A New Casual From Kunglers

One of the recent releases from Kunglers caught my eye. “Lucylle” which came in three colour variations but I got the one that was labelled “blue.” It was a casual style that was hmmmm….how shall I put it….”a controlled explosion of colours.” Some days I want to dress chic and elegant, but there are days when I want fun in my styling and it was one of those days when I came across “Lucylle” and I couldn’t leave without getting it.

I must say, I had a blast styling this. The colours that are in the skirt are so varied and so interesting that depending on what colour you add to the look, the whole image changes like a chameleon. And it was fun mixing and matching various items that might look nice with this outfit. The bright colours used do pose some difficulty in SL where it’s not always easy to get the exact colour you want but I guess that is the same in RL. But with so many colour options you have that you can pick from the skirt, it’s a fun process to see what I can match.

Whenever I want bright colours, the first place I turn to is ALB Dream Fashion that always never fails me with items that come in lovely bright colours. The colours that designer AnaLee Balut uses are very complicated colours and not just plain bright pink or orange, for example, just like the pair of shoes I am wearing in these pics. She has a distinctive style with her colours which I love so much. And sure enough, she had the exact shoes I was looking for. Stylish pumps in a blend of pink/orange. 😀

Then I added a brand new release from PISA where Japanese creator Emi Woller offers some very detailed formal jewelry that are usually based on classic Italian designs. This newly released necklace, however, was a fun item designed around grapes. She made a necklace with a grape pattern but also came up with colours inspired by the various grape species you can get. Like this one I wore was inspired by muscat grapes with a refreshing green colour that was then translated as peridot gem.

Then for hair, I chose Eran 2 from Mirone which is a hair shop by another Japanese creator, Miu Edman. It’s a fun casual hair with colour changing hair band that will be a nice hair to have in the coming summer months as it should look really nice with swimming wear. In fact, there is a Mirone store right next to PISA’s main store. So you might want to check out both.

So thanks to AvaGardner Kungler and her wonderful creation, I ended up having a great time styling and so much fun!

Outfit: Kunglers, Lucylle (blue)
Shoes: ALB Dream Fashion, SUSA Heels shoes
Necklace: PISA, Grape Necklace By Peridot (gold version)
Nails: These nails were part of the “Lucylle” set
Hair: Mirone, Eran 2 (ebony)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple “Black Rose”

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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