Alba Fashion: Awesome Italian Fashion At A Reasonable Price!

I was one of the models in “the Best of Italia presents Autumn Charm 2″ show that was shown on September 24th with Alba Fashion, Angel Skins, Anubis Style, !B Fashion, Cindy Looby, Clio pret a porter, CR Fashion, Heart Code, Libellula Burt, Sartoria Italiana and Toku Design.

The outfits were amazing!! I have always been a great fan of Italian designers but again, my love for Italian designs was renewed and even reinforced. And the stage was just awesome!! It was like an ancient Roman theatre with gorgeous texture used. I was so impressed that I took a simple snapshot.

Right after the show, after all the excitement had somewhat subsided, I visited the main store of one of the designers that was in the show; Alba Fashion. The store was a lovely sweet store with a big garden with charming flowers in the frontal area. And inside, it was even more lovely! I had always liked the outfits that alba2 Rossini made. They are, in general, very feminine with a great sense for designing but what I like about her designs is that they are so versatile. She has charming outfits full of flowers but then she will also have others that are more simple in texture and cool looking. The prices for the outfits is another thing that is so impressive. You would assume you’d be paying a lot more for outfits like this, but her outfits only cost around L$175 – 200!! I was expecting to pay at least double these prices!

So let me show you some of the outfits. It doesn’t even serve her right to only show three as her outfits are all so different but it’s still better than only showing one.

The first one is a gown. This gown was a lovely pale moss green gown and for some reason, I wanted to wear this with a very couture look, which is why I chose this particular skin and hair. It will be a lovely gown to wear to a party and look very “classy”.

Alba Fashion – Aglaia

The next one is a cocktail dress which I absolutely loved. Paying L$175 for this outfit made me feel like I was a rip off!!

Alba Fashion – Black with abstract rose silk belt

And the third one is a zebra textured outfit which I also loved!

Alba Fashion – Zebra dress with metal roses belt

If you need a limo to the store, click here!!

Modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio and Captured Creative Concept.

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