Are Outfit We Get For Shows, Payments?

Since I started to model in SL, I often hear people saying “You will not be paid by Lindens but you will be paid by outfits” or “Payment will be your outfits”.  Hmmmmm can outfits be payments?

The answer is a big NO.  Outfits are what you need to walk in a show and it is not, it is never and it will not ever be a payment.

Why?  Some people might argue “but you get free clothes”.  No we don’t.  Because those outfits we get to walk in a show is like your desk, your telephone, your pen if you were an office worker.  We need them to do our job.  What if we say “ok I will walk in the show but I don’t need the outfits” then we can’t work in that show, right?  What if your employer came to you one day and said “your payment for this month is your desk”, would you think “yaaaay!  I got a desk for my payment!”?

Outfits are NOT payments, period.

I do understand and accept that a new agency has to do a show without any payment by the participating designers because it has to show what it can do.  In this case, it’s a “sample”.  Even in real life, the first issue of magazines are usually free and the publisher will “borrow” advertising visuals from advertisers, of course, after getting their permission to use it in the first issue.  It’s the same thing.  This first issue is a “sample” so advertisers can see what the new magazine will be like and decide if they want to advertise in it or not.  But from the second issue, advertisers will have to pay for the ad pages.

It costs money to promote what you sell but that money is necessary to pay for the work that goes into creating any promotional tool, which in this case, is the show.  As an Agency Director or Agency Owner, if you cannot negotiate a show to be paid that is your issue and it should not be taken out on the models because it is your job to represent the models.

However, if you “fail” to negotiate a price, then the least you can do is let the models know beforehand that the show will not be paid at the time of casting.  Then it will be up to the models if they still want to walk in the show even if they will not be paid to do so.  And in this case, at least you are silently admitting that you “failed” to negotiate a price.

But what I really hate about the phrase “outfits are your payment” is that who ever is saying this is trying to legitimize his or her position by saying that a payment will be made but it will be made in the form of outfits the models will receive because……..(go back to the second paragraph and I repeat) outfits are NOT payments.

So if you are new to SL modeling and you hear this phrase, you know that this is not true and that it is only a big excuse made by somebody who does not want to admit his/her failure to negotiate a price for the models he/she represents.

9 thoughts on “Are Outfit We Get For Shows, Payments?

  1. Amen to this one Kay!Good work should be payed for.If I as a designer don't trust the skills of an agency I just don't hire them but there is never a reason to not pay a model!Visa versa modeling is a skill of accuracy, especially in second Life, adjust jewelry and other prim attachments.Doing this correctly will immediately show the skills of an agency and it's models.I will not start to talk about my bad experiences but let's just say necklaces are no teeth correctors:-D

  2. Hahahahaha yes if a necklace looks like a teeth corrector, that's baaaaaad. lolBut on a more serious note, I think by being paid, we place ourselves under more positive pressure to do better. This does not mean all free shows are done without any sense of responsibility but at the same time, I don't think you can deny that there is more pressure if a price has been paid for and this positive pressure can make a difference in the long run. 🙂

  3. Absolutely!This gives good motivation to take the model profession seriously and being payed gives a good feeling of being valued.I think even stronger I would never accept an agency offer that tells me my jewelry will be the models payment.I would distrust the agency by this.Good things always have a price:-)

  4. Damn get a life "KAY". Who needs models?? It is 2011 we get that scripted 1000 times better and more perfect. Where have you been the last 2 years and: Who do you think you are? "A model"? I laugh so loud I have tears running down… And even your stuff is, ah come on, take some PS lessons "Ms. Important"

  5. Thank you Anonymous for your opinion. 🙂 Just be thankful I published it. I always wonder, however, why some people have to start by using "rude" words. It's like suddenly jumping onto somebody and stabbing without going through the more humane process of "discussing."People will respect your opinion more if you "discussed" and not howled rude words. And I am open to discussion too. :)I am also aware that whatever I do, there will always be people who don't like what I do or say and that's perfectly ok. We all have opinions and that's good. I have my opinions too so if you don't like what I say, just don't read this blog and you won't have to fret.I am just trying to help SL models. 🙂

  6. Shees Anonymous have a life yourself instead of hiding behind your screen talking about someone else at least admit colour and say who you are to keep the conversation clear.This I can't take serious.Are you realy searching blogs to see if you can give someone a bad day?Pretty sick but each it's joy.

  7. I'm a new model in SL and I appreciate Kay's wisdom in the industry and she brought so much RL experience into this world and I am a working profession in RL too, in fact in the area of employee relations so I have to say well said on the compensation piece Kay. Everyone has his/her role to play in a company or in this case in the industry and each should be valued by what they have contributed to make the world a better place. I feel sorry for Anonymous that he/she can't come out right to say what is in his/her mind which also means a comment made that can be disregarded. 🙂

  8. Thank you Ai. :)I'm just trying to clarify some points that, to me, make sense socially, professionally and also based on experiences.I know it's hard, sometimes, for new models to make the correct judgements which, or course, will come with more experience. So I wanted to have a place where they can refer to.And having said that, I'll try to add more to this next week as I'm a bit busy this week.Again, thank you for leaving your comment!

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