Business In Style – Glam Dreams, Coco Black Suit

2014.2.28 Glam Dream Coco Black Suit_002

In real life, I rarely wore what is generally known as business suits for women.  The office environment that surrounded me either allowed relatively free styles or when I worked for MAC cosmetics, we were only allowed to wear black but style was totally free.  Wait, I shouldn’t say “totally” free because one female staff did get banned from working in a department store booth we had when she wore only a black/white scarf twisted between her breasts and tied at the back for her top and a micro-mini short pants that almost revealed her butt cheeks.  *giggles*  So I can’t really say it was “totally” free but compared to most work places, I always had more freedom.

There were times, however, when I had to wear what is loosely called “power suits” which were female business suits that spoke silently to the counterpart that “I am serious and I mean business!”

It is almost refreshing to see such a power suit in SL where a lot of the outfits we see are either flamboyant, extravagant, fun, cute or sexy.  Coco Black Suit from Glam Dreams is exactly that suit that allows us to be serious and stylish at the same time.

I matched it with a delicate and lovely pair of glasses from Crie Style which is a rare store that specializes in glasses and monocles that no other can compare when it comes to detail and creativity.  The glasses are beyond jewelry items when it comes to the fine and minute details which never stops to amaze me.  I have to admit, I will never have the patience to build something like this without losing my mind or pulling out all my hair…or both!

2014.2.28 Glam Dream Coco Black Suit_006

  • Suit:  Glam Dreams, Coco Black Suit  NEW
  • Glasses:  Crie Style, Baroque
  • Bag:  mon tissue, Sophmore Satchel (Matted Red)
  • Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer, Necklace – Owl Jewelled (Silver, Short)
  • Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer, Earrings – St Tropez Hammered Disks (Silver)
  • Hair:  Dura, Boys & Girls #46 (Irish Coffee)
  • Pumps:  Kunglers, Morgana pumps – Metallic heel – Scarlet
  • Nails:  Nailed It – Love Donna Flora! Set (Red)
  • Eye Shadow:  KoKoLoReS, BP – Smokey Glitter Eyeshadows
  • Lip Colour:  Kokolores, BP-Soft lip tints (Red)

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