A Japanese Designer Show for All Japan Fashion Lovers!!

Boulevard Agency presents
The New Faces of Japan Show I

February 27 (Sat), 5pm SLT
at the Boulevard Agency Runway

Boulevard Agency is proud to present the “New Faces of Japan Show” Part 1.

Japanese designers are hard to find…..this is what is often heard. So we will be showcasing some new Japanese designers in this show which will definitely continue as Part 2 next month.

This month we have…..
– keito Lane of “Kokihi“, who creates a fusion of traditional Japanese kimonos and dresses that can be worn with regular hair and walks.

– Lika Ruby of “Lika Ruby“, who creates an array of gorgeous China dresses as well as casual wear.

– Kisskiss Zemlja of “KIKI No.18“, who creates complete avatars that are inspired by anime characters.

– CelestialRay Serpente of “Rose Princess” who designs dainty outfits for fairies and mermaids.

Click here to come to watch the spectular show by the Japanese designers!

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