1. Why Did I Create This Blog?

Some of you might ask “Why did Kay create another blog?”.  My answer is simple.  Because I have seen and unfortunately gotten myself involved in some confusion that sprung out of situations that could had been avoided, had those involved had a little knowledge about some industry rules, customs and possible unwritten rules.  Because I am often asked identical questions and also believe that there may be many others out there who might have the same questions but had no opportunity to voice them, to which I wanted to have a place where I could refer them to instead of explaining  the same answer repeatedly.  Because I believe we can all reach a much smoother and faster solution if we can all work based on identical understanding and rules.  And last but not least, I think the whole SL fashion industry can benefit from a common understanding between players.

Unlike real life, the beauty of SL is that anybody, who loves fashion, can become a model, a magazine publisher, a writer, a creator if they tried.  That doesn’t mean you don’t need talent.  Creators need talent to create good designs, writers need to be able to write and models need a good sense of styling.  However, we are not required to make the huge investment that we are often required to make in real life and this is what sets SL apart from real life in a big way.  On the other hand, this also means that people who had no experience, be it real life or SL, can decide to take up these SL occupations and claim to be professionals.

This, itself, is not a problem and I think this is what makes SL fashion so vibrant and fun.

However, this fact has also often become the reason why some confusion or friction occur because it’s almost as if there are no common understanding of industry rules that frequently work to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

I am no way the expert nor do I know everything about SL fashion.  For example, I am not a creator and there is a lot I don’t know.  But there are areas I do have a little more experience or knowledge that comes from my SL model career of three years and also my experience in real life which I will be more than happy to share.

This is why I created this blog.

This blog will not be updated based on any regular schedule as I don’t think a posting schedule should have priority over subject matters.  In other words, I will update the blog when I see something I wish to clarify or provide an explanation as to why we need to follow certain rules.  Of course, I can only update it when I have time to blog too.

I have no intention of creating any source of gossip or drama so I am going to keep all posts very objective and no names will be posted.  And I hope with all my heart that this will be able to serve as some sort of guidance to those who may have questions.

March 26, 2011
Kay Fairey

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