It’s Getting Cooler And I Got A New Coat

OK, I know it’s still hot in many parts of the world, and even it places where they have winter, it’s not THAT cold yet. But my mind is starting to think jackets, coats, boots….all the fun fashion items that are good for winter (yes, yes, I know we don’t really feel any chill or heat for that matter…). That was my mind set when I spotted this new short coat from Baiastice. It wasn’t a new release, but being a serious shopaholic, any new item in my inventory is an excitement for me.

It’s particularly exciting when the item looks interesting… interest, I mean unusual shape, unusual colour, anything that has a unique feature to it.

This short coat from Baiastice was exactly that. Interesting shape, interesting texture, my fav colours. So how could I resist? Here I pictured myself going to a nice party on a chilly day. Not VERY cold, but cold enough to wear something as a coat but still look stylish even when I was wearing my coat.

Short coat: Baiastice, Seagull
Leggings: Mimikri, Roma Leggins (black)
Tank top: plus, Snake Top in Black (I know you can’t see it, but it’s there!)
Hat: Chapeau Tres Mignon, Golightly Hat White
Boots: Bax Coen Designs, Snakeskin boots
Nails: bijou, Nail Deep Dream (night)

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio and Breiz Photography (Captured Creative Concepts).

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