A Formal Wear That We Have Been Waiting For!

Yes! At last, after Styles of edo had been creating men’s high quality formal wear for so long, winning the “MFA 2008 Best Male Fashion Label” and “Vain Inc. Readers’ Choice Award 2008, Best Male Formal Wear” only last week, edo Tone has finally decided to share his talent for the SL ladies to enjoy.

He had made a single lady’s suit last year for a charity auction for RFL. However, no regular items of such was ever introduced that customers can go buy in his store. Finally they are here! The “Black Suit for Women” and the “Red Suit for Women” were released only today!

Haven’t you ever thought you could never stand out in a sea of beautiful ladies with gowns? In such an environment, a sharp and smart look of a lady in a men’s suit can be so much more sexy and so much more cool! Just like Yves Saint Laurent when he introduced the very first pants suit for ladies…..it was welcomed by awe and still remains a legend in the history of fashion.

The key becomes styling, however. If you just threw on these suits, they can look like women wearing men’s suits. As simple as that. So what do we do? I think we should try to look as sleek, sharp, smart and sophisticated as possible, yet have some leeway to reveal some sexiness, which should never be over done. Too much ends up in bad taste. Of course, this is my personal taste, so I am sure there will be others who will think otherwise. But this is how I styled them.

For the black suit, I wanted a very sharp look with red as the focal colour. So I wanted some short red gloves but I couldn’t find the right colour and style so I quickly made my own. It’s not hard. Just go into appearance, click on gloves, make new outfit, choose the length, texture (if you have any appropriate ones but don’t worry if you don’t) and colour. Voila! You have your own red gloves. I also added red with the tiny bit of shirt that shows from underneath the jacket as well as my lips and shoes.

Oh and one more tip about makeup. For makeup, your face should be imagined as scoring 100% with all the features. So if you use strong lip colour, it works best if you refrain from using strong colours on your eyes. On the other hand, if you used strong colours for your eye shadow and a lot of it too, the lip should be more subdued. Of course, there are irregular makeup designs that aim to achieve certain images or looks but this is the basic yard stick which I learned in RL when I was trained by a makeup artist and for regular makeup, it helps me avoid big mistakes. So here, the make up I chose focuses on the red lip and the eyes are less focused except for some lashes.

As for the red suit, I added a bit more softness overall in my choices. I still like my hair short but the one I am wearing with the red suit is a bit more round and soft. I also wore a lingerie bustier from Angel Dessous instead of a shirt since all you’ll see is the lace part and it conveniently exposes a bit of my tummy. 😛 With a belly button showing, I might want to add a belly ring here but then I remembered. This is styled as a formal wear. So in thit case, no belly ring. I often see people who will wear belly rings whenever their belly buttons are exposed but belly rings are also a jewelry piece and you want to be selective when it will be better to have one or not. Another thing I kept in mind was to not add too much red. The suit is red already so too much red becomes an over-kill. So here, I chose a sharp looking makeup with pale lips and pale red nails too. The shoes I chose is also a sharp looking pair as in the black suit but this time, a plain black pair.

Now jewelry. With these kind of outfits, glittering pieces with lots of gems or very flowery, feminine designs won’t match since I am going after a sharp look. It was only by coincidence that the best pearls I know in SL were released from Styles of edo also. I often wear the triple strand necklaces for my gowns but here I chose the single strands for simplicity. Akoya pearls (antique pearls which I blogged about earlier) for the black suit and for the red, I chose the Tahitian Pearls which are the greenish black pearls, also the best I’ve seen in SL so far. Of course, earrings should be simple too, so I chose the plain studded earrings.

Both suits have pants that come in underpants and pants layers and also in regular and low rise styles. Here in both pics, I am wearing the regular style pants.

Oh damn. I am talking way too much! I should just show you the pics which is probably easier. 😛 My apology for getting carried away but that’s how excited I am so I hope I am forgiven.

Styles of edo – Black Suit for Women

Outfit: Styles of edo, Black Suit for Women

Shirt worn under the suit jacket: plus, The Silk Top in Red

Necklace: Styles of edo, Akoya Pearl, Short Single Strand Necklace

Earrings: Styles of edo, Akoya Pearl, Studd Earrings

Shoes: Styles of edo, Eiris, Straight Strp Pointed Pumps (blood red)

Gloves: Made by Kay

Hair: The Abyss Hair, Secret

Skin: Minnu, New York, Fair makeup 6a

Styles of edo – Red Suit for Women

Outfit: Styles of edo, Red Suit for Women

Bustier worn under the suit jacket: Angel Dessous, Alexa Black

Necklace: Styles of edo, Tahitian Pearls, Short Single Strand Necklace

Earrings: Styles of edo, Tahitian Pearls, Stud Earrings

Shoes: Styles of edo, Eiris, Cross Strap Pointed Pumps (black)

Nails: Armidi, True Enhance, Painted Nails (Raspberry I)

Hair: ETD, Aleah (ebony)

Skin: Minnu, London, Fair makeup 8b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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