An Exciting New Release From Chambre de Chocolat

I had been waiting for this moment! Eshi Otawara of Chambre de Chocolat, who has been releasing the most creative outfits such as the “Fishhook Dress”, “Three Woodpecker Dress”, “Julliet Gown” and “Black Phoenix” had come up with another exciting release! “Hibiscus Dream”, released today, is a most lovely and dreamy outfit that takes its form from a hibiscus flower, a flower with extravagant petals and an almost divine beauty.

The outfit comes with three types of clothing layers that is adorned with the petal prims that attach to both legs. The one I am wearing here in called “painted” but there is also a “petal” which is all red and “leaf” which is green. So you choose which one you want to wear and attach the two prim parts that form the gorgeous petal parts.

What looks like particles here are in fact, graphics on a transparent texture that almost looks as if you are emitting particles. In fact, I wore this to a dance hall and was immediately approached by a hostess who thought I was emitting particles. I have to admit, initially, I thought they were particles too!!

This was a love at first sight for me and I am still excited over this great outfit!!

Today, I matched it with jewelries from “the Golden Flower” which will are released very soon. It’s a most charming set that contains a necklace, bracelet and earrings, all colour change so you can change the colours of both the pearl as well as the metal parts to match whatever outfit you want to wear them with.

Outfit: Chambre de Chocolat, Hibiscus Dream by Eshi Otawara
Necklace, bracelet and earrings: The Golden Flower, Girly Ariadne Luxurious
Hair: Exxess Designs, Doggy (black)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (red)

Modeled and photographed by Kay Fairy, the Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio and Capture Creative Concept.

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