Three Looks With Gems and Kisses

OK I was stupid. I was trying to create three looks using Gems and Kisses jewelry and only AFTER I created them and took pics did I find out that I had to use an outfit from Gems and Kisses called Fashion Rebel. *sighs*

So I spent so long styling them and taking pics, I decided to post them in my blog. After all, I did have fun styling them and the pics were fun too. 🙂 And it taught me a basic rule…..READ notecards carefully.

So here it goes……

My first look was themed “Queen of Passion.” I used an interesting set from Gems and Kisses called Handcuffs which is a choker and a bracelet set that is using handcuffs as a motif and no, it doesn’t look like BDSM which is what I like about it. I styled it with a bright red gown from Bliss Couture called Izzie Gown in red.

“Queen of Passion”
Gems and Kisses Handcuffs and Bliss Couture Izzie Gown in red

The next theme was “Rave Party.” Here I used Khafra Set in platinum from Gems and Kisses together with Vida in lime from VoguE Style. This outfit comes with a fur collar which is nice in the winter but here, I used the outfit without the fur collar. Since the colour of the outfit is a soft lime green, it works perfectly without the fur for the spring season too.

This was also my first attempt to edit the pic over a real life picture of a party.

“Rave Party”
Gems and Kisses Khafra Set and Vida in lime from VoguE Style

The last one was themed “Dark Rebel.” Here I used a choker called Wild Black Choker, also from Gems and Kisses together with Chained Womens Black from RFyre. The RFyre outfit is a cool outfit that has a sculpt collar, which is not used here, and also comes in short sleeves as well as a no-sleeve top. But for this theme, the long sleeves worked the best.

“Dark Rebel”
Gems and Kisses Wild Black Choker and RFyre Chained Womens Black

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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