Styles of edo Fashion Village "Narkissos" Show

Styles of edo Presents
Narkissos Show

Narkissos is a Fashion Village that edo Tone of Styles of edo had hand picked brands to create a most fabulous mix of quality fashion brands for all the fashionistas in Second Life. This is a show that showcases all the brands that await you at “Narkissos”.

Brands you can’t miss!
60 outfits in one show!
18 models!

We hope to see you there!!

Click here for a limo

Click here to go to Narkissos Fashion Village

“a la folie” by pixivor Allen
“Angel Dessou” by Gina Beaumont & Nando Korobase
“azul” by Mami Jewell
“Bliss Couture” by Amutey DeCuir
“DANA” (dana Vanmoer)
“Kungle” (AvaGardner Kungler)
“Miamai” (monica Outlander)
“Morea Style Design” (morea Decosta)
“Nardcotix” (Nardya Rousselot)
“Phoenix Rising” (Ashoka Eales)
“Pig Shop” (Apatia Hammerer)
“Prism Haute Couture & Clothing” (Journey McLaglen)
“Sweetaholic” (Asalt Eames)
“Sonatta Morales Weird Couture & Curio” (Sonatta Morales)
“VoguE” (Zalyn Bailey)
“Tukinowaguma Hair” (KateForster Akina)
“Virtual Impressions Jewelry” (Chrissy Ambrose)

Afanaisa Eames
Celeszta Szondi
CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
Donald Feld (Team edo model)
Kandi Lauria
Katina Magic
Rod Insippo (Team edo model)
Sequoia Nightfire
Sharron Schuman
SweetVicky Voom
Sharna Beaumont
Sheyla Mills
Shantal Laval
Talia Lefavre
Toapz Saunders
Veronica Krasner

PRODUCER: edo Tone (Styles of edo)
DIRECTOR: Kay Fairey (Team edo, Director)

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