: RYCA, B Chandelier Earring Gold
Bangles: RYCA, Gold Bangle DX
Sandals: B&G, Amanda (rosa)
Nails: Candy Nails, #NS000 Basic Light (pink)
Hair: Alli & Ali Designs, Maryanne Hair (black)
Skin: Sowade, Glamour Pale Skin (makeup 5)

2. Silver Snake Dress
Outfit: Samahi Couture, Silver Snake Dress
Jewelry: By Alexander, Sylvie Collection Saphire
Nails: Candy Nails, #005 Jewels (blue)
Boots: Courtisane, Allumeuse Boots (snow)
Hair: Cake, Absolute
Skin: Sowade, Glamour Sunkissed Skin, makeup 1

Posted by Kay Fairey, Modavia Supermodel, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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