Sweet, cute, lovely…..Reale

If you’re like me and sometimes want to wear sweet and cute clothes, a store by desinger Mallu Mayo called Reale is a place to go shopping! The moment you step in, you’ll scream with excitement. Lots and lots of sweet clothes and beautiful colours will jump in your eyes (ok….I mean, once the place is rezzed of course). What is so great about this store is that the outfits are sweet but never “over done” and are also stylish at the same time. I know you have come across some stores that are just cutey pies with no taste so I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

What is the best about Reale is that the prices are so reasonable. You can come out with a big smile on your face if you had 200L, which also means that if you have more, there is a high probability that you will be walking out with more than one outfit as it’s so hard to decide on just one in this store.

So today, I have the Floratta Long Dress with pansies. This is a rare long dress here as most of the outfits are short but not rediculously short as a lot of the outfits in SL are. I must admit, I really don’t like the short short prim skirts that spread out like ballet costumes. Maybe it’s because I saw too many of these as a newbie. They just look unreal and unnatural.

The Floratta Long Dress comes in four different flower colours although the base colour is always white. Purple (the one I am showing here), pink, orange and red. All colour variations are so lovely and for those who can’t make up their mind, of course, there is a fat pack available. (lol)

Outfit: Reale, Floratta Long Dress (pansies)
Bangles: Persona, Bangles (violets)
Nails: Love Soul, Nail Silver Gradation (purple)
Shoes: Phoenix Rising, Bow Flats (white)
Hair: 69, Model Hair 02 (off black)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple, Bouquet

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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