Opening 2009 With Bandit Jewelry Shop!

Last year, before things started to get crazy with the holiday season, I had an opportunity to model in a show that had Bandit Jewelry Shop as its jewelry sponsor. As such, I was sent a set of jewelry to match the outfit I wore at that time, and I totally fell in love with this set called “Regal set.” But of course, we only get a set to match the outfit for the show so at that time, I got the ruby set which was, of course, the set with red gems. Since then, I had used this necklace and earring set with many outfits but after all, it was only red and I started to feel the need for other colours.

The “Regal set” is a gorgeous set of necklace and earrings which can be purchased separately as well, that has tear drop shaped gems. The necklace is not too long nor is it short as a choker and it’s also this length that makes it so useful as it matches many outfits. The whole jewelry pieces can be re-sized simply by clicking on the piece. This triggers a blue menu to appear where you can choose whether you want it to be bigger or smaller. This is a great feature as sometimes, I want to emphasize the jewelry whereas other times, I might want it to be a subdued ornament that compliments the outfit.

Here I have shown them in default sizes in the pics.

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (black)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (brown)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (cyan)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (diamond)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (emerald)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (pink)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (ruby)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (topaz)

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Regal (zepphire)

Aside from the Bandit Jewelry Shop having awesome jewelry pieces, it also has very good looking watches which can easily be used to replace bracelets. On December 31, a Rolex type watch was just released which simply look so real! The second hand even moves to mark the seconds! For those who want something more feminine, there are bracelet type watches too like the “Lady Marquise Watch” which I have shown below.

Watches for men are also available so this can be a great Valentine Day present which some of you might already have started to think about.

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Oyster DayDate Lady Size Platinum

Bandit Jewelry Shop – Lady Marquise Watch, Black & White

And not only does this place have jewelry and watches, it even has footwear that are simply Divine! These sandals with lots of crystals are so pretty and great matches for a party look. As any shoes lover will know, footwear can do wonders to the whole look and the ones you can find in this store are awesome as you can see here. By the way, these sandals are re-sizeable too and they can also be purchased at Jador too.

Bandit Jewlry Shop, JPB Jador Shoes “Eternity” Platinum & Diamonds

So I used these items and wore them with a dainty black dress from A La Folie’s. Hmmm…I should have used the Marquise watch instead of this one with this particular outfit but oh well….I must say I was over excited about this watch as it simply looked so real and wanted to try it so much. 😛

With “A La FoliePassionista

Details for the above look:
Outfit: A La Folie, Passionista
Necklace and earrings set: Bandit Jewelry Shop, Regal (black)
Watch: Bandit Jewelry Shop, Oyster DayDate Lady Size Platinum
Sandals: Bandit Jewelry Shop, JPB Jador Shoes “Eternity” Platinum & Diamonds
Nails: Armidi, (True Enhance) Painted Nails – Raspberry I
Hair: MMS Hair、Hera (Jet)
Skin: MMS, New York Fair (makeup 5a)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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